QVC Queen Joan Rivers’ Fate And The Home Shopping Net

The New York Daily News did an update Saturday on QVC Queen Joan Rivers’ condition, reporting the obvious, really: That her daughter Melissa may have to make some hard choices about her mom’s future.

Rivers suffered cardiac arrest Thursday while having a procedure done on her vocal cords, and was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan. Doctors don’t know how long her brain went without oxygen, and according to the News they are trying to determine if she sustained brain injury.

Physicians put Rivers in a medically induced coma.

The story also claimed that one of Rivers’ close friends said QVC and E! Entertainment, home of “Fashion Police,” “are anxiously awaiting an update.”

Jeanne Bice’s Quacker Factory continued on QVC even after her death from cancer.

Let’s just hope it’s all a moot point and that Rivers recovers.



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16 Responses to “QVC Queen Joan Rivers’ Fate And The Home Shopping Net”

  1. StefF Says:

    who give a s… about the home shopping network? what a headline; again, your reporting of circumstances leaves grace, tact, respect out of the picture

    this is not trash, gossip…..this is a serious, respectful matter….

    im sure shopping, qvc and the rest could care less at this point, other than about the wellbeing of Ms. Rivers.

    geezus when will you get some class…..

    • Michael Says:

      Take a breath. Jeezus. Joan Rivers is a brand. She’s worth a 150 million dollars, and this site is about home shopping. Many people are concerned about her business empire at this point, and who will take it over if anybody. It’s just business. It is what is what is. Take a freaking chill pill lady. Damn you are rude.

  2. Shari Josephs Says:

    To Melissa Rivers you and your mother Joan are in my prayers during this very difficult time. I empathize with your situation and the decisions you must make, I have recently been in a very similar situation. I pray you find the wisdom to make the best decisions for your mother with God’s guidance. GOD bless you and your family. You remain in my prayers.

  3. carolyn simpson Says:

    hey stefF,dont shoot the messenger. linda is reporting facts as she knows them. how dare you insult her. you are an asshole. joan rivers and her brand have been a part of my landscape most of my life. dont want her to leave us. it would create a terrible void. anyway stefF, YOURE STILL AN ASSHOLE

    • StefF Says:

      hmm. did linda send out her minions to do her dirty work……?

      seems you are the one that is being a bit disrespectful at this time….to me and to Ms. Rivers

      but whatever….Linda does not report facts…she speculates and gossips…..this isnt the first time……she’s got a nasty, snipy tone to her reporting…..and i call her on it….

      this is about ms. Rivers… this time……no stress, no fighting, no conflict….peace to a grieving family and a family member in dire straits…

      start circling later okay…….

  4. homeshoppingista Says:

    Hmmm,I did not send out any minions. But I agree 100% with their assessment of you,

  5. carolyn simpson Says:


  6. Queen Celeste Says:

    Looking at the bottom line is reality, like it or not. May Joan fully recover and return to QVC and all else. But if she doesn’t, I wonder if David Dengle (sp?) could sit in for Joan on QVC, as he has been for years in the wee hours, etc. He’s pleasant and knows jewelry. I think he actually designs hers, or has a major hand in it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there is something already in place, business-wise, at least with QVC. As for E, the over-saturation of celebrities and quasi-celebs has soured me on that sort of programming.

  7. StefF Says:

    this is getting gross carolyn simpson….really!

    and Linda supports you she says………

    i rest my case

  8. homeshoppingista Says:

    I support what they say: You are an asshole.

    • StefF Says:

      i rest my case………….give people enough room and they show themselves for what they are.

      you can fill in the blanks of your self-assessment

  9. carolyn simpson Says:

    ok. enough is enough. no more bickering. this blog is about Joan rivers, a one of a kind lady who stands as an example to us over fifty ladies that we can be glamorous and relevant and funny and lots of ther good stuff. shes awarrior of the best kind and i hope she is winning this one. i repeat the sentiment of others. perhaps millions of others when i say, i love you joan. ——- and one more thing, stefF if you think asshole is agross word you aint heard nothing yet… i didnt call you a miserable cunt or a fucking bitch or a douche bag did i?see? cant we all just get aong?

  10. StefF Says:

    well…….this appears not to be about Joan Rivers afterall

    and appears not to be about homeshopping either

    again……..i rest my case…….birds of a feather, Linda, et al……you have showed your true colors, which all along has been my complaint.

    keep digging……..people…….

  11. carolyn simpson Says:

    stefF, youre not very intelligent. in fact, you are a fucking moron. if this website is so objectionable to you why are you here. if you like abuse slam your head in a might help.———-you make no sense and you keep repeating yourself. leave linda out of this equation. shes a hard working journalist and a real sweetheart. do you know anything about her? probably not, you dumb ass. what the fuck do you do? i hope im showing my true colors and i hope you just fade away

    • StefF Says:

      your decorum is allowed on this sight……personal attacking…..and she allows it; she is complicit…..

      rest my case

      keep diggin honey……you’re making a spectacle of yourself….

      notice no one is wishing joan the best…….you’ve taken over this site with your meanness, vindictiveness

      its apparent you are friends with Linda…..why, for the life of me, she has not reined you in is beyond me

      birds of a feather apparently

      im just stepping back and letting you do the work

      i still wish Ms. Rivers the best and still feel a respecful distance, at this time, should be kept regarding her business affairs.

      health is first……all else is next

  12. carolyn simpson Says:

    oh wow, im shaking in my sneakers,asshole wants to punish me.if you notice, steffy poo, my name is on my posts and im a jersey girl. come and get it bitch

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