How QVC Queen Joan Rivers Brought Us To Tears

In the early years after Joan Rivers launched her jewelry line on QVC, she had a signature piece: a bee pin.

She designed these small bee pins in every combination of crystals and enamel, with all kinds of themes, even the American flag. And Rivers often told the story of the bee, and why it had become emblematic for her.

Joan wearing one of the fabric flower pins she sold on QVC

Joan wearing one of the fabric flower pins she sold on QVC

Rivers explained that if you looked at aerodynamics, at science, the bumble bee should not be able to fly. Physically, it was just not anatomically equipped to soar. Yet it did, defying gravity, defying logic. The bee was a creature that defied and beat the odds, a miracle.

Rivers identified with these creatures. But this time, she could not pull off the miracle. We were so sad to hear that she had passed away today.

Now let’s not sugarcoat the truth. Rivers could sting just like a bee, too. Her humor could be polarizing and shocking. We’re not Jewish, but we cringed when she made a joke about German-born Heidi Klum and the Nazi ovens.

Yet she could also make us laugh so hard we cried. We remember one night watching her on QVC with host Rick Domeier, and she was talking about some topical sex scandal, making comments about hookers, and Rick lost it.

He couldn’t stop laughing, and we couldn’t stop laughing. We laughed so hard we cried. We had to get a tissue to wipe the tears from our eyes. That’s how we’d like to remember Rivers.

We think we spot a piece of QVC jewelry

We think we spot a piece of QVC jewelry

One of the things we like about watching celebrities on home shopping networks is that the programming is live, and you can often get a real sense about what the celeb is like. If they get impatient or nasty with a host or caller, you see it, unfiltered.

One of the things we liked about Rivers is that this tough-talking New Yorker would always be gracious and kind when talking to QVC viewers, even the ones who were obviously from small towns in the South and Midwest, women who you would think would have very little in common with her. She found ways to relate to them.

Rivers obviously had a passion for jewelry, which of course we could identify with. You could tell she was very hands-on in terms of the design of the jewelry — and later the accessories, clothing and beauty products — that she sold on QVC, where she built a multimillion business.

We got a kick watching Rivers on her E! show “Fashion Police,” and even in the film documentary on her, “Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work,” wearing jewelry from her QVC line.

When we heard the circumstances leading up to Rivers’ hospitalization, we were not optimistic. We used to blog for a TBI lawyer on brain injury, and we can tell you more about traumatic brain injury, concussions, CTE and dementia than you’d ever want to know. Rivers’ circumstances did not sound good to us.

We don’t know how long Rivers’ brain was without oxygen when she went into cardiac arrest, but she had to be transported from her the clinic where she was having her vocal-cord procedure to the hospital. To us, that sounded like it would add up to a lot of time without precious oxygen getting to her brain.

Still, we prayed for her, as we do now for her daughter Melissa and grandson Cooper.

It’s been a bad couple of weeks. We were shocked by Robin Williams’ suicide. We are jarred by Rivers’ death.

And when we went to New York Sports Club tonight, one of the attendants told us that a woman who lived in a condo above the gym had committed suicide earlier in the night.

So many souls have left here much too soon, as far as we are concerned. We hope that Rivers and Williams are trading jokes tonight.


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7 Responses to “How QVC Queen Joan Rivers Brought Us To Tears”

  1. Mark Says:

    How much time was she without oxygen until helped arrived?

  2. Angela Says:

    The loss of Joan Rivers saddens me more than I could have imagined it would. Then with loss of Robin Williams, I have seen time and time again how fragile and unknown life is. I also heard today that over 800,000 people a year commit suicide, a staggering statistic! Hugs those around you right now, never let your love for them go unknown or unspoken. You will never know if today is your last day to do do! May they RIP……

  3. Terry Webb Says:

    I loved reading about Joan on your blog. Thats a sisterhood we shared — those unfiltered nights on QVC were the best! I would sometimes call my bff long distance and we would watch Joan and Kathy Levine during their pajama parties. Thanks for writing about your memories and making me smile on this sad day.

  4. homeshoppingista Says:

    We don’t know Mark, but her death is under investigation

  5. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thanks Terry! I forgot about those PJ parties

  6. carolyn simpson Says:

    every trial or tribulation that one encounters , or just endures, in the long run, gives sometihing positive back to us. you dont realize it when you are in the depths. its not until later that you have a deeper understanding of things and people and an appreciation of your life and its blessings big and small. thats the way it was with Joan, she hadbeen smashed up against the wall and came out of it with a sense of humor, gratitude, and genuine kindness. she had an overview of the world that we all should hope for, that is why we love her

  7. Marianne Nelipowitz Says:

    May you RIP Joan !!!! We all loved you and your family very much.Melissa, remember to pick up pennies & feathers when you see them laying on the ground near you……this means that your mother is watching over you. I pray GOD gives you and Cooper the strength to get through these very sad times !!!!!! My prayers are with you !!!!

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