QVC Host Shawn Killinger Discusses Her Miscarriage

We’re not sure if this is the right term, but condolences — and prayers — to QVC host Shawn Killinger on her recent miscarriage. We wish her all the best and hope her pain is eventually eased.

Killinger talked about her experience on Facebook and on her blog on We applaud her for her honesty and willingness to open up about what happened. She will be returning to the air Sept. 2.

The entire, heartfelt blog is here:

Here is an excerpt from it:

I have always shared ‘my everything’ with you, always been humorously over-honest, unapologetically the over-sharer. I’ve always wanted to keep things real between us, because otherwise what’s the point?

I’ve been slow to do that with something recently, something very painful and private, something I wanted to keep to myself to keep it protected, and untouched by public consumption. But my need for privacy is causing worry, speculation, uncertainty, and in a few isolated cases, fueling some rumors.

My heart doesn’t have the energy for that stuff, so after talking to Joe, we wanted to reach out and explain why you have not seen me.

A few weeks ago, Joe and I lost a baby, a beautiful baby girl. We were almost 5 months pregnant. That is why I had been sitting down during shows, and took a break from Saturdays. I was very close to announcing my pregnancy.

I know you probably wonder why in these situations “we” wait so long, “It’s so wonderful and obvious, why doesn’t she just tell us she’s pregnant already?!”. This is why…………because having to undo the greatest joy with news of a loss, on a very public stage, is even more painful.

Killinger also requested that when she comes back to QVC, viewers not call in to offer their best wishes, condolences, etc.

She is mourning, but wants to be able to move on. And those calls will not help. Please heed her wishes.

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130 Responses to “QVC Host Shawn Killinger Discusses Her Miscarriage”

  1. Lacey Says:

    Shawn is not one of my favorite hosts, but this really tore at my heart. I knew she was out and people were asking where she was and speculating etc., but some of her followers on FB just badgered her asking for answers. With friends like that who needs enemies? She really had almost no choice but to open up and tell people what had happened.

    • Barbara Says:

      Nope, you are 100% wrong. She did have a choice and decided to post about it. No law or person forced her. It was all her decision. Maybe if she was not such a bragger and flap jaw, she might have an easier time of it. Ever think of that?

  2. Queen Celeste Says:

    The late Lauren Bacall said you owe the public only your work–nothing concerning your private life. Whatever happened to delicacy about such matters? Facebook really has opened a Pandora’s box. Paging Miss Manners!

    • Barbara Says:

      Shawn opened that box. It’s a WORK Facebook page and she posts things that are very, very UN-work related. That’s on her 100%.

    • ShawnieSueSucks Says:

      Shawn should have kept her big fat mouth SHUT! She scratches her pits on live TV, she constantly has her fingers in her nose, her face shade is Doritos and SHE’S supposed to be their ”fashionista”?? Joke. Pure joke.

      • SHANNON Says:


  3. Sun Says:

    I feel for Shawn and her husband, I really do, but…. She is always one to put everything out there. She just plain talks too much about her life. I guess she never figured on the downside of lifes unexpected surprises. Maybe now she will change the way she thinks. I knew she was pregnant, as I’m sure others did as well. To tell the truth, I didn’t even realize she was gone, until all the chatter started. I wish the best for the both of them….

    • Ricky Says:

      Ugly ugly comment …

      • Alena Butler Says:

        I am shocked by all the mean and very unnecessary comments people post. If you don’t have anything nice to say DO NOT say anything at all especially when it comes to something very personal.

      • Barbara Says:

        Ricky, the truth is NOT ugly. She was never pregnant. Wake the hell up.

    • ShawnieSueSucks Says:

      Shut the F up, Alena. Shawn is a nasty biotch who thinks her sh-t don’t stink and spends WAY too much on clothes and shoes. She’s too conceited for a child. She’s too selfish. She’s too ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!

      And also, she’s too OLD!


