Pamela McCoy’s E-Mail On Botox Parties, Etc., At ShopHQ

This is what we call a show stopper: Former ShopHQ host Pamela McCoy’s email in support of the dissident shareholders who are trying to oust management at the the No. 3 home shopping network.

Here is her email to The Clinton Group:

From: Pamela McCoy

Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 8:14 AM


Subject: Concerned voice

Dear Mr Taxin,

I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Pamela McCoy. My husband Wes and I were two of the first employees chosen to help start a new shopping channel – ValueVision.

We were with the network for almost 20 years as hosts. I also developed a line of clothing that was highly successful and branded exclusively for the network.

Pamela McCoy

Pamela McCoy

I was at ValueVision to celebrate the first $5000 day as well as the first $1 million hour. A year and a half ago circumstances dictated that I move to another network. However, I maintain a very close relationship with many of the employees there. More than a dozen have called me in the last few months to express their frustrations and to seek my advice. They all share a fear of speaking out (or speaking directly to you) out of concern for losing jobs.

I am convinced that the abuse to which the employees are subjected to would make headlines if it were exposed and it breaks my heart to see what this network has become in the past five years.

The way the employees are treated is deplorable. Despicable things like hosts being told they were not sexy enough and were encouraged to have plastic surgery. Hosts are given mandatory readings, including books such as “Younger Next Year for Women” and “How Not To Look Old: Fast and Effortless Ways to Look 10 Years Younger, 10 Pounds Lighter, 10 Times Better” by Charla Krupp.

One very talented host left the company when she felt pressured to have Botox. The network actually organized “Botox parties” in an effort to make it easier for them.

There are certain department heads that are so verbally abusive that some employees I know are literally afraid to go to work. Many have sought counseling.

With the current management team, the language used in meetings was often vulgar and misogynistic. This behavior was never present with any prior management team and would never be tolerated at a major network or broadcasting company.

It is painful to hear what is happening and not be In a position to help. As a former senior employee and current stock holder I feel a strong sense of responsibility to this company. That is why I am reaching out to you.

The shift in culture at ShopHQ presents itself as coarse and demeaning. Many talented and valuable employees and vendors have already left and I fear more will follow. The turnover rate for employees in key departments is alarming. The need for change is apparent to many.

I am voting for a change. I am voting gold. I am voting for the Clinton Group. I know you can make this the successful company it was meant to be and a place that encourages creativity as well as productivity. Many employees have asked me to expressed their gratitude and appreciate all of your efforts.

Please feel free to share this e-mail with any other investors.

Best Regards,

Pamela McCoy

Here is another email, this one from a current ShopHQ employee.

From: Anonymous

Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 9:07 AM


Subject: ShopHQ

To Greg –

As I mentioned on the phone, I am currently an employee of ValueVision and am fearful that speaking out will cost me my job. Thank you for agreeing to keep my name confidential.

Shop is a strange working environment – very much like Mad Men. The management is group is abusive and employees are in fear of them. They are not here for the full week. Nancy and Carol leave on Thursday afternoon together, Bob and Annette are out of here too Thursday afternoon. No one from senior management is around on Friday, except for Keith.

Because they aren’t around we are asked to do five days of work in the 3 or 4 days when they are here. There is a heightened sense of urgency when they are in town and its creates havoc on people’s schedules.

I think the biggest problem, though, is that the senior people do not have the skill to take the company any further. The company is basically a dumping ground for people who were fired from QVC. The CMO is stuck in the weeds, picking colors for items and not trusting her team. Bob is old school and not up on trends.

Vendors are used and tossed aside, sometimes losing hundreds of thousands of dollars, and this sort of churn and burn has led to a real backlash in the vendor community.

The strategy seems to evolve day-to-day and there is no plan for the company to march to. We have no real corporate strategy or vision, which is different than other places I have worked. I believe the company is going nowhere very fast and so do the other employees.

The management team appears stuck in a time warp, both in their management style and in their knowledge of the industry. They beat people up here and people leave constantly.

I have never seen turnover like this. One of the senior people was forced as part of a settlement to take a 3 month sabbatical because he had been so abusive to people. He’s back. The annual surveys about senior management are so horrific.

I think if there are not changes soon, there will be an empty parking lot. There is a lot of opportunity but things need to change. I am a shareholder and I want to grow the stock.

Not a bunch of happy campers, we fear.


