QVC Host Lisa Robertson’s Sicko Stalkers Should Take A Hike

It’s tough being gorgeous. But QVC host Lisa Robertson has had to pay the price, and she has our sympathy, no joke. We were stalked once, many years ago, believe it or not.

Over the years we have heard tales and seen posted newspaper stories about her being stalked, but the Daily Mail of Great Britain, no less, seems to have all the details about how this poor woman has been hounded by a bunch of nut jobs over the past two decades. And it’s not funny.

According to the story, which is quite juicy yet quite sad for Robertson, at one point she was being stalked by three kooks at once.

The article quotes from court proceedings where Robertson says that she has numerous alarms at her $800,000 home, but still lays awake at night worried that one of her “admirers” is going to get into her house. Read the Daily Mail story for all the details. But several of these creepy stalkers have followed her and even showed up in QVC Land, Pennsylvania, to see her.

The Homeshoppingista and stalked QVC host Lisa Robertson

The Homeshoppingista and stalked QVC host Lisa Robertson

During the years that Robertson, who the story says is 48, has been targeted QVC has taken out a number of injunctions to keep her stalkers away from her.

The story has has numerous photos, we don’t how they got them, of former beauty queen Robertson, her family and even one of her dates.

We posted a link to the Daily Mail story yesterday on Facebook, and several of our friends were shocked by some comments that a local newspaper supposedly made about Robertson. As our posters noted, this editor seemed to blame Robertson, the victim, for her stalkers.

The story quoted Kathy Brady Shea, managing editor of the Chester County Times, who seemed to sympathize with Robertson’s sick stalkers.

“All of these cases involved sad, lonely, alienated men with apparent mental health issues,” the Daily Mail quoted Shea as saying.

“Yes, Lisa Robertson is a victim and some of these folks are scary but her show is a magnate for these guys. She’s on late at night, she comes across as provocative with a come-hither attitude. She’s perky, coiffed, manicured and heavily made up … Yet QVC just keeps using their legal hammer to come down on these people,”

Excuse us?

As one friend wrote on our Facebook wall, “Yeah, blame the victim. She (Robertson) should wear less makeup, gain 30 pounds, be less flirty, and demand to work only in the morning.”

We don’t consider stalkers harmless, misguided souls. When we were at Northwestern, we worked part-time at the library. We noticed that a computer grad student keep popping up when we were working. Then we would see him constantly when we were in the library, in a carrel studying.

We had a conversation with him, tried to nicely tell him we were not interested, but it didn’t sink in. We got up one Sunday morning to work our early shift, and we saw him outside our apartment building.

We graduated and left Evanston to return to New Jersey, and shortly after we got back we received a beautiful bouquet of long-stemmed roses. We were so excited, until we looked at the card and saw that he had sent them. Beyond creepy. Scary.

We remembered him when we were covering a murder trial of a young, vibrant woman in Bergen County years later. The accused killer was a nerdy, socially maladjusted young man. The defense argued that the pretty victim was having an affair with this loser.

We would bet $1 million we know what happened. She was a good person, and she was trying to be nice to this guy who was clearly out of her league, to not hurt his feelings. The trouble is when you are nice to these kinds of dudes, they view it as you actually being interested in them, and it encourages them.

Maybe she was finally telling him him the hard truth, without sugarcoating it, and he snapped and killed her.

Our point is, lonely or emotionally troubled or not, these stalkers are people to fear.

So Lisa, keep those alarms on. Get a big dog. And one poster suggested you even get a gun and learn how to use it.


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40 Responses to “QVC Host Lisa Robertson’s Sicko Stalkers Should Take A Hike”

  1. gastropub makeover Says:

    Thank you, Ms. Moss for writing this. I wrote a rather enraged email to Kathy Brady Shea this morning and I hope you can encourage your readers to do so as well.

    That we even have to address this in 2014 is pretty pathetic.

    Danya Berman, Los Angeles CA

    • Marianna Duvall Says:

      You may be happy to know that your rage is not alone – read a recent letter to the editor on this subject.

  2. sunny Says:

    Why is everyone getting mad about what was said. Im sorry but Lisa is an enabler. She commands attention, she has proved that. There isn’t another host that pastes on the makeup and dresses as she does. She loves looking at herself in the monitors, she knows how to lower her voice when she needs to draw more attention. She also feels that she needs to pot more pictures than anyone I have ever seen. She isn’t a Star, she is a mere hawker for a shopping channel.
    We don’t need to know where she goes and what she does daily. I don’t need to see her house. She brings a lot of this on herself. Trust me. if these “stalkers” really saw what the real Lisa looks like, they wouldn’t give her a second thought. If she keeps putting it out there,she can’t be shocked. Lisa loves attention, both at work and play. I’m not a hater of this woman, I’m just saying, one can lay low and fly under the radar and still be “famous”……..

