New Sheriff In Town At ShopHQ, Boots Should Be Shaking

So ShopHQ’s dissident shareholders have succeeded in their quest, and dethroned CEO Keith Stewart. The new sheriff in town is Mark Bozek, a former HSN chief. Now what?

In their many regulatory filings and letters to shareholders, The Clinton Group made it clear it was unhappy with ShopHQ’s product mix. We don’t think you’ll be seeing hours and hours — and days — of Invicta watches in the near future.

Meet Mark Bozek

Meet Mark Bozek

The Clinton Group told other shareholders that it didn’t make sense to sell merchandize that consumers can readily purchase in a brick-and-mortar store.

Next, the president of ShopHQ under Stewart, Bob Ayd, should probably be sending his resume out, unless he has a prior relationship with Bozek that we don’t know about.

The dissidents also criticized the No. 3 home shopping network’s location in remote, and freezing, Minneapolis. The network will likely open up, at the very least, an office in Manhattan.

If we were a ShopHQ vendor, we’d be worried right now. We don’t have the sales figures to know how Chuck Clemency or Paul Deasy’s jewelry sells, but the new ShopHQ leadership will give it a close look, we’re sure.

The Clinton talked about creating proprietary brands, but we assume they will want to launch their own. We don’t know how loyal they will be to the old ones.

And as for the network’s hosts, we suspect Bozek will give them a close look to decide if they should stay or not.

Here’s the 411 on Bozek:

Mr. Bozek is the former CEO of Home Shopping Network (HSN). Mr. Bozek generated over $6 billion in sales and $1 billion in profits while managing 6,000 employees at HSN. Mr. Bozek transformed HSN’s merchandising through innovation and strategic leadership.

Mr. Bozek built multiple $100+ million proprietary brands while running the company, including Ingenious Designs. He also was responsible for the development and growth of HSN’s current top selling brands including Andrew Lessman, Diane Gilman, Wolfgang Puck and Serious Skin Care.

In 1998, Bozek launched He grew this online business to over $100 million in 18 months. Mr. Bozek was also responsible for the international launches of HSN in Japan, Europe and China.

Mr. Bozek’s merchandising and media success began as a producer at Fox Television and then as a Senior Vice President at QVC. Mr. Bozek was at Fox Television at its inception in 1998, where he was a three-time Emmy nominee. Bozek has previously served as a director of Sykes Enterprises.


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10 Responses to “New Sheriff In Town At ShopHQ, Boots Should Be Shaking”

  1. Roz Says:

    If Mr. Bozek ‘revamped’ HSN, this does not bode well for ShopHQ. HSN is top heavy with celebrities, too ‘hollywood’ centric and almost no real ‘small business’ vendors. Shop HQ needs programing improvement, but I don’t think another celebrity outlet is needed in the online/TV shopping experience.

  2. Abigail Says:

    Not sure what he can do, most of their vendors are all off the other two networks who seemed to have gotten rid of them and their lackluster products, and, that said, the items they sell are something I can get at the mall for lower prices or online shopping sites, and, if he means business to keep the shareholders happy, he should get rid of all the hosts and models, start totally fresh and maybe that might be a good start, along with those repeats at night.

    Not going to be a easy road to turn this channel around IMO and I don’t think the Clinton group’s going to wait years for a better return of investment.

  3. Carrie M Says:

    Whatever they do about the vendors, please, please, please keep Michael Valitutti. I adore his stuff!!

  4. Queen Celeste Says:

    I hope hosts Wendi Russo, Skip Connelly, Brian Kessler, and Ali Carr, and Heather Hall stay on. And vendors Sweet Romance, Rush, and Dallas Prince. This will be interesting…..

  5. Lisa Says:

    I hope that this new guy isn’t like Ron Johnson was to JCPenney! I love their value pay and many of their vendors. Can I do with a little less Invicta? Yes. I don’t want any hosts to lose their jobs either. QVC and HSN both sell brands that can be found at brick and mortar but that’s to be expected in this day of Omni retailing. I wish them the best. I enjoy ShopHQ

  6. Queen Celeste Says:

    I hope they will bring up live programming 24/7. Currently they run “the best of” from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. (west coast time) and it is boring. There are only so many presentations of air conditioners one can take! And please bring back Carmela Sterling in some on air capacity. She is the heart of the network.

  7. Kevin Says:

    Mark Bozek has a history of excellent management. His focus will undoubtedly be to improve programming and technology. He’s always had an interest in the broadcast side of the business and has a good grasp of new technology and how it can help the business. I think he has a great opportunity to leapfrog past QVC and HSN in the coordination of all three elements: Entertainment broadcasting; advanced technology; and customer analytics. By combining all three of these elements, ShopHQ’s customers will get the benefit of interesting products/programming and excellent customer support. I expect great things here. The big question is whether he’ll get the resources he needs to make this happen.

  8. Keith Says:

    Guess what it has always been about the product and guess what unless Bozek gets a decent Merch. team he won’t succeed. The other nonsense, entertainment, games, etc… is pure noise and if he is smart he will get back to what attracts folks to home shopping. It is not gimmicks, just products, especially private label and credit options.

  9. Anna Says:

    SHOPHQ has a down to earth quality that should not be lost! I hope they keep hosts and most vendors who have been with the network for a long time. Chuck, Michael, Paul, Stefano and others have kept this network going through good and challenging times. I hope all changes are beneficial and they don’t slash and burn!

  10. Donald Mahala Says:

    I hope he improves their ordering process and ShopHQ customer service!

    I placed an order for two (2) Invicta watches. Same watch different dials (silver and black). When I placed the order I received no indication that the watch was out-of-stock, to the contrary they were advertised on the TV as in stock and on the web as in stock. Not wanting to risk not having the order filled I called ShopHQ to place the order during which the representative took the order and did not indicate it was out-of-stock. The watches were stated to be delivered by 12/24, Christmas Eve.

    Two days before Christmas I received an email that the black dial watch is on a “waitlist delay.” When I called ShopHQ the representative indicated it was not the person’s fault who took the order as they don’t know if an item is in stock or not when they take the order. This does not make any sense to me. Why would you take orders if you don’t know if something is in stock. Very poor customer service.

    She was kind enough to issue a $20.00 credit but that falls very short of not having the gift for Christmas that certainly had every appearance of being in stock. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and she indicated they were all busy and were unavailable to speak to me. I asked if she would provide my number and have someone call me back. She indicated she would provide me the customer service number for Invicta. I indicated I didn’t place the order with Invicta but with ShopHQ. Ridiculous. She then suggested the warehouse call me back since “it was their fault and maybe they could improve things in the future.”

    Selling items that you don’t have in stock, sending the notice of the item being out of stock two days before Christmas, trying to push the customer off to Invicta, and not being willing to have a supervisor follow up is very poor customer service.


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