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17 Responses to “Pamela McCoy’s E-Mail On Botox Parties, Etc., At ShopHQ”

  1. Natasha Froehlich Says:

    Sorry, but have to agree with Pam!
    Too many Invicta shows, boring. Already,
    own fifty watches!
    Only show I actually wait for ifabulouinn Cosmetics with Dimitri James. A fabulous host and knowledable teacher. His products are fabulous and affordable.
    Years ago, I enjoyed Suzanne Somers. Now,
    I turn the show on just to admire her fabulous face.
    channel ShopHQ, in my opinion is headed South!
    The hosts are always complaining of the cold weather in Minnesota!

  2. Abigail Says:

    I of course have no idea if its true or not, but, since I have eyes, I can see that she has had something done, her face is far more softer/feminine than it was years ago work or those products they peddle, we’ll never know….

    • Kathy Says:

      Who really cares?! Is that all you take away from this article Abigail? It appears you are superficial and insecure.

      • Abigail Says:

        Thanks Kathy for your wonderful comment and have a wonderful day and weekend and God keep blessing you and yours!!!

  3. Kim Says:

    Just WOW. Thank you, Pamela, for speaking your mind. I can’t imagine working in such a culture. Sounds like change is definitely needed at ShopHQ. I wonder if it was Charla who left because she didn’t want Botox–sounds like her!! Her departure was a HUGE loss to the network IMHO.

  4. Toby Max (@EisenBolan) Says:

    Two comments a) excellent articles I shared both this and the one yesterday about McCoy over to’s groupthink forum for wider readership who will appreciate your work
    b) I love ShopHQ I always loved watching how happy the hosts are and their banter with guests. It makes me so sad to know the abuse they have behind the scenes. This CEO seems to think women’s bodies are his to control it makes me so ragey.

  5. linda Says:

    Kim, Charla didn’t leave she was fired. She would be back in a New York minute if hey would have her. One of the best decisions they ever made, she was the worst or the worst.

    • Kim Says:

      I’m sorry, but I respectfully DISAGREE with you about Charla. In my humble opinion, she was one of the most fun, most original and most informative of any host on any channel–especially on fine jewelry. When she left, I quit watching. And if she was fired–it was ShopHQ’s loss. I’m not alone in this feeling–Charla had and HAS many fans who feel the same as me.

      • linda Says:

        no she doesn’t have many fans, a few yes but most couldn’t tolerate her smoker’s voice (laugh), UMs and UHs every 2 seconds. Okay, alright every 5 seconds. Don’t you find it odd that no other shopping channel picked her up?

      • Kim Says:

        Yes she does–what has she ever done to you to make her hate her so much? And, maybe she didn’t want to leave Minneapolis–BTW–she HAS word on another channel quite frequently. You obviously hate her so much you don’t follow her career. Why don’t you leave her alone?

  6. linda Says:

    LMAO career? No other channel would ever hire her – never, you are mistaken my dear. I don’t hate her, she doesn’t mean anything to me. I just commented that she was a horrible sales person. I also forgot to mention her GROSS fake nails and wrinkly hands, I guess they went with her face. Yep, that Isomers really worked for her didn’t it?

  7. Queen Celeste Says:

    I hope Pamela’s beautifully stated memo will be taken seriously, as well as the employee’s. Fascinating what really goes on behind the scenes–it sounds like a nightmare there! I’ve been watching since the beginning, and would be terribly sad to see it all go down the tubes due to mismanagement.

  8. rae Says:

    Charla was the best, she made shopping a fun experience.
    My question is why Ms. McCoy waited until she was fired to put pen in hand. She comes off sounding so concerned about everything, when she could have taken the platform while she was there. Guess she feared losing her job? She talks the talk, too bad she didn’t walk the walk. I always found her and the husband a snooze fest anyways. Her face looks so tight, you could bounce a coin off it. She should stop trying to make herself out to be a savior.

  9. Leroy Says:

    I hope shophq stop having hours and hours of watches. They need to expand the product lines like QVC AND HSN. Also, they need to go back to twenty fours a day. Then, they need to improve the internet and totally overhaul customer service.

    • Kim Says:

      All EXCELLENT ideas, Leroy. This channel used to be MUST WATCH for me, and now it’s very, very rarely. I hope the new CEO brings about some major changes. Mindy Grossman totally overhauled HSN and now it is AMAZING. I watch and buy WAY too much–LOL. Don’t watch QVC much anymore–way too “old lady” for me and too much repeated items.

  10. Lynette Says:

    Charla was the best host. She was a true original

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