    Can’t stand her….never will ….no class … ”common ” as my mother would say ..This is a very private matter between her and her husband….why would she , as usual , have to yap about it ? Be quiet . Keep it to yourself and get on with your life ,

    • Katie Says:

      Did you even read her post which explains why she decided to say anything? Also, the irony about saying someone has “no class”…

      • Sharon Blakely Says:

        I have to agree… This woman has absolutely no class.

      • ShawnieSue Says:

        She’s full of herself, thinking people were talking about her. She could have kept it private but then she wouldn’t get the constant attention she so DESPERATELY needs.

      • Barbara Says:

        Katie, please explain how you can post about having a miscarriage and then say you do not want to talk about it. Do you understand how dumb that is? As for class, Shawn has none. She acts like a fool. Start with her wiping her nose all the time. THAT’S CLASS? Riiiight.

    • Dana Says:

      WOW! What a hard heart you must have.

    • Ali Says:

      My goodness, are you a woman or an animal? When you have nothing good to say, SAY NOTHING at all. Who care that you don’t like her, Shawn is a PERSON, have some compassion , oh and maybe get some CLASS too

      • Barbara Says:

        Ali, I have PLENTY of class. I don’t lie and I don’t play people. I also don’t like to see people get played. I speak up and that takes guts. Shawn is a liar and always has been. Did you ever see her on The Apprentice? She lied then and still is. Don’t blame me for not being a fool like you are.

      • ShawnieSueSucks Says:

        Go change your tampon, Ali. Shawn is a nasty, full of herself, vapid, conceited FOOL! She’s too damn old for a baby anyhow.

    • Angie Says:

      YOU ARE AN AWFUL say such hurtful things when someone has gone through something like this shows you have not problem kicking someone when they are down…. and for this to come from a woman is sad… looks as though your mom that you quoted had as much heart and compassion as you do… so sad

      • Barbara Says:

        You think Shawn can’t lie? She did and still does. She was never pregnant.

      • ShawnieSueSucks Says:

        ”Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” I’m too old to have a baby and I lied bout being pregnant and all my mouth breathing fans believe me!” — Shawn Killinger

    • Joaquin Says:

      You’re a SORRY excuse for a woman….terrible that’s why the world is so MISERABLE these days…rotten people like you

      • Barbara Says:

        Really? I point out the obvious and I’m the bad person? Get over it. YOU GOT PLAYED.

      • ShawnieSueSucks Says:

        Joaquin is right. Shawn IS a sorry excuse for a woman. She does seem miserable. Although Joe is probably the one who really suffers. Someone tell Shawn to make a baby you have to stop thinking about yourself for 2 minutes and open your legs and shut your mouth. She’ll never do that.

      • Barbara Says:

        I have a life and it’s great. I just don’t like liars and I don’t like it when people are suckered by them. As for what people want to hear, I have LOTS of people that read what I post. This is not the only place on the internet, dear. It’s too bad that my explanation must have made some sense to you. You would not have posted what you did otherwise so thanks for the confirmation that you at least did give what I posted some thought. Shawn was a liar on The Apprentice and she has never changed. I might be a bitch but I’m an honest bitch. I will take a bitch over a liar.

  5. Dotty Says:

    “If you don’t have anything nice to say…” as my mother would say.

  6. Terrry Riley Says:

    Dearest Shawn & Joe I have experienced your loss and can say time will heal and when the the God and time is right it will happen again. Know you are missed by your QVC audience.

  7. Andrea Says:

    Can’t believe what I’m reading!!! The people writing nasty things about Shawn is – “PURE IGNORANCE”. I would love to have them share their upbringing. God help their families – what goes around comes around!!! Talk about no class…

    • Sharon Blakely Says:

      You must be a Democrat. You only want to hear what you agree with. I got so tired of hearing about her foot when I watched her shows. Now it’s a miscariage. Do we really have to know her personal life? I never stopped watching accessorize and Mizrahi because I couldn’t stand her. I guess now I won’t be watching PM style.Sorry you don’t think anybody else should have an opinion, but too bad.

      • Joaquin Says:

        Another sorry, broke, and miserable person running their mouths it’s not about opinion apparently some of you clowns have something against her

      • ShawnieSue Says:

        And you must be an ahole, bringing politics where it doesn’t belong.

