NeNe Leakes Debuts HSN Clothing Line In July

NeNe Leakes, a mouthy blond cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” has joined the seemingly never-ending gang of celebrities that do lines for HSN.

Leakes, whose fashion sense leaves a lot to be desired, will debut her clothing collection in July.

She posted the news on Instagram Sunday, and has already drunk the HSN Kool-Aid, announcing that she has joined “the HSN family.” That’s a popular phrase for celebs who drum up collection for the home shopping network.

“Not only will I join Cirque Du Soleil #zumanity I have also joined the #HSN family with my amazing fabulous clothing line! Available in July sizes 2 to 24,” Leakes said.

A number of women from the the various Bravo “Housewive” franchise shoes have done lines for HSN.

We’ll see how NeNe fares.


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13 Responses to “NeNe Leakes Debuts HSN Clothing Line In July”

  1. Michael Says:

    I think HSN caters much more to women of color than QVC. They also have Serena Williams and Carol’s Daughter products. The latter are still primarily marketed to African American women, but HSN says it includes all. Good of HSN to court certain demographics, including younger viewers. But I am no fan on Nene. She is a hot mess.

  2. Helene Says:

    “…whose fashion sense leaves leaves a lot to be desired” is an understatement. She looks like a transvestite.

  3. Ivy Says:

    Who’s next, Teresa Giudice from prison?

  4. Queen Celeste Says:

    Well, this will be interesting. Who do you think the host will be? Maybe Callie? I’ll probably be watching, but not buying.

  5. Linda Says:

    Can’t stand that ghetto ho.

  6. Abigail Says:

    I find the one post offensive and racist, but, not my board, that said I would wear a burka before I would buy anything she sells, she has no class or sense of fashion, but, good for HSN being smart enough to know everybody has money to blow on nonsense and also realizes the fact that these so called ‘reality stars’ have huge followings, and not like JTV who I guess seems to think that only certain people buy over priced junk and has no diversity of any kind.

  7. Lauryn Says:

    This should be interesting! I admit, I bought a few items from Kyle Richards’ line on HSN and I really liked them. I find her fashionable on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and she owns a clothing store so she knows a little about fashion. NeNe, not so much. I guess HSN will give any celebrity a fashion line and I’m sure her fans will buy her pieces. I will definitely watch, but I guess time will tell if I will like anything!

  8. Thelma Says:

    Gotta to be kidding me this has to be joke!!!!
    HSN you have lost my respect totally.
    A seriously poor representation.

  9. ladyluke Says:

    HSN has a diverse audience so it makes $ense for them to offer fashion from a diverse group of “designers” but they have scraped the bottom of the “fashion barrel” on this decision. I admit I do tune in to the RHWOA, when I feel like wasting valuable time & brain cells but I’m not a fan of hers. She’s an OTT, classless, self absorbed diva. I wish HSN offered moderately priced, stylish, classic everyday fashion items. Seems everything has to be the latest trend with them. And why bother to offer a “designer” brand when the designer is a one hit wonder & has no style of her own! Anyway, I may tune in to snark but I’m not feeling NeNe Leakes @ all or her clothing line. As far as who’ll be the host, I hope it’s not CL. She’s my fav but I don’t see her & NeNe as a good pairing. I think her and Bill Green or S. Runyan would be a fun pairings to watch.

  10. lesa Says:

    Wow…1st of all Hsn had nothing but Caucasian designers: from clothes, hair care & makeup. So its time that African American talents is showcase. Who cares that you want buy anything classic racist people! Also ghetto ho remark straight racist are you on TV? What’s the name of your clothing line? I didn’t think so. Transvestite the saying goes it takes 1 to know 1……just saying. A bunch of KKK member’s on here. If it was someone off the other spinoff shows of Housewives of Beverley Hills, New York, New Jersey or Orange County there would not be a issue!

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