HSN Queen Joy Mangano’s Daughter Weds In Napa

A big HSN family wedding in Napa Valley last weekend, and we weren’t invited? We’ll have to burn our Huggable Hangers in protest.

Joy Mangano, her daughter and the wedding party

Joy Mangano, her daughter and the wedding party

HSN Mother of Invention Joy Mangano gave away her daughter Christie in marriage in what appeared to be a gorgeous Napa Valley setting. And guess what? She married an HSN producer!

We’ve been to Napa twice, many years ago, and can say it is one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been in the ol’ USA. And the wine’s pretty good, too.

Colleen Lopez, Joy Mangano, Suzanne Runyan and Amy Morrison

Colleen Lopez, Joy Mangano, Suzanne Runyan and Amy Morrison

We learned about the nuptials from HSN host Colleen Lopez’s posts on Facebook, so thanks for the heads-up girlfriend. There were a number of HSN hosts and vendors at the wedding, not only Lopez and hubby Carlos but also Amy Morrison, Suzanne Runyan and Beverly Hills jewelry designer Victoria Wieck.

We have posted some of Colleen’s photos here, but here’s the link to the rest of her gallery of the wedding.


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25 Responses to “HSN Queen Joy Mangano’s Daughter Weds In Napa”

  1. Queen Celeste Says:

    Amy Morrison is wearing black (it appears). Is it now okay to wear black at a wedding? Just curious. I’m not on Facebook, but imagine it was a lovely shindig.

    • Sara Says:

      Hi Queen. Hope you’re well. Yes, it’s OK to wear black to a wedding under many circumstances. It looks like this was at least a partial outdoor wedding, and the festivities ran into cocktail time. Black is dressy and Amy’s dress looks perfect. Colleen’s dress is similar only in navy. The dress code for weddings has relaxed a bit, thankfully…especially for less formal weddings. And….I’d rather see a chic black dress any day than what I saw at my brother’s wedding. A female friend of his, who’s 6 feet tall and 230 pounds, showed up with a bustier dress and bolero jacket…and a huge oversized brim straw hat. OK for a garden wedding…and on someone else..but this was a church wedding. This woman looked like she cut up her Monet inspired drapes, made a fugly dress and jacket, put on a full petticoat, put her bare legs and feet into some dirty white pumps, and sashayed her big full skirted ass into church. I was embarrassed for her… clearly she had no shame. If she’d worn Amy’s dress, it would have been fine.

      • Giselle Says:

        OMG your story, Sara, conjures up images that are both scary and funny. Yes, your friend should have opted for something plain and not full skirted. As for Queen Celete’s question, I agree. Black is proper in many cases.
        I recently attended an evening wedding, and wore a black dress with cap sleeves and a lace overlay. I saw several black dresses, along with other deep colors…purple, blue, green. Actually, there were very few pastels.
        I will now go put oxyclean on my head to erase the image of Sara’s brother’s wedding.

      • Deb Says:

        I hadn’t seen these photos before. Yes, black is OK for a wedding and Amy looks very nice. A contrast but still great looking is Runyan’s boho gown in pretty colors.

        The shock here is Colleen; almost fainted when I saw she wasn’t wearing the off the shoulder dreck she wears 28 out of 30 days. We all have a comfort zone with clothing; a look to fall back on. But for 10 – 12 years Colleen has been wearing those darn cold shoulder things almost every. single. day. Give it a rest, already!

      • homeshoppingista Says:

        You are so right, Deb

      • Marissa Says:

        Wow…Suzanne’s color is mint green! The dress is great to begin with, and that color does so much for Suzanne. Stick to soft, cool pastels, Suzanne…they’re lovely on you.
        Ha! I agree about Colleen! Too many spangles and way too many off shoulder things. Enough already! Sadly, the way she’s dressed for the wedding is the exception, not the rule.

  2. Rosie Says:

    Just wanted to post a comment about Amy. She is one of the nicests hosts on HSN. I don’t shop there much anymore, but do turn it on to browse. She’s been on there about 10 years I think, and she became very professional early on. She is still that way and has not lost her nice personality along the way.
    She’s also a great mom, as is Connie Craig Carroll…another favorite. You can tell what a person is really like by how they are with their children. Both women are very dedicated and loving to their sons. HSN has had kind of a big host turnover in the last few years and I’m glad Amy is still there.

    • Elsa Says:

      I, too, like Amy. And Connie Craig Carroll has been a fave since day 1. I’ve seen her breeze her way through, professionally and politely, with some very difficult vendors. She made what could have been very awkward and tense shows into watchable ones.
      And Amy is also very nice and very professional. I liked her from the beginning, too. If I remember correctly, she was mentored by Bill Green…another fave.
      On a different note, I agree with the comments about Suzanne R. That green dress looks beautiful on her.
      And Colleen…used to like her a little; now I don’t care for her. She puts on way too much. And the comments about the tiresome cold shoulders tops ring all too true. Also, she is a big hustler. She could get a job on ANY used car lot, anywhere!

