Alert: Check TJ Maxx’s Men’s Jewelry For John Hardy

Heads up jewelry geeks and freaks. We can’t speak for the rest of the country, but the TJ Maxx stores in North Jersey have gotten a stock of John Hardy jewelry.

We love his high-end stuff, and have been visiting every store within a 50-mile radius to see what is available.

But here is the trick gals: Check the men’s section of TJ Maxx’s jewelry counter. There is a lot of Hardy men’s jewelry there, but guess what? A beautiful silver bamboo cross is unisex.

The only catch with the men’s necklaces is that some of the silver crosses are on black stainless steel chains, which we don’t like. But we just slipped the cross on one of the zillions of silver chains we own.

There are also Hardy pieces in the women’s section, of course.

Even at TJ Maxx Hardy jewelry isn’t cheap, but it is a fraction of its MSP price, which you would pay in places such as Neiman Marcus.

It is a bargain. We were in Nordstrom in Paramus last night checking out the jewelry, and some of its fashion jewelry is priced higher than the real sterling, handcrafted Hardy pieces at TJ Maxx. That’s just wrong.


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4 Responses to “Alert: Check TJ Maxx’s Men’s Jewelry For John Hardy”

  1. Estrogen Says:

    TJ Maxx in South Florida carries John Hardy, Judith Ripka (not QVC merchandise) and other high end designers.

  2. Says:

    Holy cow! No wonder I never looked at his stuff before. I thought Alexis Bittar had expensive fashion jewelry, but $650 for a John Hardy bracelet at Nordstrom?? Outrageous! I’ll hop on over to TJ Maxx to take a look, but I doubt I will get anything.

  3. Debbie Says:

    Okay, that makes more sense. I went to my closest TJ Maxx. They didn’t carry John Hardy (but I did pick up a cute pair of bella jack earrings. 🙂

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