    • Barbara Says:

      Andrea, what would you like to know abut my upbringing? I was raised to use my common sense and I was raised to not lie. Too bad Shawn was not raised like I was. She was never pregnant. Too many things never added up. You refuse to see it and you never will because you choose not to. How sad that you are such a fool.

  8. Janet stout Says:

    Sorry to hear of your loss? But I must say you are crazy with Isaac Miz. Really foolish.

  9. sue Says:

    Shawn, my heart goes out to u my dear….warm wishes n big hugs ..
    We can never try to please people, we can only do what our heart(s) is saying …….. stay sweet my lovely …..

  10. marie foley Says:

    Shawn you and your husband have my complete sympathy i really enjoy you and i missed seeing you. So very sorry may God give you peace.

    • Kathyort Says:

      I dont know Shawn that well. She seems like she enjoys what she does. I eish her luck in life!!

      • ShawnieSueSucks Says:

        Of course she ”enjoys what she does”, she LIES for a living, and makes a crap ton of money from it. Meanwhile, all these bored overweight housewives think she’s their very best friend!

        hahahahha It’s such a joke. You can really tell who is lonely and desperate for attention, they turn to Shawnie Sue for a FRIEND! LOLOLOLOLOL

      • Jose Says:

        Why do you not think she could lie about a miscarriage? Like it’s never been done? She lies all the time and lied when she was on The Apprentice for Pete’s sake. Grow up and LISTEN to her for once. As for karma, Shawn has a boatload coming her way.

        She is the nut job. Not us.

  11. Karen Hauskins Says:

    Shawn, so sorry for your loss sweetie. Some things we may never understand but, praying God will give you and your husband peace and comfort in the days ahead. Also praying for you as you return tomorrow. May you feel the love and the prayer power from those of us who care about you! Hugs!

  12. Debbie Says:

    Wow. First off Shawn I am so very sorry for your tremendous loss. I can not imagine what you have been through. You are an amazing woman. Find strengthen in your faith, love and trust in your marriage . Please do not read some of these terrible responses. I can not believe how people think. Strength to you!!

  13. Barbara cags Says:

    Come on people. How can you b so cold? A miscarriage is a very emotional experience. Shawn and Joe are in pain and need our prayers.
    I am so sorry for your loss Shawn. My prayers are with you.

  14. Cindy Cross Says:

    So sorry for your loss & what you both are going through. You will remain in my daily prayers.

  15. Diane Diggs Says:

    So sorry to hear of your sorrow! As you know some people are really nasty and evil. The negative comments were totally uncalled for and people should have kept that to themselves! You really did not deserve those nasty comments. Time heals all heart breaks! I love you and Issac working together! Glad to have you back!

  16. Mary Says:

    This is not about personal personality preferences, our own likes and dislikes, etc. This is a human being who lost the life of another human being created by two people that love each other. The information was given to “inform” anyone who may want to know and hopefully stop the inquiries so she can heal in her own way and time. It’s not a time to criticize or ridicule. Period. The end.
    I personally like her and am sad that she had this experience.
    Silence is golden when there’s nothing kind to be said.

  17. Barbara Says:

    I cannot believe the thoughtlessness of some people, those with ugly and rude comments. I will not comment further on them as they do not deserve my time and energy to do so and I definitely do not want to be in their category.
    Shawn and Joe, May God bless you both in this time of sorrow in the loss of your precious baby. My prayers are with you and your family and I KNOW that God will lead you through this time. I am so glad to see you back. Welcome back. You have been missed. I am watching Shawn says accessorize at this moment. Many prayers from Barbara

    • Barbara Says:

      So you believe her. Not everyone does. All you have to do is look at what was right in front of your face but you won’t. She was never pregnant. Don’t want to be in my category? Fine with me. Stay blind and foolish. Shawn needs people like you.

    • ShawnieSueSucks Says:

      God already spoke and said NO BABY FOR THE VAPID LIAR!

