ShopHQ Invicta Spokesman Michael Davis Up And Quits

It looks like ShopHQ Invicta spokesman Michael Davis has said you can take this job and shove it.

We are wearing an Invicta watch right now that we bought from ShopHQ, but we haven’t watched an Invicta show for years on the No. 3 home shopping network. So we never saw Davis on-air. But he posted quite a rant on Facebook.

There comes a time in everyone’s professional career that you have to ask yourself some questions. Questions like…

Is there a future for me in what I am doing?

Am I being compensated at a level that matches the results I produce?

Am I respected (personally and professionally) by the people that I work for (or with)?

Do I really enjoy what I do for a living?

When the answer to all, most or some of these questions is “NO”, then it is time to make a decision as to whether or not you continue with what you are doing.

It is at this point that I inform you all that after asking myself these questions and contemplating the answers, I have just officially submitted my resignation to the Invicta Watch Group effective immediately.

As you read this, I am in the process of relocating myself to another part of the country (an area that I prefer to live in, not one that I was “forced” to) and will be, effectively, “hitting the reset button” on my life.

Life is just too damn short to spend it doing something that no longer makes you happy and that there is no future with. Especially with some of the circumstances that I have had to endure over the last few years.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you that have supported me over the last 5 years. It has been great getting to know alot of you and some of you have become close personal friends of mine and people that I talk to on a daily or near daily basis.

I have learned from you all and am humbled by the support that you have shown me. For that, I will be eternally grateful. For the hosts that I worked with on a regular basis (Kendy, Allison, Tim and Daniel…in no particular order), I appreciate you listening to me when I needed to bitch and the support that you showed me when I needed it the most. You all helped me to get better at my craft and supported me in ways that I cannot even begin to describe.

Without your support and sage advice, I would not have lasted as long as I have. To simply say “thank you” seems completely insufficient. And good ole Diamond Jim…thank you for getting me into this whole crazy job. It may not have went the way I wanted and it may not have ended in the best possible circumstances. But damn! It was one hell of a ride. Thanks my friend!

For those of you wondering what is next for me, the honest answer is that I have no idea. I am sure that there is going to be some “black helicopter” conspiracy theories that pop up (a lot of you know how the “fishy crew” can be). I would ask all of you not to participate in helping to spread such activity.

I am not going to work for another watch brand. I am not going to work for another network. I do have some personal projects that I want to work on and see what they can bring me and I will be speaking more on that soon. It is not my intention to try and trash any individuals or brands, so please let’s not go there.

I’ll still be posting a lot about watches and watch brands. However, if you are here on my page strictly for Invicta information, then now would be the time to unsubscribe yourself. Obviously, no hard feelings if that is the case. For those that wish to follow along as I move forward into this new chapter of my life, you are more then welcome to “ride along”.

In a later post, Davis went on to say that while he will no longer be working for Invicta, he would still be posting on Facebook and was “humbled” about the response to news of his exit.

Meanwhile, Davis is in the process of moving 1,500 miles away from Minnesota. He says he’ll keep us all tuned about his plans.


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37 Responses to “ShopHQ Invicta Spokesman Michael Davis Up And Quits”

  1. Michael Says:

    Wow. Extremely obnoxious. Very snarky and bitchy. Reminds me of the old motto…..don’t shiite where you eat.

  2. Queen Celeste Says:

    I find his bluntness and honestly rather refreshing. It certainly sounds as if he had been fed up for a long, long time, and finally couldn’t take it anymore. I’m not an Invicta watcher (so to speak), but wish him well.

  3. ladyluke Says:

    I peeped in on some of his Invicta shows from time to time & he appeared disinterested. It was obvious he was not engaged in the Invicta brand. During presentations the camera would come back him & he did very little to hide the wtf am I doing here look on his face. HYSTERICAL!! There is also Youtube video from a few years ago of him doing a watch presentation & one or some of the watches were apparently broken & “off camera” he called the watches junk(expletive), not knowing his mic was still on. Query “ShopNBC – Invicta’s Troll, Michael Davis drops the F-Bomb on the air” on Youtube. You can clearly hear him dissing the watches off camera then they shut his mic off. I’m just wondering if the real reason why he’s leaving is because he was so fed up with the quality issues & having to go on air & sell inferior products was insufferable. IMHO the Invicta brand needs be given a lot less air time. I’m sure they can find better quality watches to shove down the viewers throats. Run- Mike- Run! from Eyal & those craptastic watches. I wish you all the best.

  4. carolyn simpson Says:

    i have several invicta watches and i really like them but enough already!! shop hq should be renamed the invicta show. programming is stale.good luck mike, you always looked unhappy

  5. linda Says:

    I think he is a super creepy dude! Never could understand how he got that gig.

