Hip-Hop Singer Nicki Minaj Coming To HSN With Fragrance

Look many female singers before her, hip-hop star Nicki Minaj is coming to HSN next month to hawk her new fragrance.

Minaj, who has apparently toned down her Technicolor hair, will be on the air July 11 with Minajesty: Exotic Edition.

Here’s the scoop from an HSN.com blog:


Fragrance is a woman’s best accessory because it makes you feel more confident. It’s sexy and it makes you feel unique.
Nicki Minaj

With the launch of her new fragrance, her new album, and more natural look, Nicki Minaj is revisiting her roots. We got the chance to learn a little bit more about Nicki, her background and success with a recent Q&A.

Q: You’ve been speaking about going back to your roots. What does that mean to you?

A: “As it relates to music, it just means to make sure I remain in a place where the music always comes from my heart and that nothing else but passion is driving what I do. The PinkPrint will be a very passionate album.”

Q: Can you tell us one person you admire or look to as a mentor, and why?

A: “I admire and feel mentored by Lil Wayne. I’ve always loved his work ethic & unique talent. He’s been my biggest teacher in rap music.”

Q: What does a “Day-in-the-Life of Nicki Minaj” look like?

A: “It looks like long hours in the studio, tons of calls and emails all day, lots of laughs with my best friends, approving photos, approving mixes to songs that will make the album, trying on clothes for upcoming events, and always less sleep than my body needs.”

Q: What one piece of advice would you give to a woman who is struggling with self-confidence?

A: “I’d tell her that she was beautiful whether she realizes it or not and that the moment she begins to believe in herself, the possibilities in life are endless.”

Minaj follows in the footsteps of singers such as Mary K. Blige and Jennifer Lopez, who have also hawked their scents on HSN.

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6 Responses to “Hip-Hop Singer Nicki Minaj Coming To HSN With Fragrance”

  1. Queen Celeste Says:

    This illustrates one of reasons I’ve been watching (and buying) less at HSN. Many of these celebs barely know what they’re selling.

  2. Carrie M Says:

    This is a joke, right????

  3. Thomasina Turk Says:

    This is NOT a joke Carrie! And go to HSN.com and do a search of Nicki Minaj. Look at the HIDEOUS bottles her fragrances come in. Could you imagine having one of those bottles sitting on your dressed and you awake in the middle of the night with a sliver of light falling on the bottle? It would either cause a heart attack or cause you to run screaming from the room. VERY Bride of Frankenstein looking!!!!!

  4. Lisa Says:

    And I thought Snooki was bad.

  5. Trina Dade Says:

    Have got to agree with the commenters. How do you buy a new fragrance on TV? One has no way of smelling it. One does not have a way of knowing if it blends well with a person’s chemistry. I can understand one ordering if is a tried and true fragrance that one has tested before, but a new unknown? Do people really buy just because it has a celebrity label on it? I would think that a person who is a polarizing personality would be a negative. And those bottles are truly hideous. I have been known to buy a fragrance just to have the beautiful bottle to display on my dresser tray, but these would make me NOT buy a fragrance even if I liked it. Even if I did buy it, I would have to hide it under the dresser, not on top of it! Lol

  6. Patricia Says:

    Have to agree I am so sick and tired of these celebs selling their stuff on HSN. I have not clue who this woman is I have to “google” her.

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