Jewelry Television Cans Host Avi Vieira, ShopHQ Alum

A kind tipster let us know Tuesday that Avi Vieira’s brief stint as a host at Jewelry Television has abruptly ended. We saw her make one big boo-boo that no doubt didn’t do anything to lengthen her tenure in Knoxville.

Vieira, who joined JTV after serving as a watch spokesman on ShopHQ, came clean on her own Facebook page.

Avi Vieira, left, misspoke when explaining  JTV's Stretch Pay while on-air with JTV host Sharon Scott

Avi Vieira, left, misspoke when explaining JTV’s Stretch Pay option while on-air with fellow host Sharon Scott

“I was sadly let go… I will miss my JTV home,” she posted last week.

Our friend had a theory about why Vieira was given a pink slip.

“I’m guessing she didn’t have enough of a Southern accent for that channel,” he said.

However, we saw Vieira mess up one night, when she was co-hosting with Sharon Scott.

Vieira was explaining how JTV’s “Stretch Pay” — its version of QVC’s Easy Pay and HSN’s Flex Pay — works. She told shoppers that they had to qualify to use Stretch Pay. Our ears perked up, because we knew that was just not correct, and Scott looked shocked, like she was going to have a cow.

Scott quickly corrected Vieira, explaining to viewers that shoppers only had to qualify to get a JTV charge card, not to use Stretch Pay.

That little episode we’re quite sure, didn’t help Vieira.

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40 Responses to “Jewelry Television Cans Host Avi Vieira, ShopHQ Alum”

  1. MaryAnn S. Says:

    Very sorry to see Avi Vieira is no longer on JTV. Truly thought she was a much needed addition to this network!! She was pleasant, knowledgeable and gorgeous! And probably has the most beautiful head of hair of any show host @ any shopping network!! Especially compared with some of the messes we are subjected to!!! Big loss IMO!!!

  2. Avi Says:

    Hosts make mistakes… We are only human after all. This was NOT the reason I was let go. As for my comment– I wasn’t entirely wrong. I was basing my statement on what I was told by a call center representative. I sat and listened to calls to better understand the customer’s ordering process. I was told that when Stretch Pay is used, the entire amount of the purchase must be approved even though only one of the Stretch Pay payments will be charged. The example I was given was: A person who only has $50 of open credit on their credit card will not be eligible for stretch pay for an item that costs $99– even if the stretch payment is only $33. The question I was answering on the air was “Can anyone use Stretch Pay or do you have to be approved?” Knowing this information, I could not in good conscience answer any other way.

  3. Linda Says:

    Oh good lord Avi so sorry to see you go, I enjoyed your show very much. I think JTV will look long and hard to replace someone like you. I miss seeing you and wish you well . Let know of your plans also.

  4. Andrea Says:

    I got into watching JTV because of Avi. She was a breath of fresh air in a sea of forced Southern accents, bad hair, even worse acrylics and truth stretching hosts. I lost interest when she left the first time and I doubt I’ll tune in again now. I’m sure there’s something better out there for her but I’ll miss her shows (even though they were on super early or late depending on how you roll).

    Good luck, Avi. You deserve every great thing that comes your way.

    • Deena Moulin Says:

      I feel the same about Avi!! She WAS the best!!! They need to let go most of the Host on JTV! Their loss!! Better things will come your way, Avi!! Love You!!! Much Peace, Love, Light & Healing to you!! 🙂 ❤

  5. Linda Says:

    SO why were you let go? Not inbred enough?

  6. Steven C. Says:

    Yea it was a big mistake, but everyone makes mistakes. The “couldn’t in good conscience” answer bothers me. Anyone that knows her personally knows Avi is a habitual liar and has no conscience. She has used and hurt a lot of people. She’s just mad she got desrvingly canned.

    • MaryAnn S. Says:

      Wow! That Steven guy sounds like a jilted boyfriend or a stalker!! Avi ought to sue him for libel!!!

