Ex-QVC Host Lisa Mason’s Plea After Cancer Diagnosis

We slept late today, Saturday, and found this disturbing news when we checked Facebook. Former QVC host Lisa Mason is apparently up against a life-threatening situation: cancer.

Mason, who has been acting as the the rep for Supersmile (we think that’s what it was) on QVC, said that we won’t be seeing her on the home shopping network again.


Here is the rest of her FB post:

My life has taken an abrupt turn. Please, please pray for me and Gino. We are facing the fight of our lives with a sudden diagnosis of cancer.

I believe in the power of medicine and great doctors. But, I mostly believe in the power of our great and mighty Heavenly Father, whom Gino and I serve and trust. Please pray for Gino and Lisa and please pass this on. Much love to you always.

Mason and her husband Gino, who she would always mention on-air, live in Manhattan. When she left QVC, there was talk that she was going because of an illness she reportedly had, lupus.

Anyway, we loved her on QVC. She was a funny, warm sometimes racy Southern Belle of a host. Prayers to her and Gino.


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33 Responses to “Ex-QVC Host Lisa Mason’s Plea After Cancer Diagnosis”

  1. carolshehorn Says:

    so sorry to hear this, will pray for you and Gino

  2. Susan Chesney Says:

    This is devastating news. Lisa is the smartest, classiest, most beautiful woman in the television shopping industry or anywhere on television for that matter. We will be praying for her continually. If there is anything else that the audience that loves her so can do, please let us know. She is a beloved figure to all of us.

  3. Mary Says:

    Is Lisa the one with cancer or is it Gino???

  4. Estrogen Says:

    The way I readi it, I’m not sure whether it is Lisa or Gino who has cancer.

  5. rae Says:

    I agree with Estrogen, it was very unclear if it were herself or Gino. Plus toward the end of the email, it didn’t sound like she even wrote it, as it said, please pray for Lisa & Gino…. I’m sure she willl be at Sloan, being that they live in NY.. I hope they both will prevail…many blessing sent their way…

  6. Linda Maloney Says:

    My prayers go out to her and Gino.

  7. Liz Says:

    Can someone find out the scoop on where shawn k from qvc

  8. purplepansy Says:

    Who has cancer, Lisa or Gino?

  9. Joan B. Says:

    Someone on the QVC Boards said that Lisa’s aunt posted on FB that she was starting a prayer chain for GINO, so it looks like it is Gino who has cancer. Lisa must have given up her QVC Vendor gig so that she does not have to leave NYC overnight.

  10. homeshoppingista Says:


  11. Sandy Slade Says:

    I read so many months ago Gino had cancer

  12. Helen Cox Says:

    Will Lisa Mason be returning as QVC host anytime soon.

  13. Dee Perkins Says:

    I agree that Lisa Mason is a class act, seems genuine, intelligent and caring. My prayers and best wishes are sent to Lisa and Gino. Dee Perkins

  14. Linda Katsibubas Says:

    So. Sorry. To. Hear. The. News. About. Cancer. I. Am. A. Big. Lisa. Mason. Fan. You. And. Gino. Are. In. My. Prayers.

  15. Linda Olson Says:

    Is there anymore news about Lisa and Gino? Will she be back?

  16. Louise E. Feinberg Says:

    Sending prayers & best wishes to Lisa & Gino! Lisa was my favorite host. She is a genuine, caring person & I am sorry this has happened to them.

  17. Leslie Testerman Says:

    Lisa you were always my favorite your smile and humor always gave me a happy and warm feeling. I only wish you the best & my prayers go out to you family

  18. Conchia Says:

    Here it is October 20 – what is status in Lisa and Geno. I so enjoyed watching her on QVC!

  19. Beverly McHugh Says:

    Jesus is our healer and I believe in God and His miraculous healing powers. And I believe that Gino will be healed, in Jesus’ name.
    I will pray for you.

    • James Says:

      Lol, you’re an idiot.

      • Gina Says:

        No James you are the idiot, why say anything if you cannot be positive. You and Linda (don’t remember her last name but she posted on here) should get together. The 2 of you are nonbelievers, idiots and I would hope you do not end up like Gino and Lisa. MAY GOD BLESS THEM and my prayers go out for them.

      • James Says:

        Yep, Gina, I’m an idiot because I don’t believe in your invisible friend in the sky. LMAO!!!

  20. Susan Chesney Says:

    No matter which Lisa you thought your completely inappropriate and gross comment was about, I believe it is not Lisa Mason you are speaking of. There was another Lisa who was a host, and she is more likely to be the target of your vitriol. Lisa Mason is the ultimate lady with never a whisper of anything untoward about her. She and Dino are deeply in love. You are an excellent example of what stupidity arises from not checking your facts,

  21. Jeanie Yoe Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband.

  22. Mary Ellen Fairbrother Says:

    Miss you on QVC! Will pray for you and your husband! Please, would welcome marathon advice!

  23. Gina Says:

    February 4, 2017. Any new about Gino and Lisa (Mason)?

  24. Ronneane English Says:

    Praying for you Lisa and Gino. God will carry you through lean on him. I’m a 8 year breast cancer survivor and a big admirer of you. Lifting you up in pray. God bless you miss your genuine personality

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