    • Annette Says:

      Connie, Amy, and Bill are my faves. I like them all…just some more than others. I like Colleen too. While she can be a little over enthusiastic at times, she’s still a good host.
      We all have habits that we ourselves don’t notice…like Colleen’s hand on hip pose. It doesn’t bother me. I’m sure I pose similarly in most of my photos.
      I do wish she’d give the bare shoulder tops a rest. They aren’t that flattering and they make her look like a one trick pony…and she’s not; she can wear many things well. When I see gals in those things it makes me think they’re too lazy to wear a bra! It looks sloppy and unpolished. To me it’s occasional evening wear, or poolside wear, not for hosting on tv or going shopping, errands, etc. It’s for around the house or pool…period. Like someone else said, she’s been wearing those tops for years.
      No offense, Colleen just a little helpful advice. And I hope your arm is feeling better!

      • Stacy Says:

        I agree about Connie, Amy and Bill. And I like Colleen as well. I like all….just some more than others. I wanted to add Robin Wall to the like list….she’s bright and energetic and seems like a very down to earth, nice person. On several of the channel forums, people keep saying she’s trying to copy Colleen. I don’t think so. She has a very different personality, as well as delivery. Their hair is a bit similar; other than that, both women are different from each other.
        What a beautiful wedding….I can’t believe it’s been about 18 months since Joy’s daughter got married. And all the people look beautiful. I have to agree, though, this is one of the best looks I have seen on Suzanne Runyan. And wearing her hair longer is so much more flattering than the short choppy cut. It was cute…but this style makes her look young and is very flattering. And she rocks that pastel green!

    • Mary Ann Says:

      I’m a fan of Amy too. Nice person, great mom, informative host. She is on leave till March…she’s been off air about a month. I hope everything’s OK with her and her family. Hopefully she’s just taking a well-earned break from HSN.
      I love Suzanne’s green gown, too. She looks so much lovelier with longer hair. The short ‘dos didn’t do much for her, and aged her. Keep your hair long, Suzanne, and wear pastel colors. You were cute before, now you’re beautiful!

  3. Johnny Says:

    Colleen, the poser, with her hand on her hip AGAIN. Surprised she didn’t kick her leg out in back of her AGAIN. Why does she pose all the time? And she sticks her chin out, too.
    We know you do plastic surgery/botox tweeks, Colleen, even though you deny it. And your posing looks just like that- posing. Where is your bare shoulders dress? Lol, love the post upthread; yeah, that look is getting old.
    People actually take her advice on how to look good in pictures, and wear things. Guess I don’t put my hand on my hip enough….and definitely need to kick that leg out now! Oh, and srick my chin out! She’s the biggest phony on shopping TV, bar none…and that includes Lisa Robertson. At least Lisa owns up to her botox, etc. Sorry, I just can’t stand it when dishonest people make big buck$$$ off people by charming them into buying crap. Yes, colleen, your stuff is all crap.

    • Lois Says:

      I had to reply to your post, Johnny. I totally agree about Colleen with her hand on her hip. In just about every photo. Makes her look bossy and aggressive. I like her, however, and the reason I’m replying is….she has a fractured elbow. Just posted on Facebook.
      I’m sorry she’s hurt, and hope heals soon. But couldn’t help but think maybe she put her hand on hip and stuck that elbow out in the wrong place, lol!!!
      Again, so sorry you’re injured, Colleen 😦 and wish you the speediest recovery. Just had to comment on the elbow thing……

      • Haley Says:

        Yeah, I wish her a full and speedy recovery, too.
        Don’t think she’ll be striking that hand-on-hip, elbow-out pose as much now.
        I do like her and wish her the best. Curious to see if she’ll be on air while recovering. Maybe the rest away from HSN will do her good.
        Be well, Colleen. Hugs.

    • Sasha Says:

      I love Suzanne’s dress! Lol, in colleens injury photo, her OTHER elbow is sticking out because her hand is on her hip. She’ll never learn, lol.
      Sorry she’s hurt and wish her well but that hand on hip pose…along with that dumb backward kick…have to go. Neither are flattering and both are very low class. Colleen from the hood, anyone?!

      • Paul Boyd Says:

        I like Colleen, she seems like a good person. But the posing, hand on hip, kick out back, and various other mugging has to go. Also the off the shoulder tops. They are old news and make her look heavy.
        Also, quit using the dogs as selling accessories. You’ve made your money, Colleen, step back and let someone else have their turn. I like you but you are starring to look desperate and greedy. Turn off for a change and be natural. If this is the natural you, maybe you’re not so nice. Please quit posing and pishing, and back off and be yourself. You’re better off that way.
        And, my original intent for posting- looks like it was a nice wedding. And agree, this is the prettiest I’ve seen Suzanne Runyan look. The dress, hair, and makeup are all lovely on her.