    • MaryAnn S Says:

      Wow! So because she is on TV and beautiful, Lisa Robertson deserves psycho stalkers! What a despicable statement!!! And coming from a woman it is even more so!! Disgusting!!!!

    • Blanch Says:

      Totally Agree! She is sooo totally un-watchable and a bigger ego maniac, I have never seen. The constant monitor staring, so in love with herself. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. Why in the world anyone would stalk this self centered woman is beyond me. It is such an awful turn off. Stalkers need to be arrested, that’s for sure. But Princess Robertson does not help the matter with that fake and phony personality.

  3. sunny Says:

    Yes, she can be, for sure. Did I say she deserved it? I said, she is an enabler. Two different things, honey.

  4. AprilD Says:

    I didn’t know that there were women who are mysoginists.

  5. CYB Says:

    No one deserves to be stalked.Lisa is one of the few hosts who knows how to work her craft and she does so by not talking over the guests,being thorough and quick with item details,being fun and funny,and looking great.Why wouldn’t she wear makeup,eyelashes etc.As an on air host for a company that sells many different makeup lines she is a great representative of the chic,hip women out there that check out QVC for fashion and beauty ideas.She represents one type of woman.The other hosts represent others.She has chosen to keep her private life private(unlike several of the hosts who disclose details of their lives that I think of as TMI).I’m sure it is difficult to be a semi celebrity and then have to worry about the crazies that are out there.She is in a very vulnerable position,and for viewers to feel that they have a special entitlement to know details about the hosts is just plain crazy.That having been said I felt very uncomfortable with the article treated such a serious situation with insouciance and flippancy and I too felt that the tone of the article was very mysogynistic and inappropriate.

  6. carolyn simpson Says:

    there are stalkers in both genders.its a mental illness of sorts.the victim should never behave like a matter of fact ,get angry and hunt down your own stalker.lay a trap and let your large nasty dog eat him aive or shoot him dead. if your not into death just hurt him or her dont have to be gorgous, famous or any type of public person to have a stalker. you just have to become an obsession in the mind of a sicko

  7. sunny Says:

    She keeps her life private??? Oh please. She isn’t happy unless she is posting pic’s daily of hersef. The only thing she has not posted is of her partner, or lack there of one. Do you really think she lays in bed at night and if she hears something, she lays there wondering? This is the same woman that said she checks her alarm system everytime she turns around. If I were laying there and heard something, I don’t think I’d just lay there “wondering” and neither is she. Just this morning they did a story on her about this… “The Queen Bee Of QVC” as they called her. Must have made all the other hosts feel great… I don’t think she is the head bee at all. There are many there who do the job they are hired to do and they do it quite well, without telling you everything about themselves. Actually, its kind of sad that someone has to devote so much time showing those who they don’t even know what their life is all about. If you are in fear for your life, you let the authorities handle it, not jump on the media wagon, where other crazies can join in. Its just drawing more attention to herself, and she likes the attention. No one deserves to be stalked, but she could tone things down and stop talking about it. She is only fueling the fires.

  8. King James Says:

    I love Lisa Robertson, but im no stalker, just an admirer who loves beautiful women such as Lisa, she lights up a T.V.

  9. TJ Says:

    I just wish she would get a BIG GIANT MIRROR to stare at herself in and get the heck off qvc. She has ruined that channel. I’ve never seen anyone like this chick.

    • Abigail Says:

      I guess you have never seen an even bigger phoney, ego driven peddler, Colleen on HSN who seems to be trying very hard to be Lisa, who, I must say, see her on and I chnage the channel, that cooing to sell clearance sandals is a wee bit too much for me!

      • Angie Says:

        Agree. Colleen is a million times worse than Lisa. So phoney and full of herself.
        On another note, I don’t think Lisa enables stalkers. I’ve been stalked and it’s scary and creepy.

    • sunny Says:

      All she has to do is take off all the fake crap she wears and these so called stalkers, wouldn’t give her a second thought… I’m sorry that Linda had to go through a stalker period but I have to say, I never knew what Linda looked like , until she posted a pic of herself. So you see, you can be semi-famous and not plaster yourself all over FB, newspaper, and talk show.. She thrives on attention, well now she’s got it….

  10. B Says:

    I know and completely agree. Just look at all the negative comments about her. The Q forums are full of rips and criticisms on this woman. Like, 80% of the comments are negative. Go away already. She is nasty and not funny and the obsession with herself is unbearable. What isn’t fake about her? I don’t get it.

