JTV Quiz Will Tell You Your Jewelry Style

Those sly pusses at Jewelry Television have something new up their sleeves: a “Jewelry Love” style quiz.

In a press release Wednesday, JTV said that “the interactive quiz is a brand new approach in response to consumer trends towards more personalized shopping experiences.” Okey-dokey.

The quiz is now online now at jtv.com/stylequiz.

The answers to a “few quick questions instantly reveal a signature jewelry style personality, with hand-selected pieces to match,” according to JTV.

We came out Upscale Urban, by the way. Other categories include Boho Chic, Brilliant Bombshell and Class Act.

“We strive to stay in tune with our shoppers and consumer trends,” JTV Vice President of Marketing Jill Johnson said in a canned statement.

“The ‘Jewelry Love’ style quiz has redefined a visit to our website as a more personal, experiential shopping adventure. It offers a higher level of individualization. By taking our quiz, a shopper will get immediate results with her own style personality. Ultimately, we’ve created a way to bring all her favorite pieces to one page.”

JTV’s Jewelry Fest, June 2 to 8, offers will offer an opportunity for homeshoppingistad to put their ‘Jewelry Love’ style quiz results into action.

“JTV will feature a comprehensive array of colors, textures and cuts – all in one dynamic week – so that fans can discover additional pieces that reflect their signature jewelry style personality,” the network said.

JTV also announced its Jewelry Fest Escape Sweepstakes. You can enter June 2 to July 31 at jtv.com/escape for a chance to win a trip for two and a $1,000 JTV jewelry wardrobe.

The total prize package is valued up to $7,600. The winner will choose from one of four luxurious destinations including Napa, Paris, Las Vegas and Costa Rica.

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3 Responses to “JTV Quiz Will Tell You Your Jewelry Style”

  1. Anne Parrish Says:

    I want to take the quiz – I clicked on ‘Jewelry Love’ style quiz, but nothing happened. How do I get to it?

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    Go direct to the website and take the test

  3. Trina Dade Says:

    Thanks for the info! Wow! That quiz nailed me! I would not have thought it would be accurate based on the questions. I am Boho Chic most days. Of course, I venture out into the other categories for certain occasions, but Boho Chic would be the style in which I am most comfortable. I think my Boho Chic self would look good in Paris or Costa Rica!! Guess I better go enter that Jewelry Fest Escape Sweepstakes.

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