  18. Judy Says:

    I lost a beautiful little girl in 1986, and I am still not over her. She died at age 13 months. Shawn, if you believe in Jesus Christ, he heals all but, he will never let you forget. One day he’ll give you another child and she or he will always have a beautiful sister in heaven. I feel your heart.


    • ShawnieSueSucks Says:

      Shawn has no heart. And ”Jesus Christ” has already spoken loud and clear: NO BABY FOR THE VAPID HO!

  19. Gianna Marie Says:

    My heart breaks for you Shawn. I had hoped you would have a baby but didn’t know you were expecting. God bless you and may your heart heal and always know you have an Angel watching over you.

  20. Nancy Moore Says:

    Shawn – I just read tonight that you suffered a miscarriage in your fifth month. I also had a miscarriage in my fifth month – but went on to have a beautiful daughter 41 years ago this month. It was heartbreaking at the time but rejoiced the night my daughter was born. And you will too. Much love and my best wishes to you and Joe.

  21. joyce brooks Says:

    I think you are a great host. Full of life, funny and caring. I offer my condolences to you and your husband. I cannot imagine that pain. God bless you always. I hope you and Joe will try again. You would be the perfect mother. Love you dear. Keep up the good work on QVC – you’re the best and oh so pretty. Good luck!

  22. Kathy Says:

    How brave of you to share your loss with your qvc family. I admire your strength.

  23. Pat Says:

    My deepest sympathies to you and Joe on your great loss. I wondered why you hadnt been on QVC. WHen I called in an order I asked the operator where you were she told me you would be back onSept 2. I think you are the best host on QVC. YOU AND Izaak together are great. And the nasty posts on here, you should just try to ignore. There are some people that are always negative. And want everyone else to be miserable with them. Godbless you and Joe and have many years of happiess. By the way Ihave your ring

  24. Diana Trois Says:

    Be strong and of good courage. God knows the desires of your heart.

  25. hunnylamb Says:

    Dear Shawn, I am watching you this evening and just learned you had a miscarriage. I am so very, very sorry for your loss. I missed you in August and thought you might be on vacation…boy, was I ever wrong. Your heart must be broken, but trust in God to heal it in time. My mother had a miscarriage in her fifth month also, and my parents were devastated. I remember my grandmother’s dining room wall had an indentation in it, when I was a little girl, and my mother told me that my dad had put his fist through it when he learned my of their loss. You have so, so expressed this evening such love and faith, not only for yourself but for all of us listening with your story of your ring. I wish you and your husband the very best for the future. Never give up, never give in. You are fabulous just the way you are 🙂

  26. Donna Jaeggi - Perna Says:

    Dear Shawn… to you and Joe ! You are sweet dear person and I love watching you . Between… first and second babies…..I also had a miscarriage. My last baby a little boy passed away when he was born. I never got to hold or saw him. He would be ……..47 years old now. I went a full nine months with him. Stay strong love…….your never alone. God knows what he’s doing…….even though we don’t ! I also have long talks with him. And sometimes I get so mad…..when I can’t understand the hurt we go through. God Bless you and Joe. And your family ! Love you……..

  27. shawn Patrick Says:


  28. Nancy Davis Says:

    Shawn, I have been a huge fan of yours since the first time I saw you on air. Love your shows, the fun you seem to have with your fashion shows with Isaac, etc. I have always known you have a tender heart. Just came across to me. I just today learned of your loss. I felt so strongly that I wanted to tell you that I also had a miscarriage at almost 5 months, many years ago. I was devastated at the time. Thought I’d never try again. Then about 5 months later, I became pregnant again. Now, at the age of 67, my beautiful,loving, gentle hearted daughter just turned 40 years old. I can’t imagine my life without her. Now, I realize that God had a different plan for me and my husband. Btw, we had a son first, 4 years earlier. Healthy and wonderful. I, like you, grieved for a while, but there is joy on the way to you and Joe, when He decides its the perfect, right time. God bless. Nancy Davis

    • ShawnieSueSucks Says:

      Shawn is almost 50. ”God” has already spoken loud and clear: NO BABY FOR THE VAPID HO!

