JTV Rolls Out ‘Girlfriend Friday’ Show With Nikki, Misty

Jewelry Television is taking page out of QVC’s and HSN’s books by creating a destination show with steady hosts.

Just as QVC has its Lisa Robertson show on Fridays (we think), and HSN has host “Beauty Report with Colleen Lopez” and “Beauty Report With Amy Morrison” on Thursday nights, JTV is doing “Girlfriend Friday.”

The show with Nikki Rouleau and Misty Mills airs 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., and focuses fashion and jewelry,”while encouraging women to share their jewelry stories and favorite trends on Facebook and Instagram,” according to JTV’s press release Thursday.

Nikki and Misty Mills on the set of their new Friday night JTV show

Nikki Rouleau and Misty Mills on the set of their new Friday night JTV show

The show’s catchphrase is “Thank Goodness It’s Girlfriend Friday,” with the accompanying “#TGIGF”.

“Not only do I get the joy of hosting this show with my best friend, Misty, but she and I also get to interact with a larger sisterhood and share our love of all that sparkles and shines,” Rouleau said in a canned statement. “Every Friday night will be a new experience, with lots of viewer stories and questions to make it really personal and fun.”

The hosts will use social media to converse with their fans and customers by sharing their own jewelry stories, pictures and lifestyle tips. By using the “#TGIGF”, pictures and comments from fans and viewers can be shared on-air to connect this community of jewelry lovers together.

The show will also have a segment called “Girl…Tell Me About It!” that identifies news and current events as they relate to fashion and jewelry.

The hosts will do a Q&A segment regarding styles, colors and jewelry that will feature a question of the day submitted by a fan. These segments will also incorporate responses on social media from JTV expert hosts and guests.


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11 Responses to “JTV Rolls Out ‘Girlfriend Friday’ Show With Nikki, Misty”

  1. Abigail Says:

    Seeen it a couple of times and like the concept, but, that Misty chick and the yelling as she does when she’s alone is a turnoff, would have been better with one of the other hosts.

  2. MaryAnn Says:

    I like Misty! She’s sharp, attractive and fast! And she can show twice as much jewelry as others do in the same amount of time!

  3. fluffy Says:

    The two of them are hilarious, I think it’s a great concept.

  4. Maria Rodriguez Says:

    Misty,tell Nikki I too had a ankle sprain and I had to double surgery and they put two screws and I can’t wear no more high heels which I love to wear . I watch you two every Friday. You two make my Friday night . I cry and laugh with you guys. I order some of the rings from Bella Luce and my insurance guy told me I better put insurance on my rings with all the diamonds. Thanks again for being there. on Friday.

  5. patricia.daei Says:

    Love your show
    bought two crome diopside earings and rings in stratisfy I’ve been looking at the ring for a long time happy it was on sale

  6. Mary Says:

    You guys are so funny and I love watching you.

  7. Chuck Vitale Says:

    Though I have no need for jewelry, I dvr your show every Friday. You girls are funny and your show is a hit! luv you both. Can Nikki walk in those heels?

  8. Dora Fidler Says:

    Nikki I have bought one of thoses opaks it had no color play do sent it back received it today and it had not a one color in it to what up with these Opal they last ones I got they where earrings snd they list there color play. Misty or Casey none of them could tell me why I’m still waitin on a answer please let me know what it is with these opals

  9. Teresa Says:

    I can’t watch misty anymore, she is not a Christian and says she is on her Facebook page.A Christian would have never done what she did to her boyfriend and partner in her restaurant.makes me sick.

  10. telfor10 Says:


  11. Rochelle beck Says:

    Love Misty & Nikki have bought a lot on their Suggestions

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