      • Darren Says:

        Ok, first let me say that I think colleen is a nice person off-air. But I agree about the hand on hip, backward kick, and those damn fugly bare shoulder tops! They make her look huge. Oh, and skin tight jeans. Camel toe is ugly on young women….but uglier yet on an oldster pushing 60. Bad enough with her sausage legs and ass squeezed in there, but the fit (and show) up front we can all do without. She doesn’t hit the gym, it’s plain to see, so she doesn’t need to dress like someone young with a great toned body.
        Not saying she should wear baggies- just use a little sense colleen and get some class to go with your nice personality.
        Get well soon. No more dog hopscotch.

  4. Carol Ann Bertucci Says:

    When I started watching H.S.N., I thought that Coleen, and Shannon, were sisters! Looked so much alike. I Like Callie. Happy Lisa Robertson is gone, such a phony! Wonder what she is doing!

    • Helene Says:

      Looks like she is traveling a lot…to Charleston SC to see family, TN the same, Los Angeles to visit friends and NY, NY the same.
      She isn’t any phonier than most of the hosts…but she’s still posting those selfies. No word on what her next career move will be. Guess we’ll all see when the time comes.

    • Doreen Says:

      To Carol Ann…Lisa has put together a video/blog/magazine; she calls it a vlogazine. It has some of her decorating tips, recipes, beauty stuff, etc. It seems OK but a lot more filling in the gaps will be done as time goes by. There’s a link on her facebook page. I don’t think she’s a phony; I do think she is somewhat insecure and needs reassurance and attention…constantly. Also, I get the feeling she’s lonely. At any rate, the selfies are getting fewer and farther between, thankfully.
      Runyan’s dress is really beautiful on her…I totally agree with the other posters. Everyone looks great. I think Mangano should have gone pale blue instead of orange with all the self tanner she uses. But her dress is lovely, too. She can really grate on your nerves but she’s done a good job raising her daughter. Being a single mom is not easy, even with her wealth.

    • Cindy Molson Says:

      To Carol Ann
      Yes, Lisa is doing a blog. She is also doing some new procedure on her face. She just posted a photo on Facebook, and she looks very harsh. Also, her hairline has receded quite a bit.
      Her hair is pulled back and up….severely. Whatever work she’s had done looks off…her smile is more gummy than usual, and everything looks tilted.
      I’m not a huge fan but I don’t dislike her. This photo was actually shocking. Either she needs glasses or a new mirror; she looks awful. She has been open about having work done before, so maybe she’ll say something. Either way, this cosmetic facial alteration and this new hair do are huge don’ts!!!!

  5. Mandy Says:

    I think Colleen is a nice person in “real life” but I can see what everyone is saying about her when I watch her on HSN. She’s been a host too long, lol!

    She and the others looked lovely at the wedding. And yes, that mint green is definitely a great color on Suzanne Runyan.

    I’d like to see other people hosting with brand new vendors, on the list, and some jewelry shows besides Colleen. Like I said, she’s getting tiresome. In her personal life, I bet she’s warm and friendly. But she’s way over done when she’s hosting.

  6. Fran Says:

    I’ve been meaning to comment on here….love the dresses the HSN gals wore…and yes, especially Suzanne’s. I do agree that Colleen can be a bit much at times, but she seems like a good gal.
    I would like to see more hosts on some things that are exclusive to Colleen. She has made her money, as Mandy said….let some others shine for a change.
    I feel bad for Colleen today…she selfied a fractured elbow on her Facebook. That’s hard to deal with…and she’s no spring chicken, like many of us, and it takes longer to heal. Feel better soon, Colleen. Heal quickly.

  7. Alan Says:

    I remembered seeing Colleen comments here and came back to add mine. She has an elbow injury…and is still posing with an elbow out and hand on hip! I agree, she’s a one trick pony when it comes to posing for photos. Also, I never did get her obsession with bare shoulder tops. Even skinny gals look like linebackers in those things. Bend over and your boobs are there for all the world to see!

    Having said that, I do like Colleen. She is programmed to sell snow to Alaskans, and make it seem like buying snow was your own idea. But off air she seems nice. She replies to some posts/questions on Facebook, and seems to like her audience. I hope her arm heals. And Colleen…don’t be cheap. Get your hair blown out in a salon….oh wait….hairdressers can see facelift scars…..

  8. Karen Says:

    Read an article on Joy; wonder if she’ll be leaving HSN; she’s going into different marketing methods.
    Amy’s dress is fantastic…can be worn to a multitude of events. And Suzanne R. brings new meaning to green goddess in that gown.
    As for Colleens elbow, she tripped over the cairn dog and fell. Time to get that little cutie to obedience class.
    My mom’s little dog used to run underfoot and nearly killed us. She took her to obedience class for about 6 weeks and she never did it again. She’d either go along side you, behind you, or a bit in front of you. They should take Sophie while she’s young.
    Best wishes to Colleen for a fast recovery.

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