      • Barbara Says:

        I said she fudged her age by at least five years when she first started at QVC. She is closer to 50 than 40. If you look at her first video that was done right after she started, you can see she is older than she claims to be. You can see it on You Tube. QVC had all of the hosts do a video and each video also had an additional ending that was Christmas related. She has on a dress and two large necklaces and talks about Taxco. At the end, she talks about Christmas and you can see how different she looked. People say it’s being nasty and it’s not. It’s just right there for anyone to see and for some reason they refuse. You point it out and you are the bad guy. Sorry, I’m not the liar. Shawn is. They all forget how she played games on The Apprentice and that’s what got her fired instead of the project manager. She says whatever she wants to and seems to forget that she is being taped AND that people listen and remember. That’s her problem, not mine.

  29. Kathryn S. Long Says:

    Dear Shawn, My sincere condolences to you and Joe. You always make me feel so happy when you’re on, especially with Izaac. I’m so looking forward to getting your ring one day. I share your feelings about our souls. Stay strong, and please know how much you mean to people. Love and Best Wishes to you – stay strong.

  30. recipe for A happy Marriage Says:

    recipe for A happy Marriage

    QVC Host Shawn Killinger Discusses Her Miscarriage | Homeshoppingista’s Blog By Linda Moss

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    […] QVC Host Shawn Killinger Discusses Her Miscarriage …Aug 13, 2014 – Killinger talked about her experience on Facebook and on her blog on … … […]

  32. Daisy Says:

    How people can be so cruel when someone is obviously in so much pain is unbelievable. YOU, Margaret Nell, are the one with no class!

    Shawn…sending prayers to God for you and Joe. Stay true to yourself and wipe away any thoughts you might have of haters who obviously don’t know how to behave.

    I wish you all the very best….your kindness will be rewarded.

  33. Lainey Says:

    Pain comes in all forms …I am so sorry Shawn and Joe. This kind of pain cuts to the deepest level. I too had a miscarriage. Shawn if you happen to read this, I know you are strong in faith… I one night prayed to God for some understanding. I saw a beautiful woman as I was asleep one morning. It was different than a dream. It was a picture flash. I immediately knew or was given the knowledge of who she was. Remember this life is but a fleeting moment you both will be with her someday.

  34. Carol Dempsey Says:

    Shawn don’t listen to people ,they are very cruel they ought to get a life I,m sorry to hear what people said to you about your misscariage. Lol thinking of you and joe.

  35. cindy lucas Says:

    I love shawn on qvc. I lost a baby girl at 20 weeks also many many years ago. I was devastated. I feel bad for her and her husband, Keep trying! I got pregnant again and had a healthy baby boy. The pain of that loss never goes away you just move on.bless you!

  36. ShawnieSue Says:

    She’s a horrible person. Why did she wait until she was over 40 to have a child? I think this is ”gods” way of telling her she’s too old and her marriage is in trouble, so no baby for her.

    • Deb Wulf Says:

      Things happen…..I guess if you feel you have to talk about it thats,alright.
      I’m more private about things…that is so personal and really know ones business.

  37. Barbara Says:

    She was never pregnant! Her Facebook posts prove it. She was posting along as though nothing happened and when she needed an excuse to explain her on air antics, she came up with the miscarriage tale. After she posted her lie, she had to delete several Facebook posts that were in direct conflict with her miscarriage story. Are you people that blind? You have zero common sense? You cannot see posts appear and then disappear?

    She was off that long because she was told she was off the air after that Poo-Pourri presentation. She got called into work early one day and had a “morning full of tears and fears”. That was well before the “miscarriage”. She was in FEAR of losing her job.

    Wake the hell up, people. You are getting PLAYED.

  38. Hysterical Mostly (@HystericalMolly) Says:

    She’s getting super fat again. It’s either pregnancy or alcohol bloat.

    • Barbara Says:

      She’s older than she claims to be. I am sure some of it is middle age spread and between the booze bloat and her medications, her take out food diet and no exercise, she is getting heavy. She claims to be working out but I don’t think she’s that dedicated.

