Pam McCoy Claims Botox Pressure At ShopHQ

ShopHQ’s dissident shareholders have a new forum to dish their dirt: The New York Post. And former host Pamela McCoy is sticking it to the network’s CEO Keith Stewart, claiming management held Botox parties for hosts and encouraged them to get plastic surgery.

Pamela McCoy

Pamela McCoy

According to the Post story, McCoy will be voting her shares of ShopHQ for the slate of directors that’s been nominated by The Clinton Group, which aims to oust Stewart and his crew.

McCoy now sells a diamond jewelry line on Jewelry Television, and though she denies it, she looks like she had Botox or plastic surgery after she left ShopHQ with her husband and fellow host, Wes.

Any way, the details of her accusations — which ShopHQ denies — are in the Post story.

We missed it earlier this week, but the Post did another story on the shareholder battle at the network. The tabloid seems to think that The Clinton Group will succeed in getting control of the company. We’re not so sure.


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3 Responses to “Pam McCoy Claims Botox Pressure At ShopHQ”

  1. carolyn simpson Says:

    it is so obvious that Pam has had work done. why deny it, and so what if shophq wanted it done. good for her and good for them. all the crap and dissention among the whole shop hq gang has gotten old and boring. the show is boring. why not fire everybody and start over wtf!!!!!!

  2. Queen Celeste Says:

    I have respect for Pamela. It’s one thing to have work done for yourself, another to feel pressured into it by your employer.

  3. Karen Z Says:

    I’m watching shophq now and the host Heather Hall did something to her face and her boobs are bigger and she’s flaunting. Pretty much a turnoff

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