  6. james Says:

    Hi Ms. Moss:

    Dont know how to contact you but read this article about Lisa Robertson you might enjoy….it’s so sad and creepy to hear abut her stalkers

  7. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thanks I will check this out and perhaps blog about it.

  8. carolyn simpson Says:

    instead of living in fear, lisa should purchase a weapon, idealy a nine millimeter. she should get a license to carry it on her person which is the law in pennsylvania . she should spend a lot of time at a range to become an expert shot and know that when you shoot you shoot to kill. she should also purchase a dog, abig protective. loud dog. one way or another her stalkers should be made aware that they will suffer dire consequences if they continue. ive been there and done that

  9. A. Says:

    Davis didn’t quit, he was fired. Davis was a liability and it was only a matter of time before the jokers at Invicta booted his rear-end to the curb.

    The man was an alcoholic loose-cannon. A valor-thief that claimed to be a Navy SEAL. A man, and I use that term loosely, that claimed to be named “Martial Artist of the Year” regardless of the fact that he isn’t named on the official website.

    As much as I think that Invicta watches are crap, I applaud them for their decision on letting this bag go.

  10. Michael Tomek Says:

    Did you know he was sent to prison for armed robbery? Winner winner chicken dinner.

  11. cari j. kresl Says:

    Hey Mike…we’re w/ you all the way!!! My husband is a big watch collector. Good luck & God Bless You Mike!!! You’re the man!:-) 🙂 🙂

  12. ehstable Says:

    Goog Luck in whatever you get into

  13. Bubba Williams Says:

    I understand Mike Davis’s former cell mate is writing an unauthorized autobiography including some juicy memoirs of the 5 years he spent with Mike in a 8×9′ cell in an Ohio prison, and it ain’t about watches! Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

  14. Mc Snatch' Says:

    Listen, whether he drinks or not or robbed a bowling alley and has sincerely paid his dues doesn’t matter anymore, what matters is THE TRUTH!

    He was an ever so common Invicta PAWN, and not a bad one which at times he could convince you of the rareness and collectability of a non collectible item. IT’S THEIR JOB!!

    Diamond Jim and the Wangs aside, I will never be Koi, or maybe I will be, Hmmm.

    He got out, good luck, he doesn’t make a really overly convincing salesman for the Lalo anyways, but at times he tried really hard, not the easiest job “playing the game” with a camera and marketing schemes.

    Diamond Jim might of gave him his leg up so to speak, but once your in you most likely realize people are just “going through the motions” as to the progression of time. 😉

    Jim is a great talent, and deserves a TON of credit from circa NBC 2004-2010, as he was the “only” thing remotely interesting from a Horology standpoint, although thin n crispy and transparent with lapses of premeditated self indulgences and self sabotaging behavior, kinda like he was taking advantage of “on-air time” selfishly. (could be his tats or his cross-collecting hobbies and such)

    Just like Adam Richman, celebrities and so-called celebrity on-air hosts are susceptible to the highest scrutiny (the masses) but if their just not a good egg when you peal the layers, then prepare to be scrambled Benedict!

    Mike Davis, a former soldier for the yellow Invicta flag, he was on the wrong team strategically and from an honest standpoint, last part not 100% his fault, but if they put some Invicta meteorite rhino dung in front of him then he would have to sell it and be enthused.

    My educated guess was that he was not long for the network due to the fact that so much negative content from reliable sources were spilling through the façade and staining their not so good and reputable name to begin with, (where ya been Eyal, Hong Kong?)

    Best of luck to ya Hobo Davis, you deserve it pal!

  15. Bichon Daddy Says:

    First things first he left because they looked upon him at best as 2nd rate talent. No more and no less. Like a white gorilla in the room posing as their technical brand manager with zero substance and credibility, plus he never wanted to do television to begin with.

    Secondly the people they have in his place aren’t much better so Mikey hold your head up high sir.

    Thirdly he has looked at times terribly uninterested on the tv screen towards the end, so take notice.

    When that caller slipped through the HQ cracks live on air that everybody heard the caller dupe the show telling 70 million home viewers that Mikey robbed a bowling alley at gunpoint when he was a younger ninja, or was he a Navy seal? Either way you get the point.

    You know you don’t have to own a JLC or Patek or AP to know about watches, but I believe Mikey knows a lot more than people dare give him credit for it’s just that he was with the wrong folks, meaning the unscrupulous and down right nasty Invictards, who would rather take your money while lying to your face, then stick it to you post sale, they certainly are the worst offender, just look at the web and see all the almost infinite cust serv complaints, let alone they are the kings of purposely misrepresenting their brand and components and origin.

    Okay everyone my dogs are barking, the UPS man is here with my Subaqua Noma 5, this makes my 75th Invicta in just 10 mos.

