Is Lori Greiner Really The Queen Of QVC?

Parade magazine Sunday did a cover story on the judges of “Shark Tank,” including Lori Greiner, QVC’s answer to HSN’s Huggable Hanger inventor Joy Mangano.

The story has a bio of 44-year-old Greiner, who it says is “known as the queen of QVC.” Well, we never heard her called the queen of QVC, but whatever.

The bio says Greiner, whose hair gets blonder and extensions longer every time we see her, “turned one idea — a plastic jewelry organizer for earrings — into a multibillion-dollar brand, creating over 400 products,” according to Parade.

Her most successful product is her “Scrub Daddy,” which we never heard of, that hit more than $15 million in sales in one year, Parade reported.

Greiner confesses that her biggest splurge is “jewelry and Cartier watches.”


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16 Responses to “Is Lori Greiner Really The Queen Of QVC?”

  1. sunshinemls Says:

    those scrub daddies are EXCELLENT….saw them on shark tank and she partnered with the guy and brought them to qvc. they are usually on several times a week it seems. i know the hosts rave about them. you need to get these because they do do a great job. they are the smiley face sponges. in warm water they are soft, in cold water they are hard.

  2. AprilD Says:

    Do you remember that Joy Mangano was originally on QVC then moved to HSN in the 90’s. Same with Perlier.

  3. Helene Says:

    Scrub Daddy was a find on Shark Tank. She didn’t invent it.

  4. Kim Says:

    Scrub Daddy is an AWESOME product! You NEED to hear about it–LOL!

  5. carolyn simpson Says:

    most of greiners stuff is cheap junk.

  6. Abigail Says:

    I guess the thing that jumps out me the most is that she’s only 44 years of age????

  7. Linda Says:

    I hear ya Abigail, only 44 and in need of a serious makeover!!

  8. Eileen Benson Says:

    The scrub daddies were on shark tank she owns part og that company. I remember when Joy was on the Q. I bought the bakery boxes still have them. Her hangers break

  9. sunshinemls Says:

    havent had any problems with joys hangers. i have bought well over 1000 of them! LOL i am a hanger addict. everyone has their own color to use and they are color coordinated with the bedrooms. would not buy any other brand.

    order the scrub daddies!

  10. sunny Says:

    The only thing she has invented, is a way to con those on Shark Tank to go with her to QVC.

  11. Michael Tomek Says:

    Joy nows makes jumbo hangers for heavy coats. I’ve never had one break and I put my heavy leather jackets on them. I am also male, so my coats are heavier. Grenier simply puts her name on things that she didn’t have anything to do with in their creation. Her stuff is usually cheap junk.

  12. Daryl Says:

    I was glad to see the original creator of Scrubdaddies on QVC a few days ago. That is one great product!

  13. Mark Says:

    Love the scrubdaddies! Ive read in several places Joy’s hangers were much better quality when they first came out compared to today. Something to do with making them cheaper to keep the cost down and the growing volume. Many reviews state the reorders are not always true to the same colors previously received. Even most recently the metal in the hooks are not looking the same.

  14. Mark Says:

    As far as Lori being the queen of QVC, don’t tell that to Susan Graver. I think Susan thinks she is.

  15. Charles Parks Says:

    Dear Lori,
    That is wonderful technological innovation in those scrub sponges. I as an engineer have over the past 5 yrs have developed through hard work, aindustry changing technolog. This technology is fortvs and more radical that anything else
    My name is CharlesParks and all my products are patent pending.Hope the world equatrs the importance of my products as dynamic as yours.

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