Jennifer Lawrence To Play QVC, We Mean, HSN Star Joy Mangano

Holy crap, it’s true: Red-hot star Jennifer Lawrence will be playing a HSN invention queen Joe Mangano in a movie!

HSN CEO Mindy Grossman posted the story from The Hollywood Reporter about the project on Facebook.

Lawrence had been rumored to be playing Mangano, but it is apparently a done deal.

Talented director David O. Russell will be teaming up again with Lawrence for “Joy,” which is slated for a release on Christmas 2015, according to the trade newspaper.

However, The Reporter got the wrong network in its story, which said, “The film will tell the story of the Mangano’s transformation from a single mom to a QVC star.”


The script for the movie comes from the same woman who wrote “Bridesmaids.”


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10 Responses to “Jennifer Lawrence To Play QVC, We Mean, HSN Star Joy Mangano”

  1. Rose Ann Says:

    In fact she made her mark on the Q with the mop and other items then went to HSN.

  2. CC Says:

    WTH? Will it be a comedy? C a n’ t. W a i t.

  3. MaryAnn Says:

    The entertainment industry never ceases to amaze! She and her junk are immediate turn-offs in person on HSN!! Why on earth would anyone want to see a movie about this shrew???

  4. steelstringslider Says:

    Miss Moss, she was a big deal for a few years at QVC. We had the Miracle Mop and then the Roly Kit and also the folding cake boxes. We sold a zillion of all of those products. She brought Esteban to us and he sold over $300,000 worth of CD’s in an hour. He hadn’t started the guitar thing yet.

    So she was a “star” at QVC years before she sold a single hangar on HSN. I enjoy your blog.


  5. Patricia Says:

    I wonder if this is going to be a “Lifetime” movie I can’t see someone paying to see this movie.

  6. Queen Celeste Says:

    Fascinating. And bizarre.

  7. Lauren Says:

    “Star” or not, Joy Mangano is beyond annoying…you could not pay me to watch a movie about her!😳

  8. Michael Tomek Says:

    Love Joy and 90 percent of her products. Just found her hangers and green pans in Target today. She’s a smart cookie. Good for her. Way better than Lori Grenier.

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