    It’s their prestigious Red Dot award!!

    And it comes in an 8 slot crap dive box that’s worth spit.

    With Styrofoam and real glue built into this “water resistant” dive box.

    Use it to carry your watches or shaving tools.

    Drop it in water and watch it float for 15 min.

    I gotta run sorry, hey Eyal, if your reading this you left your speedos in my bedroom and your yellow Invicta condom up my arse!

    Oops, I just farted a yellow bubble.

  16. danny hawks Says:

    I don’t blame mike for leaving. Those watches are crap. I have brought two watches and had them appraised.. They always appraise for the sales price. The retail price they say is a big joke.

  17. Yabble Dabble Says:

    As soon as you buy an Invicta you lose money, there is no street value for cloudy diamond chips and fake sandstone dials, nor Dubois Depraz modules from a gumball machine, or embellished Russian Diver history, their Chinese Swiss factories or their Swiss gold layering, no street value for a mall kiosk home shopping network brand unless you were around 100 years ago when they actually made timepieces. No street value for a crap brand that sells over 5,000 styles of watches, hardeee-harrrrr-harrrr-harrr-harrrr!!

  18. Yabble Dabble Says:

    Oh yeah, by the way, who on planet earth gets an Invicta appraised??? The jeweler probably should of told you the truth like “sell em to a hooker, like a Lupah for a handjob, Pro Diver for some head, Bolt Zeus and a bang”!

  19. danny hawks Says:

    Anyone who has any business experience would know you always want to know if you overpaid. Also if I were you I would try to improve my vocabulary.

  20. Moe Harris Says:

    Okay… just about had it with you folks that want to crap on Invicta I think the watches are great and the price is right! I have had no problems with the many i have so i tell you WHAT EVER FLOATS YOUR BOATS, and whatever about Mike Davis because if he didn’t like what he was doing, nobody forced his ass!!!

  21. Yabble Dabble Says:

    At a boy Hawks, you go get your Excursion and Jason Taylor watches appraised, the jeweler knows how silly your watches really are!

    Just take a hot steamy dump on your watch collection and it will be worth more money than before!!

    I bet your pea brain is rose gold layered with Invicta’s proprietary Swiss gold layering process which bonds at the molecular level.

    I bet you wear the ARSEnal to bed!!

    You have special Invicta socks that came with your Invicta suspenders.

    Getting an Inivicta appraised is like the most dumbest thing I’ve ever read, while your at it why don’t you appraise your cerebrum?

  22. danny hawks Says:

    Yabble Dabble: Don’t blame me if you can’t afford a watch working at burger king.

  23. Jack Warner Says:

    Yabble take it easy on these folks for they haven’t a clue about watches, especially Invicta’s, and there’s no need to be mean about it. If they like their watches and haven’t experienced any issues then let them defend their Invicta’s and such. While I agree getting an Invicta appraised is a bit funny because their so mass produced and mostly China, but foul language I cannot abide. One day when they need post sale service they will most likely realize Invicta could care less about their watches and only their money, until then, ignorance is bliss, after all, my hubby has 5 Invicta’s and only 1 of them was DOA and even though it took almost 4 mos to get it back home, he still adores it, apples and oranges.

  24. CamaroSteve Says:

    I happen to own many Invicta watches, somewhere in the vicinity of 88-90 in almost 8 yrs, and yeah I’ve had a small number that were defective…etc, and yeah the turn around time can be very long and yeah sometimes getting from point A to B with their C/S can be a bit of a hassle, but let me tell all you guys and girls out there that Invicta has some of the best designers in the watch industry bar none.

    I love my Invictas, period end of story.

    As far as Mr. Davis, you sir were a pleasure to watch and learn from, after the great Jim Skelton left the network you my friend were the only reason I still shopped there, and I wish you the very best on your new endeavor, change is a good thing!

    Mr. Skelton, I wish you and Lior and Wing and Eyal would find a way to start a “Watch and watch accessory channel” for cable tv, 24/7 of watches and accessories, I humbly feel this would work.

    I’ve been over to the other blog “betterskills”, and they have tremendous audacity putting the “H” in haters, my goodness the nasty below the belt subhuman comments from the websites administrator and his cohorts are DISPICABLE!!

    Please get a life, and collect whatever watch brand makes you the happiest.

  25. louis platek Says:

    this guy knows his watches and gave great explainations
    i am disappointed
    i enjoyed his presence on screen…
    yeah a good ol boy from tex-ass is never happy in cold cold ‘sota
    good luck to him!

