QVC U.S. CEO Claire Watts Exits Network

Wowser — there’s trouble in West Chester, Pa.: Claire Watts has resigned as chief executive officer of QVC’s U.S. network, effective Friday, “to pursue other opportunities.”

That last couple of words is a catch phrase that reporters interpret as “it was not her choice.”

Gone baby gone Claire Watts

Gone baby gone Claire Watts

Just last week The Wall Street Journal published an interview with Watts, who compared to HSN CEO and blonde glamor puss Mindy Grossman has been an absolute media wallflower. We suppose that QVC’s rather lackluster performance in the U.S. helped pave the way for Watts’ departure.

QVC announced Watts’ exit Wednesday.

“Claire has played an instrumental role in QVC’s evolution to a leading multichannel retailer since joining the company in 2008,” QVC Inc. President and CEO Mike George said in a canned statement.

“Under her leadership, we’ve deepened our customer relationships and significantly expanded our e-commerce, mobile, and social platforms,” George said. “I want to thank Claire for her many contributions to QVC, including helping to build an experienced, dedicated U.S. leadership team and a stronger, more agile U.S. business. Everyone at QVC wishes her the best in her future endeavors.”

ANd here’s the spin from Watts:

“While the decision to move on from QVC was not an easy one, I am proud of what the U.S. team has accomplished over the past six years,” she said. “As I look forward to taking on new challenges, I know QVC has a strong and seasoned team in place to build upon the momentum that we have achieved in the U.S. business.”

With Watts’ departure, the senior U.S. leadership team, including Doug Howe, executive vice president merchandising & planning, Mary Campbell, executive vice president commerce platforms, and Rob Muller, senior vice president U.S. Strategic planning & analytics, will report to George on an interim basis as QVC seeks to revamp its long-term management structure.


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15 Responses to “QVC U.S. CEO Claire Watts Exits Network”


    M of QVCS prices have gone sky high, I don’t want to pay 50 $ total for a mere t shirt or blouse.
    An sure get tired of Lisa & David, should change name to their network, their both became so fake, reminds me of P.D., Davids friend

  2. SUSAN Says:

    All I can say is good riddance to bad garbage—I think the repetitive products/programming disguised under clever titles/themes has not worked along with her emphasis on social media at the expense of the host giving info about the merchandise (and one of the reasons returns are up)! The host are NOT our friends!

    Don’t try to disguise bad financial results by unit price increases and increasing shipping costs, all this does is make QVC uncompetitive. Looks like this strategy may have caught up with her.

    It’s not always “the economy” when other online retailers and Shopping Channels have better results with units sold.

    If QVC USA wants their sales and financial results to improve try adding unique merchandise (not the same stuff found in local stores) give us variety in products AND programming at reasonable prices. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us something else other than Vitamix, Electronics, Shark/Dyson, Beds, and Philosophy on the Weekends—its become beyond boring, many of your tenured customers no longer watch…

  3. Abigail Says:

    Wow, but, that said, all of these home shopping ‘networks’ need a change of people running them, week in and week out same old vendors with their recycled ‘customer picks, have been going to the mall more, and, QVC and those sky high shipping prices and taxes that I don’t think they even send to the state, is now a watch and laugh at over the top David when he’s eating and Lisa purring like a cat peddling junk that she knows she would never wear or buy with her own money.

  4. Carrie M Says:

    I do turn on QVC on Sundays every now and then and I can’t turn the TV off fast enough. Good grief how boring! I haven’t purchased anything in eons.Dull, boring, and Dry as Toast is what QVC has become.

  5. steelstringslider Says:

    They banked on the strength of the national brands they carried as well as the brands they have developed. A brand-based strategy is fine for a static catalog, but for a dynamic medium like television, it’s disastrous. They are in desperate need of new people, ideas, strategies and, most importantly, products! Their current brand-based strategy has more “reruns” than Svengoolie on ME-TV.

  6. Jean Says:

    Ok all fair comments but at some point you have to say you have the wrong guy at the top, no?

  7. Queen Celeste Says:

    I rarely watch QVC. If I come upon it while channel surfing, I usually see the tired old products from years ago. Also, the markdowns on clearance items are laughable. Items stay around forever, rather than QVC making drastic markdowns and moving them out, as HSN and ShopHQ do.

    Someone new and imaginative needs to dust off and shake up the network.

  8. ladyluke Says:

    “Don’t try to disguise bad financial results by unit price increases and increasing shipping costs, all this does is make QVC uncompetitive. Looks like this strategy may have caught up with her.” Susan this is soo the truth!!

    QVC please note that a mark down of $5-$8 off the regular price should not be called a clearance item. This makes me roll my eyes every time I see this. their hosts are always proclaiming to know the QVC shopper and how savvy they are. Soo… the shoppers are savvy aaand stupid enough to think they’re getting a true discount?? I’m confused! What an arrogant bunch of greedy idiots in their executive offices.

    HSN just had a 4 day promotion over this past weekend offering free S&H on all clearance items in every category if you spend $75 w/in a 24 hour period and you didn’t have to buy all of the items in one purchase and an additional 25% off of generously marked down clearance apparel items. Many of the items were good deals and worth the purchase. Lots of online retailers including the higher end retailers offered comparable deals, and this promotion is typically done on a quarterly basis.

    Mean while over on QVC it’s business as usual. No special offers or discounts and they’ll be damned to offer any kind of S&H freebies. S&H is a burden at all of the shopping networks but QVC never runs promos periodically to relieve shoppers of this burden and if they continue this along with selling all of their need to retire crap from 1982 it will continue to affect their profits.

    They appear to have created their own time capsule and have stuffed themselves in it & pushed the refusal button. Everything stays the same EXCEPT the prices and the S&H which constantly go upupup! The top brass spends all of their time in the bubble focusing on price per unit increases instead of addressing their real issues on how to remain relevant, current and competitive.

    Their antiquated website interface could also use some tweaking – upgrade please!

    A few weeks ago LR discussed how she had to fight with the higher-ups to get some of her GILI items manufactured because they felt the QVC shopper wouldn’t understand the current/classy vibe of her line. I began yelling at my tv asking what in the heck are they talking about??? I know some aren’t fans of LR but she does make an effort to bring current styles to QVC. Susan Graver has some of the most basic apparel with her liquid knit fabric that is “sooo expensive to manufacture” along with Isaac M whose prices are so through the roof it’s absurd and not comparable to what you’ll find in B&M stores. Many people do not want to leave the house wearing Susan Graver’s liquid knit & Isaac M’s “a day in the Hamptons” cardigan!

    I could go on and on as I have a numerous gripes with QVC but I won’t. Instead I have decreased my purchasing to almost never.


  9. Tiffany Says:

    she’s no Mindy…thats for sure.

  10. blumie Says:

    People are not buying as much because the prices are so high LOWER YOUR PRICES so we can buy more then one item also Susan Gravers clothes are the same things recycled from year to year some of her clothes are old fashion and for old ladies bring some new fashion that the young consumer would like to buy

  11. Krissy Says:

    QVC is like going to grandmas house and Hsn is like going to the party. Both networks hawk junk made in China but atleast HSN’s prices reflect its junk. QVC had the nerve to sell a battery operated pumpkin for 40.00 after shipping and taxes. Cray cray

  12. A good fan Says:

    Hi Claire Watts

    Tyrese Gibson would like to speak with you please contact asap on Facebook through his messages #Facebook

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