  11. GmaDi Says:

    She is a public personality, so she should NOT have to not have a twitter of FB account to keep stalkers at bay. She is popular because of her whit, beauty and sense of humor. I don’t see her as ‘fueling the fires’ at all. The fans that love her, love when she does these extras about her life and are happy for her. I hope she lives in a gated secure community and does have the alarm system mentioned. She probably does need a dog and maybe even a gun and a class on self defense. I pray for her that she stays safe and her stalkers are taken care of by the law.

  12. Queen Celeste Says:

    Some of these comments are truly cringe-worthy. Lisa is very pretty, and it is her job to look her best and be engaging. Perhaps some would like to put her in a burkha. As for Facebook, all shopping hosts do that now, and I suspect it’s required. As for the comments of the woman at the local newspaper–how retro! One would think we were living in the 1950s.

    Alarms, a dog, a gun, and perhaps a bodyguard are what she needs. In fact, QVC should provide her with the bodyguard. I wish Lisa all the best.

    • Elsa L. Says:

      I so agree with what you wrote! From a person this has happened to, I only wish the best for Lisa. It is indeed a scary situation.

  13. Queen Celeste Says:

    p.s. Nice photo, Miss Moss!

  14. Debra Says:

    I personally have been stalked by an ex-“BOY”friend AND his ugly, fat, slob of a girlfriend (who I angered by getting involved with the loser, when they were temporarily separated). It’s no laughing matter and I do, as a matter of fact, own a gun and several dogs and have an alarm system. There are a lot of sick people running around, male and female alike.

  15. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thanks Celeste

  16. Nova Carroll Says:

    Some of the comments sound like they are coming from some jealous people. Do you think she should stand there with a paper bag on her head and wear ugly clothes? As for the monitor, how do you even know where that is? The Q needs to help her out more. She is a very pretty lady and does an excellent job. She should not be stalked because of that. Some just can’t stand it if someone is pretty and talented. Maybe they should look in the mirror and see what kind of person THEY are. BE SAFE LISA.

    • sunny Says:

      First off, its not “a monitor” they have many. Second, We could all look like glamour queens, if we, wore fake hair and nails, sprayed ourselfs, orange, painted our faces like Joan Crawford, or Tova,,,it depends on who Lisa wants to be that day. We could all pretend to be tv channel hawkers,,but we don’t. We don’t because we are reall people with jobs, its just that somewhere along the way, someone told Lisa she was special and it all went to her head. She was never like she is today. She will come out with ridiculous statements, she drops names like crazy and never gets through a show without mentioning, Madison Ave. When she first came to the Q, she was a natural beauty, she was fun to watch, she didn’t have her nose up in the air. Now she feels she is the, head mistress of the Q… She loves attention and lives for it.. No one said she needs to wear a sack on her head,, perhaps you should try reading what people write and not in between the lines. All I said was, she should tone it down with announcing her business on the show and FB…. Jealous of Lisa?,, I don’t think so, honey.

      • MaryAnn S Says:

        Wow!!! Kind of sounds like YOU are obsessed with Lisa!!! Scary!!!

      • sunny Says:

        LOL,,, no honey, just tired of all you Lisa wannabe’s sticking up for someone you don’t even now…lol,,, ta ta

  17. CYB Says:

    I agree with you MaryAnn….wow is right!

    • Elsa L. Says:

      So do I, CYB.

      “sunny”, sthu! Blaming Lisa for having a stalker is disgusting. Imagine if she was your daughter..would you be saying these things? NO, you would not!

      • sunny Says:

        Elsa,,, you and the rest can feel sorry for Lisa, that is your choice. I said, for the last time…………………….She should tone things down and keep her private life private…. If you give people your life story and put it out for all to see,,,,you are fair game for whatever happens, and Lisa knows this,,,, Now WOW all you want, if you can’t understand that,,,, then you are really uneducated people….. My daughter would have the brains to know better and not think she is some “Hollywood Star”,,,, something Lisa should have been told long ago…. Now,, enough of this conversation, I’ve wasted enough time talking about this woman and those who have made her their idol……… “WOW”………………………now get your own life..

  18. Estrogen Says:

    Sunny…to quote Shakespeare (someone I doubt you’ve read)…”The lady doth protest too much”.

    • sunny Says:

      I have more education than you, it’s quite obvious, Estrogen. Might I add, your “fake name” does fit you and perhaps you might want to up the dose you take, you indeed need more.

      As for April, I have no issues except for those who are in constant denial, that Lisa can do no wrong. So don’t talk to me about having issues, listen to how you speak. You don’t “like” Lisa, and there are “many more you can’t stand”… I am the one with issues??? You don’t like anyone ……. You my dear,should shut off the tv and go out into the real world…. Have a good day!