  39. vicki MCGUIRE Says:

    yikes! this is why i dont do facebook

    • Barbara Says:

      If you are just honest, nothing is a problem. You are what you are. Shawn needs to own it. She won’t. Adults like you will.

  40. Madeline Guzman Says:

    I’m so sorry for what you are both going through. I can tell you from experience my daughter died inside of me ( stillborn ) when I was 7 month. I know how you are feeling. But everything in life happens for a reason. In the autopsy she died of heart attack. God does not give us more than we can handle. You will see how God is going to bless u with a bundle of joy in God’ s time. Mediate in the Lord read psalm 23.

    • Barbara Says:

      Shawn was never pregnant, Madeline. Too many things do not add up. Sorry you lost your baby and sorry you believe Shawn but don’t be fooled.

  41. Wouldnt you like to know Says:

    Ugly people need to get off of this post. Find something else to do. What are you an investigator now on who is and isn’t pregnant? Why does it bother you????!!!!

    • Barbara Says:

      Ugly? Since when is the truth ugly? I am no investigator but I do have common sense and a brain. LIARS bother me. Don’t they bug you?

      In case you don’t read down thread~ Her timeline does NOT add up at all. She was working and posting to Facebook daily. She posts that she had a miscarriage BUT when she claims she had the miscarriage, she had DAYS of posts to prove she was working, shopping, coming and going, etc. like NO problem. After she posted about the supposed miscarriage, the Facebook posts (at least a dozen) magically disappeared. I am not the only person that noticed this. It was all over the QVC forums but they took it down. Too many people picked up on the timing discrepancy and then the missing Facebook posts. There is no “source” other than people with common sense and a brain. She did gain weight and that was from hormone shots, not a baby.


      • Wouldnt you like to know Says:

        I don’t need any explanations from you, NEVER asked for one and don’t care about reading any more of your ignorant comments. Get a life!!!!

    • Barbara Says:

      You are a joke. Either you care or you don’t. Your posts say one thing but the fact that you post says something else. Hilarious!

    • Barbara Says:

      I did go back and I can see very clearly where YOU asked about my post. You are so stupid, you can’t even read what YOU ASKED!

    • ShawnieSueSucks Says:

      Stupid people need to get off this post.

      So, you first.

      • Barbara Says:

        No, I will wait for you to leave since you did say “stupid people”. Nice try, kid.

    • ShawnieSueSucks Says:

      Your ”favorite host” has her husband taking care of her crippled mother, and is ignoring her father. We ALL know QVC would give her the time off to take care of her parents, even if she did just have 100 weeks of vacation. She’s lazy and couldn’t care less if ‘pop pop’ kicks the bucket.

  42. Jennifer Says:

    Barbara: please state your source that proves your repetitive statement that she wasn’t pregnant. Why should anyone believe you just because you keep saying it over and over again? Honestly, you sound like you have an axe to grind with Shawn. Post your source.

    • Barbara Says:

      No ax to grind at all. I just don’t like liars. Her timeline does NOT add up at all. She was working and posting to Facebook daily. She posts that she had a miscarriage BUT when she claims she had the miscarriage, she had DAYS of posts to prove she was working, shopping, coming and going, etc. like NO problem. After she posted about the supposed miscarriage, the Facebook posts (at least a dozen) magically disappeared. I am not the only person that noticed this. It was all over the QVC forums but they took it down. Too many people picked up on the timing discrepancy and then the missing Facebook posts. There is no “source” other than people with common sense and a brain. She did gain weight and that was from hormone shots, not a baby.

      • Wouldnt you like to know Says:

        you are not the only one who noticed but seems like you made it your life to stay on this page and trash her. If you haven’t gotten a hint yet NOBODY cares about what you got to say. MOVE ON with your life if you have one

    • Barbara Says:

      And it looks like it’s your mission to defend this LIAR. How sad for you.