      • Brooke Says:

        I’ll bet “Steven C.” is actually Avi’s ex-fiance whose first name starts with a “D”. I’ve seen his Facebook page from time to time and he never misses an opportunity to call her a cheater, sociopath, a user and a liar. I obviously have no idea what happened between them but if you’re over the age of 25 and posting snide remarks about your ex online under fake names, you need to find a constructive hobby or seek professional help. I don’t care if she kicked your dog, be an adult and stop Goggling your ex. Or at least keep it private and gloat over their misfortune like a normal person!

        Avi’s personal life has nada to do with her work and even if she were a dishonest person in “real” life, that doesn’t mean she deserves to be fired. If that were the case, next to no one would have a job because we’ve all done some less than desirable things.

  7. judy Carlos Says:

    It is such a shame that these idiots would let a class act like Avi go and choose to keep the airheads like Kim, Wendy and Jennifer!!!!!! How stupid.

    • Mommie Says:

      I agree!!!! Jennifer has a Snot problem.. Meaning that she is always sniffling up her snot and then swallows it.. So gross!!!

      • MaryAnn S Says:

        OMG!!! Snot problem!!! Hahahaha!! That is so funny! But you are absolutely right!!! How is it that viewers are the only ones that are disturbed by things like this? Don’t these networks monitor hosts?

  8. Jackie Says:

    Avie was the best and the only reason i watched JTV. She did not deserve to be FIRED. i agree, everyone makes mistakes. I’m sure the very people that fired her have made mistakes too. JTV lost my business. i watched ALL of Avi’s shows. She was the ONLY HOST THAT WASN’T FAKE.

  9. Mommie Says:

    She was the Best!!!!!! Geez can that Jeff guy just for wearing the women’s jewelry on his pinky.. He gags us every time and then we change the channel. Avi had a personality!!!!!

  10. Angela A. Says:

    I don’t think Avi made a mistake technically. Your credit card DOES have to qualify to use Stretch Pay. I placed an order for a pair of earrings using a prepaid debit card and my order was cancelled. They never specified that you can’t use a prepaid debit card for Stretch Pay which is absolutely STUPID because it’s guaranteed funds. I was kind of upset over that. So sorry that they let Avi go; getting fired is not a good feeling.

  11. Jean simonsen Says:

    Really sorry to see Avi off the show. I loved to watch her. Maybe she was just a little too intelligent for these guys? So smart and sweet at the same time. I agree about Jen”s snot problem, and her hair is a hot mess. She also gets TOO excited in her presentations some times. I like Michele, intelligent, and Heidi soft sell.

  12. loretta Says:

    I really liked Avi’s “no southern drawl, non-nasal, well-modulated, not screaming at the top of her lungs” voice. I actually LISTENED to her. I cannot stand listening to southern belle Sharon, Jennifer (who seems to YELL ALL THE TIME! Maybe that’s why she’s always hoarse!) and that extremely nasal sounding Wendy, whose voice is akin to finger nails screeching across a chalk-board! How Wendy secured a job as an announcer or host mystifies me. Yes, Avi goofed big time but who hasn’t? I think Avi was fired because her on-air presence and manner made the other JTV hosts have to up their game. With Avi gone, maybe the JTV viewers are unaware of what bumpkins the show hosts are.

    • Vicki Says:

      I believe Wendy is a relative of the owner or some such, I refuse to watch her also, as she talks like she has mush in her mouth and I can’t understand a word she says. I liked Avi, she was professional, had a great modulated voice, sounded EDUCATED and didn’t sit there and constantly mess with her hair like one of the blondes does! The screamers like Cheryl, Michelle and Misty, just make me switch them off fast! I have not purchased anything from JTV in a good 6 years or more, found I was returning most of my purchases as ‘not as advertised’.

      • Deena Moulin Says:

        Agreed!! Avi was the best!!! She made all the others look as bad as they REALLY are!! That Misty is one big Hot mess! Most of them are!!!! Erin is one class act now. How long will she last?? 🙂

  13. Charlene Says:

    I agree with Loretta and miss Avi very much! I wish her all the best!

