Oui-Oui, QVC Is Going To France

Will Parisian women dig Susan Graver clothes? We’ll soon see.

QVC announced Wednesday that it plans to launch a home shopping network in France in the second quarter next year, expanding its European presence. With that rollout, QVC will be well on its way to taking over the world, with a global business of seven operations reaching nine countries.

“As the second largest economy in the European Union, with a robust e-commerce sector and solid digital infrastructure, France offers a strong opportunity for QVC,” QVC President and CEO Mike George said in a canned statement,

“Over 27 years, QVC has become the world’s largest video and e-commerce retailer, changing the way the world shops by reimagining shopping, entertainment and social as one. We believe this, in addition to QVC’s stellar customer service, will hold great appeal for French shoppers.”

QVC is working with Invest in France Agency, the national agency responsible for promoting and facilitating international investment in France, and a regional organization, the Paris Region Economic Development Agency (PREDA), to make way for its entry into the French marketplace.

“QVC brings a highly differentiated multiplatform shopping experience to French consumers and will create significant opportunities for consumer businesses and brands across the region,” said Serge Boscher, managing director of Invest in France Agency.

“As a global leader in video-centric ecommerce, QVC’s decision to enter France reflects the evolution of the French marketplace, the new opportunities generated by our growing Digital economy and advances in the TV landscape. Having worked with QVC to facilitate its investment in France, I’m convinced that their business model is uniquely suited to be successful here.”

Sabine Enjalbert, managing director of the PREDA said, “QVC’s decision to locate its operations in the Paris region is testament to the fact that we are a growing center of excellence, specifically in the technology, broadcast and online fields. We look forward to their entrance, creation of jobs and contributions to France.”

QVC and its partners expect to create about 200 jobs in the first two years.

The French-language video and e-commerce content will be produced in France by a local team and will be available online, on mobile devices and on major satellite TV, cable TV and IPTV services in France.

In its press release, QVC claimed that it “is famous for creating opportunities for inventors, entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises in its markets and will welcome consumer businesses of all sizes in France. The company’s global scale enables it to offer a wide range of well-known global and French brands, as well as new smaller brands, as it opens a completely new marketplace for French shoppers.”

QVC broadcasts reach more than 300 million homes worldwide and its e-commerce sites had nearly 800 million visits in 2013.

“France has made some bold and innovative changes to its digital infrastructure and strategy in recent years and we believe this provides a great opportunity for QVC to enter the market with a multiplatform offering,” QVC Europe CEO Steve Hofmann said.

“Today, consumers are operating in a fast-moving and increasingly digital world,” he said. “People are now purchasing at any time, anywhere, across a multitude of devices, and seeking a higher degree of entertainment in their shopping experience. We believe French customers will enjoy QVC’s fresh content, premiere-branded products and award-winning, world-class customer service. Our goal is to build long-term relationships of trust and confidence with all of our audiences – employees, suppliers and customers in France.”


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7 Responses to “Oui-Oui, QVC Is Going To France”

  1. StefF Says:

    headlines should read “oui, oui”

  2. CYB Says:

    I’ve noticed that many of the items that are sold in th other countries ( Italy ,UK) are actually less conservative,sexier, and more interesting than the clothing that QVC has been selling here.i’ve glimpsed several of the items that are sold overseas and I’ve often wished they were available here.

    • MaryAnn S Says:

      Uh oh! Another reason for the French to hate America! Wait ’til they get a look at the Q’s craptastic “designer” clothes!!! Lol!!!

  3. SUSAN Says:

    While QVC is saying Vive La France…meanwhile back at the ranch (the good ole USA that is) we get the same 15 vendors presented over and over and over again ad nauseum. I hope they do well in France, because they are losing their American audience with their repetitive products and programming. Many long time customers are no longer buying or watching due to the overkill!

  4. Michael Tomek Says:

    Lol…..I guarantee you classy French women would not be seen dead in anything Susan Graver.

  5. Becky Says:

    Love your lede!

  6. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thanks Becky!

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