  43. Cindy Says:

    I stumbled upon this thread by accident and….Wow…so much hatred !! Why do you care….not much going on in your own lives!!? To go as far as to check the timeline etc etc…you must have a lot of excess time on your hands…the solution to your problem of loving to hate someone this much is simple….turn the freaking channel and watch something else !! To be spewing this much vitriolic nonsense is just plain scary. Would you want your children reading this crap!! You’re ugly, no you are, no you are…you have no life, no you have no life !! Pretty childish isn’t it !!??

    • Barbara Says:

      Well, you might want to start with contacting Shawn and telling her that there is a fair number of people that don’t believe her. After that, why not get a life for yourself and stop telling others what to do? I do not hate any one but I sure don’t respect liars and those that support them. Munch on that, Cindy.

    • ShawnieSueSucks Says:

      Shut your f’ing mouth. What are you doing, curing cancer? You sure took your VERY IMPORTANT LIFE SAVING time to berate all of us. SHut the F up. Biotch.

      • Barbara Says:

        Cindy is a fan. She has the ability to overlook the truth. I think it’s funny. Shawn needs all of the help she can get. She just lost a show to another host.

  44. Elle Says:

    Stumbled across this post and I know miss psychopath Barbara will be here to repeat her asinine story for the umpteenth time because she’s obsessed with this thread and Shawn as well for having this whole conspiracy timeline worked out. So come on lady, if you’ve got the balls to be honest (such a sorry excuse for being a self-righteous disgusting bitch, but whatever) then you’ve got the balls to come and try selling me your bullshit…which just means you have ZERO life but I’m looking for some entertainment… 🙂

    • Barbara Says:

      Really? What does it say about YOU? Like I said, hundreds of people picked up on the lies. It was so bad, QVC had to delete the entire MULTI-PAGE thread. If you cannot deal with fact and reality, get the hell off my back. I don’t like liars. If that makes me a psycho, you are in serious need of help, not me. What do you need me to be honest about? I called her on it. You are obviously a fan and it pisses you off. Deal with your reality.

    • ShawnieSueSucks Says:

      ”Stumbled across this post”

      When you were googling your girl crush, Shawnie Sue?

      • Barbara Says:

        Elle, so sorry that I kept you waiting. It’s like this. LOOK at what is in front of your face and USE your brain. She is a liar. I have nothing to sell but facts and those facts come from her mouth and her Facebook page. Many people know what was originally said and then we all saw it magically disappear. Take it up with Shawn. They are her lies, not mine. Nice try on trying to get me upset. It won’t work. I am 100% positive about what I saw and heard out of her and how it changed when SHE needed it to. Hundreds of others saw and heard the same crap. QVC had to remove the thread from their forum so no, I am not he only person to notice the lies.

        Right now, she is using QVC as her excuse to not go to Michigan. She’s home alone and she loves that. No Joe around to keep her in check. He is in Michigan taking care of her crippled mother. Now, if that’s not odd, I don’t know what is. She can also avoid what her dad is going through. There is no way that QVC is forcing her to work. Once again, she lies.

        If you need anything else explained, get back to me, OK? You seem to be very willfully ignorant.

      • ShawnieSueSucks Says:

        What’s up with ShawnieSkank’s hair?? It’s more skunk than hair. After she came back from her 26 weeks of vacation.

  45. ShawnieSueSucks Says:

    Shawnie Sue will never be a mom. She’s too old, she’s too self-centered. And she’s too much of an alcoholic.

  46. Lori McVic Says:

    Wow, just stumbled upon this thread and can’t believe the horrible things that are being said about Shawn. She is not my favorite host on QVC but I can’t believe she would lie about loosing a baby. Why not lie about something good instead of she wants attention? Barbara and “ShawnieSueSucks are both pittiful creatures! Karma is a bitch! What goes around comes around you jealous morons!

    • ShawnieSueSucks Says:


      I can see you’re just another mouth breather who worships the orange liar.

      She LOVES your type! Pads her paycheck nicely.

      • CantStandRudePeople Says:

        Wow, you are one disgusting person. I guess you got nothing better to do in life than stock everybody’s comments and put your worthless .02 in. You are probably lonely, fat person who hides behind a computer screen and loves to bash people who don’t effect your life. She doesn’t care what you think about her so stop wasting whats left of your brain on this post. Go get some chocolate might make you feel better.