  19. AprilD Says:

    Sunny, you really have issues. I don’t particularly like Lisa but there are many more on QVC that I really can’t stand. I really don’t care what any of them do, on air or off air. I just don’t watch the ones I dislike. I also do not read their Facebook posts. You sound jealous and vindictive and nothing else. You should get a life.

  20. Kristine Says:

    Just a few weeks ago, after a WEN show where Lisa was playing with Chaz Dean’s puppies and obviously having LOTS of fun, I posted on her Facebook page that she needs to get a puppy! Some guy responded something like, “I think Lisa knows what she needs or doesn’t need.” I immediately felt creeped out and figured it was some stalker who felt like he “knew” Lisa. I wrote back a quick response telling him about Chaz’s pups and Lisa and that he needed to chill out! I feel really bad for Lisa!! I’ve been sexually harassed but atleast I knew my home was my safe place. As for that comment in the article, that woman obviously has no idea what she’s talking about and sounds like the same type of person who blames the woman for wearing a sexy outfit when she gets raped!! I hope I’m wrong!!

  21. Kristine Says:

    I have to add that I’m very confused about all of these comments about Lisa sharing her whole life!! I’m a FB friend of hers and watch her on QVC & have no idea where she lives or where she goes every day! From reading a lot of these comments, you would think she posted a pic of her home address and phone number. Also, do you not think that QVC has a HUGE say in how Lisa looks on air??

  22. McGGirl Says:

    I keep wondering if it is just me noticing the difference between QVC hosts and the ones on other shopping networks. I really cannot STAND mostly every one of them on QVC. They irk me so much that even if I would possibly consider buying something, I can’t stay on the channel long enough to decide. The reason they annoy me is, pure and simple, they are so freaking PHONY. Just fake in every way. The smiling, the laughing uncontrollably, the phony camaraderie, the schmoozing. I mean, take some time and watch that silly woman Shawn fawn all over Isaac Mizrahi, who is enough of an annoyance all by himself, but it is so obvious how impressed she is with HERSELF, rubbing elbows and being chummy with him. Same with Robertson when she is on with, e.g., Joan Rivers. Lisa Robertson is so completely enamored with herself and her “role” as the prima donna of QVC is transparent. When I saw how she dressed and did her hair when she was doing that gold show in Italy, I found the look not glamorous, or classy-but comical. All I could think was “oh–the ‘contessa’ look. LOL Other than non-annoying Dan and/or Mary Beth, they can all go away, including those two giggling goons every morning. Seriously, that Pat James “demented” sounds like she’s drunk or hung over. I have not bought one thing from that overpriced, quality devoid show in eons and prob. never will again.

  23. Forrest Gump Says:

    Haha, this is comical! To call robertson “gorgeous”, is absolutely hilarious! The ‘woman’ actually reminds me of Michael Jackson, no joke! Her face looks like a plastic mold, layered with ten pounds of cake. She is far far far from “gorgeous”, that’s for sure. It’s beyond me, how/why anyone could/would consider her “gorgeous”. Not to mention, she’s THEE most arrogant/self-centered/obnoxious/creepy host, on the entire network. I’ll take Antonella Nester over that creep, any day of the week. I really wish someone would take QVC off the air, they think they rule the world or something. It truly cracks me up, when they come off with their, “We’ve sold five-hundred thousand”…blah blah blah. And, “Ten-thousand of these have been spoken for in the last hour”, garbage. Do they really think/believe anyone really believes or cares, about their bogus sales counters?! I mean, EVERY product, EVERY minute, EVERY hour, EVERY day, seven days a week, sells out! REALLY?!? If good ol’ robertson was so “gorgeous”, don’t you think she could do better than friggin’ qvc? I do! Somebody along the way lied to lil’ miss plastic face, that’s all I can say. Robertson’s a total joke, and so is the rest of mighty, qvc!

  24. angel Says:

    Oh My…I can’t believe what I am reading. Lisa God Bless you. The hatred and jealousy on this page are too much to contemplate. I wish you well and I do enjoy you. You are gorgeous, witty, knowledgeable and certaintly don’t deserve all of the bad vibes from the haters on this blog. It’s unfortunate that you aren’t fat, ugly, sloppy and just plain jealous of everyone and everything. God Bless you and hopefully things will work out for you with these morons that can’t tell fantasy from reality. They are toxic unhappy haters. Be well darling.

  25. Sandy Says:

    You go Lisa
    You are a lovely woman, and deserve all the safety and privacy you can get.
    Stay safe and do what you want for the rest of your life. there are many jealous people out there who wish that they could be you
    Best of luck

  26. Jenna Wade Says:

    Didn’t Lisa Robertson appear on Petticoat Junction as one of the daughters??

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