  26. Howard Hertz Says:

    anyone that buys an invicta DOESNT know anything about timepieces
    anyone who gets an invicta appraised is in the running for douche of the year award

    davis, you looked MISERABLE most of the time and I just bet that you don’t even wear your invictas anymore…
    eyal lalo is the BIGGEST CROOK in the jewelry biz!!!…

    he has a forked tongue and a potato nose!!
    if you have no sense of horology and only a few hundred bucks to your name, invicta is the brand for you!!

    davis you need a new venture, like maybe a stuntman?

    I can see it now, “daredevil davis the drunk” “he can jump 19 buses with his bike he named moonshine”

    right now somewhere invicta ryan is applying liberal amounts of hand cream to his soft skin in front of a mirror…last night on shophq ryan and Daniel (6″ wrists each) were wearing and selling the “hydromax” which is the size of a truck tire!! 55mm and a STAGGERING 32mm tall??? that’s right folks buy one cause you wanna look like a wannabe tough guy or you just want people to laugh at you, or somehow or someway you’ve convinced your tiny mind that if you wear this hubcap made of crap that nobody will notice your small penis size!!

  27. Goo Says:

    Hey!!! 😦

    I own many Invictas and I just got the Hydromax.

    Yeah it’s huge and the bracelet is thin and clanky and no screws again for a Invicta Reserve.

    I like it because I have 10″ wrists, I’m 6′ 9″ and weigh 440 lbs.

    Thinking their msrp’s are rather bloated, agreed.

    M. Davis, sorry sir but I didn’t enjoy you on the tv, as a matter of fact I thought you looked drunk or stoned most of the time, IMHO.

    My cousin is a Navy Seal and he said you were never a Seal, or a decorated martial arts expert.

    Well, good luck to ya Mr. Davis, drop me a line whenever you wanna go bowling. I have a few nice balls.

  28. Mickey Says:

    mike d you look like you smell like pee!

  29. Says:

    Timex is a better watch than Invicta.

  30. Mr. Harry Balz Says:


    Why as a matter of fact you are correct sir.

    Invicta is one of the worst timepieces you can purchase, you lose money just thinking about buying one of their Swiss/Chinese mass produced overly designed truck tires for a watch!

    They have over 4 thousand watches and if you need after sale service you will wait 4,000 yrs to get your watch back.

    Eyal Lalo, nuff said!

  31. skelton Says:

    Screw them all–who wants to collect crap–after your dead your kids can say hey, come look at the crap my dad collected! And Davis is a scum but not as much as his boss or ShopHQ for shilling this oversized crap.

  32. Cletus Randazzo Says:

    Mr. Davis was a Navy Seal with ripple appeal!

    A magnificent gent who drank under a tent!

    A spry fall guy with moose crap in his eye!

    This semi talented fool at 2am he would drool!

    At night he’d play a bongo this ape they called Mongo!

    He listened to Frankie Valli while robbing a bowling alley!

    “The Ballad Of Mongo”

    Lyrics by Ross Urteeth

    Music by Pro Diver

    Recorded at Drink You Bum Studios

    Mixed by Ed Norton

    Copyright 2014- All rights reserved there’s yams in yer ears!

  33. Theresa Pace Says:

    Wow!!! It What the *%¡~#?? I won’t take the time to rant and rave like Mr. Davis, but he obviously has issues. He doesn’t sound “grateful”, nor “humble”. He sounds bitter and childish. I can’t speak about his experience, but I for one have had nothing but praise for Shop HQ, and the products I’ve received. They have always exceeded my expectations, and I’m always entertained by the hosts and so appreciate how out of all the shopping networks, they offer more easy payments so that everything is affordable. Or as Chuck Clemency says, “everyone can play”. Good luck Michael Davis.

  34. Screaming Giblets Says:

    I respect your opinion Theresa and am very happy that your happy with all of your purchases.

    Consider yourself VERY lucky, lol!

  35. Invicta Turd Says:

    Some of these posts had me laughing,I purchased 4 invictas all supposedly “reserve collection”took me 4 watches with 4 bracelets that fell to pieces in days to figure out the “reserve collection”is reserved for us that are stupid enough to believe the hype that we are getting a “deal”and a deal it is,a great deal of shit crammed into a black box.Eyal probably believes he has a good product,and to a certain extent he does.The box is well made,the crap inside is not.I gave up wearing these hubcaps because they fell to pieces and opted for a quality watch.I MAY buy another one if invictas Ryan barks like a dog,spits 3 times,runs round in a circle,shoves a sea hunter up his ass,(in its box of course) farts out a couple of those worthless bolt Zeus and admits the brand is poor,THEN I MAY buy another invicta product for someone I really dislike.For all of you good people who like the brand,please enjoy your watches.I also hear if your show your reserve warranty cards of 50 watches or more you can gain employment with a sister company who do reading books for the stupid.Mike,all the best man,even if you are a drunk,that’s your business,but I agree with most postings,you were kicked enough.

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