    • ShawnieSueSucks Says:

      Your ”favorite host” has her husband taking care of her crippled mother, and is ignoring her father. We ALL know QVC would give her the time off to take care of her parents, even if she did just have 100 weeks of vacation. She’s lazy and couldn’t care less if ‘pop pop’ kicks the bucket.

      • Jose Says:

        Rude – So no one has ever lied about being pregnant? Really? Your name calling shows how shallow YOU are and Shawn DOES care what people think. It’s money in her pocket, you dolt.

        She could get time off from work but hasn’t. I guess it’s because Joe is unemployed AGAIN. Her money is the only money coming in.

  47. Teresa Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss, shawn. Its not our job to judge her or anyone. We are to be adults here not a bunch of gossip teenagers. Lets grow up. Whether she was or was not pregnant only God really knows. Everyone has a right to there option but keep it to yourselves. You that are saying that shawn has no class the way y’all are acting on here is showing that yall have no class. Wont mention names but you know who you are. I’m praying for yall. sounds like some on here need prayer.

    • Barbara Says:

      Dotty, people just can’t get enough of Shawn and her lame routine. It’s strange but they just eat it up.

      Jenn, Shawn is 44, not 42.

    • Barbara Says:

      Teresa, pray for Shawn. She’s the liar. As for your opinion? Why not take your own advice and “keep it to yourself’? Shawn has no class. She is a make it up as she goes along BS’er. She lies so much that she can’t even keep her stories straight. People do listen and they remember what she says and yes, they call her out on it.

      I thought lying was one of those commandment things we were not supposed to do.

      And you have the audacity to criticize. Hilarious.

  48. jenn (@ineedanewkee) Says:

    It has been over two years since this female has “miscarried”. Whether or not she was really pregnant is really not known to anyone but her and her husband… and her doctor. Why is this still a topic of conversation??

    I am reading she is too old to have a baby? She is supposedly about 42 at present time, that isn’t too old unless she has health issues or really does not want a kid….

    As far as Shawn being a fashionista, it is humorous, she seems to be self centered. I read somewhere that her first engagement ended because she was using him for his money… maybe she is just a gold digger…

    Who the hell knows and who really cares?? I do think that she needs to be replaced as the replacement for Lisa Robertson. She has way too much air time. She does have some annoying habits when on air, of course that could be worked on but if she continues to be watched show after show, why would she change??

    I know I am sick and tired of hearing about her damn ring, what ladybugs meant to her and all about her damn DIY projects….

  49. Pjlmd51 Says:

    Another year comes to an end.
    And no baby in sight for the Diva.

  50. Linda Adamus Says:

    Shawn, you are my favorite host on QVC. You Always make me laugh.
    I went through the same losing 2 babies to miscarriage. I also had about 50 artificial inseminations. I had 2 in l-veto-inseminations. 1st of which ended in a miscarriage.
    So am so glad you finally let your QVC viewers families’ know. I know how difficult that is.
    I was 37 when I got married & didn’t get pregnant until the 2nd in-ventro. I didn’t have my daughter until I was 52; she is now 20.
    I decided that this is what God had in store for me. God decided for us our destiny.
    You have so many more blessings to be so thankful, which You already know & have shared.

    I really Love you, your personality, & you as a presenter on QVC.

    LOVE & God Bless You & Joe,
    Today & Always


    • Pjlmd51 Says:

      You ”god” people crack me up! You spout religion until it’s coming out of your ears, yet you turn to SCIENCE to make something actually happen. ”God” didn’t bless you with a child, Science did. God doesn’t exist. Science does. Grow up.

    • Pjlmd51 Says:

      52 years old and you had a kid? How f’ing selfish is that???

  51. Pjlmd51 Says:

    What happened to her LAST year’s New Year’s Resolution to bring a child into their lives in 2016. This biotch lies as much as she piles pounds of make-up on her face. Vapid whores don’t deserve children anyhow.

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