  14. Jerel Says:

    I miss Avi terribly. I tuned in one night and to my delight she was back on JTV. Then sadly she was gone again. Her voice and ability to articulate so well was majical. And she’s from Brazil! I don’t know what’s going on with JTV, but it’s not good.

  15. Charlotte. Allen Says:

    Where is Vicki? I miss her what are her days and times. If she isn’t on any more I want watch or buy.

  16. Carol Miller Says:

    Makes you wonder what criteria JTV has for “most” show hosts! I KNOW how Heidi and Wendy got there; Heidi’s husband (Bill) was one of the founders of JTV; Wendy is her sister! ALL of these women need a hairstylist!!! AWFUL HAIR! And Libby! OMG ‘Lost In the 60’s”!! Poor Mandy…all her ‘drama’ and phony excitement is wasted on an audience who turn TV off when she appears! Someone PLEASE tell Sharon that she is no longer in her 20’s!!
    Guess JTV has no “class” in human resources; GK there is none in what they put on the screen…..

    • cinder Says:

      “Someone PLEASE tell Sharon that she is no longer in her 20′s!!”

      LMAO! That chick kills me with the constant hair fondling.

      • Deena Moulin Says:

        Tommy & Mark are also brothers. Can anyone say, “Nepotism?” They don’t hire the people who deserve to work there because they are classy & professional & they get rid of the good ones like, Avi!! Enough said. The entire JTV Network Sucks!!

  17. Deena Moulin Says:

    Compared to QVC & HSN, JTV SUCKS sooooo bad!!!!! And they’ve been on for 20 years??? Sad!!!! 😦

  18. Dennis Says:

    Dear Avi, your absolutely gorgeous!! I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. Your perfection with a million dollar smile 😉 I hope you find what makes you happy and wish nothing but the best for you. Will you marry me?

  19. amerigunowner Says:

    I didn’t even know she was back at JTV. I don’t watch it much since they have a lot of junk now and not much gold. I actually wrote her when she was at JTV before and told her she was the ultimate hand model for jewelry. Perfect hands. Now to comment on Mommie and Mary Ann on the snot thing. There is a couple on there, let’s call them Dusk and Brandi. After breaks, if you notice Dusk is always rubbing her nose and sniffing constantly and Brandi talks 90 mph. Cocaine makes you do both. I’m not saying they are but the signs are there,IMHO. JTV has a lot of problem children including the one that went to AVC and then came back. She thinks she is a singer. NOT!!! I thought Avi was married anyway. Wonder if she likes the beach?

  20. Virginia Ybanez Says:

    Wow! What a bunch of catty, judgmental people. No one is perfect. Geez!!

  21. Lovie Says:

    Linda probably already covered this, but Avi has resurfaced on Evine Live as a watch vendor for a brand called Watchstar. She’s on right now (6/30 @ 6:55pm CST). To me, she seems a little dry and stiff. I hope she’s enjoying it, but she doesn’t really seem to. Her LinkedIn page says that she went to work for the Knoxville Opera after leaving JTV.

    • Avi Vieira Says:

      Oh no! I hate that I seemed stiff. Sadly, I literally was, being that I pinched a nerve in my back and can barely move my neck. I guess skydiving for my birthday wasn’t the best idea after all… I’m not as resilient as I once was. Haha!! I do indeed work for Knoxville Opera. I’m the Develpment Manager there. I feel so blessed to be able to work for a non-profit and support the arts! Thanks for watching the show! 🙂

      • Lovie Says:

        I’m sorry to hear about your back. Yeah, that kind of thing is hard to ignore. I was concerned that you weren’t really “into it”. I’m glad I was wrong. Congratulations on your new gig. Onward and upward.

  22. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thanks Lovie, I didn’t know this. I’ll have to blog it

  23. Ex-JTV Host Avi Vieira Resurfaces As Watch Rep On Evine Live | Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss Says:

    […]… […]

  24. dayle ann Says:

    Sharon needs to stop the glamor move with her hair. It is so old glamor look queen.

  25. Anom Says:

    Avi wasn’t a spokesperson prior to being a host on JTV. She worked in the call center. Trust me, I worked with her before she was a host.

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