ShopHQ To Expand Bowling Green Warehouse Operation

Beleaguered ShopHQ will be expanding its warehouse operations in Bowling Green, Ky., bringing 250 new full-time and part-time employees to that Southern town, according to a report in the Bowling Green Daily News Tuesday.

Warren County will be issuing up to $33 million in industrial revenue bonds for construction of an industrial building, a warehouse facility, that will be leased by VVI Fulfillment Center Inc., a ShopHQ company, the newspaper reported.

The official announcement about the whole shebang will be made April 15.

ShopHQ, the No. 3 home shopping channel, already has a facility in Bowling Green with 480 workers. The new plan calls for the construction of a warehouse with 346,260 square feet, taking ShopHQ’s overall warehouse space to 606,765 square feet, the Daily News reported.

ShopHQ will essentially pay off the bonds, as its lease payments will offset the bond payments, the newspaper said.


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2 Responses to “ShopHQ To Expand Bowling Green Warehouse Operation”

  1. AprilD Says:

    Why beleaguered? Other than the dissident Board members they are improving and are getting decent products and vendors. Unlike QVC and HSN who appear to be getting desperate….for all the hosts screaming you hear at HSN lately. They no longer describe products….they just tell you that you MUST buy this.

  2. Debra Says:

    I personally think that QVC should be in last place by now. The styles and quality of products has gone downhill, while the prices and s&h charges have steadily increased. Except for WEN at QVC and Andrew Lessman Vitamins at HSN, I shop almost exclusively with SHOPHQ, any more.

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