Former ShopNBC Host Mike Davidson Has Died

We’ve got some sad news folks: Former ShopNBC host Mike Davidson has passed away.

We got the news via Facebook, as Davidson’s former colleagues at what is now ShopHQ and his friends posted the word.

This is from Laura Duffek:

My very dear friend Mike Davidson passed away yesterday. Many of you may remember him from Valuevision and ShopNBC. His partner and love of 12 years Caron was with him and we spoke very early this morning. She asked that I let everyone know and although FB doesn’t seem nearly appropriate, he deserves to be remembered and thought of today.


Mike was a constant friend and at the most difficult of times he always called and said ‘You know I love you like a sister.’ My heart breaks for all of us close to him and especially Caron, his sweet daughter Kira, his Mom and sisters.

I can’t believe I won’t talk to you again..I miss you. A memorial will be held with arrangements to be posted soon. — with Mike Davidson Voice-overs.

Former ShopNBC host Shawn Wilse also posted about Davidson’s death.

We always thought that Davidson was a classy guy, and he was so young to have passed. According to Facebook, he was doing voiceovers as a job.

What is particularly sad is that his daughter Kira has posted on his Facebook page, saying, “I miss you daddy.”

Davidson’s widow posted this nine hours ago.

To all people who know Big Mike Davidson, my love, life, best friend for the past 12 yrs. My name is Caron, i dont use facebook, using Mikes phone.

Its with total shock and grief to tell you all that late this afternoon Mike passed away suddenly, possibly from something related to his heart, still waiting to know. So sorry to post this. When services are arranged, i will post again to let everyone know.

One Response to “Former ShopNBC Host Mike Davidson Has Died”

  1. K. Mcguineas Says:

    That is to bad he was a great host . When did he pass away and what was cause of death? My condolences to his family.

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