Beers, HSN And QVC Alums Elected To ShopHQ Board

It’s official: The man who produced “Deadliest Catch” and the former head of HSN are now on ShopHQ’s board.

Reality TV guru Thom Beers and Ex-HSN chief Mark Bozek are among four members of a dissident stockholder group that were elected to replace half ShopHQ’s board last week.

ShopHQ filed an 8-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission Friday listing the results of the vote.

The Clinton Group, which has been waging a battle to replace ShopHQ’s management, including CEO Keith Stewart, managed to get not only Beers and Bozek elected, but also QVC alum Fred Siegel and Robert Rosenblatt, a veteran of Tommy Hilfiger and HSN.

It should make for some interesting times at the No. 3 home shopping network.

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One Response to “Beers, HSN And QVC Alums Elected To ShopHQ Board”

  1. Toby Max (@EisenBolan) Says:

    Thom Beers needs to hire Barry from his show Barry’d Treasures (and before Storage Wars) for the Invicta shows just to make them watchable. Also he should bring in Brandi (last name?) and Darrell Sheets to be hosts (both from Storage Wars). Darrell I bet would be a totally fun host to watch.

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