Has HSN’s Joy Mangano Got A Pillow For You!

Our pillows are flat as pancakes, and they give us a sweaty neck. So we may have to give Joy Mangano’s coming MemoryCloud pillow a look.

HSN calls Mangano its “Mother of Invention,” and she will be debuting her Warm & Cool MemoryCloud Universal Pillow with TempTexx Sunday. It comes in seven colors and will the Today’s Special.

“I am so proud to once again offer one of the most comfortable products I’ve ever created, my MemoryCloud Universal Pillow,” said Mangano, president of Ingenious Designs LLC, an HSN unit. “This jumbo pillow, with my TempTexx technology, is designed to be your answer for a peaceful slumber. With its warming plush side and moisture wicking cooling side this pillow is designed to be a universal solution to a great rest, regardless of the way you choose to sleep.”

Mangano has a patent pending on her TempTexx six-layer system, which incorporates memory-foam layers and “cloud like clusters to provide a loftier alternative to traditional memory foam,” according to HSN’s press release Friday.

The pillows have: a textured fabric to wick away moisture; a gel-infused memory-foam layer to create a cooling effect; memory-foam cozy-cloud clusters to maximize air flow; a memory-foam layer to conform to the curve of your head, neck and shoulders; and plush fabric for extra comfort.

And the shape is supposedly designed to conform for a side, back or stomach sleeper.

The pillow is available in butter cream, lavender field, platinum silver, sage green, colonial blue, ivory and white — and fits within a standard size pillow case.

The price will be $39.95, and its regular price $59.95,


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17 Responses to “Has HSN’s Joy Mangano Got A Pillow For You!”

  1. Eileen Benson Says:

    Just get a My Pillow best invention since the zipper

  2. Joanie B. Says:

    If I wake up in the middle of the night and my pillow is too warm, I FLIP IT OVER and go right back to sleep. Nonetheless, the Mangano worshippers will make her rich all over again with this one.

  3. sunny Says:

    Yep, was going to say, it sounds like shes trying to make a knock-off of the My Pillow…

  4. Thomasina Turk Says:

    If you read the information on the pillow, you can’t even wash them, they have to be ‘spot cleaned’. And they say you don’t NEED the pillowcases, but what do they do when you order? Try and sell you pillowcases!

  5. Michael Tomek Says:

    Of course they can’t be washed….they have memory foam in them. Memory foam isn’t washable. And who washes there pillows? A lot of Joy haters on here. Oh well. She’s ten times the inventor that Lori Grenier will ever be. Always loved her products, especially her readers and her hangers.

  6. Patricia Says:

    I wash my pillows and would never buy one that can’t be washed it’s disgusting and unsanitary. Pillows have to be washed it’s just like washing your sheets your body is sleeping on them for hours.

  7. Mark Says:

    The first time these were offered a few months ago in plain white only the reviews averaged a 2 – 3 rating. HSN has since taken those down. I also have to add, comparing JM to LG doesn’t say much at all.

  8. Joy Epperley Says:

    I just got my pillows yesterday. Slept on them last night and got a great nights sleep in that I did not wake up once. But the smell…terrible… smells like a Katrina Fema Trailor. If this smell does not go away by tonight I will not sleep on them again and will be sending them back

  9. Eileen Cuevas Says:

    I ordered the pillow but have not been able to try it because my pillow cases don’t fit. They’re too small! It squishes the pillow. What can I do??

  10. holly Says:

    I bought 2 of these pillows, paid almost $100 incl shipping. Yes, spot clean. Yes, large for a pillowcover.At first, I like it, found it comfortable, weird smell went away after letting it sit out for a few hours. HOWEVER, my issue is that after about a month it became flat and mushy and just a shell of it’s former self! PIECE OF JUNK! TOTAL FALSE ADVERTISING, Joy, I started to do a little research online and see that this is not the only product from her Ingenious Designs, LLC that is problematic. What seems worse is that the company essentially ignores callers with legitimate issues. Well, I’m possibly about to become one of them as I have to contact them about this (now over 30days – – of course). There is a “limited” lifetime warranty – cant wait to hear more about that when I try to contact them! By the way, this item is not where to be found on the HSN site! Looks like they removed all evidence of it! What a coincidence…… I have no issue boycotting her and HSN forever.

  11. E. Johnson Says:

    I bought the original pillow. It was hard as a rock, Sent it back. I see they are back on today but they don’t look as solid but not taking the chance and ordering again.

  12. Barbara Says:

    Wow thanks for all above comments. Am watching Joy on HSN right now. I need new pillows, and almost caved in and bought hers. You saved me from a big mistake!! Thank you. 🙂

  13. sue wright Says:

    I bought a set and hate them They weigh ton. You cant move
    them at night without getting out of bed and hoisting them. She said NOT to use cases, yet t he tag says to use them.. Well tbis ismy seond mangano rip off. The glasses do not w ork for me. Nada mas!

  14. janette Burkett Says:

    The universal jumbo pillows with TempTexx are terrible. They go flat after awhile. I’m so disappointed.

  15. Elizabeth Elias Says:

    My neice spilled milk in my pillow, how do you suggest i wash these? can i do it in the bath tup or use a carpet cleaner?

  16. Paulette schiowitz Says:

    Mine is out of shape, can’t straighten it out and it sucks that you can’t wash it

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