Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett On HSN?

Lady Gaga, one of our favs, and music legend Tony Bennett have teamed up and sung together in the past. They have a mutual admiration society. And they have collaborated on a new album, “Cheek to Cheek.”


HSN is getting a piece of this action. The network posted on Facebook and its website that it will be offering viewers a behind-the-scene look at Gaga’s and Bennett’s new album on Sept. 13 and Sept. 14.

From that description, it doesn’t sound like there will be an live performances, just sales of the CD.

Lady Gaga, by the way, is an HSN viewer. She once talked on Facebook about using her My Little Steamer.

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5 Responses to “Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett On HSN?”

  1. HappyShopper Says:

    What part of “who cares” doesn’t HSN get. Those of us who shop on these channels want good quality and value PERIOD. The rest is just an annoyance and most of us do not watch.

    • Michael Tomek Says:

      Well whatever they are doing seems to be working. They recently posted a 6 percent increase in sales, while the grandma station (QVC) was only up 3 percent. Hey, it’s fun here!

      • AprilD Says:

        That is net sales an easily manipulated number. I can’t seem to find their gross sales number anywhere. I wonder why.

  2. steelstringslider Says:

    Tony appeared on QVC several times in the mid-to-late 1990’s. He performed live on-air a couple of times as well. I was the host he worked with. Even got to interview him at his Central Park co-op. We sold his art (prints) and music. Both the art and the music did quite well, especially when he sang live.

  3. Michael Says:

    Either way it’s WAY better than QVC’s numbers. They just fired a CEO for poor performance.

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