HSN Host Colleen Lopez’s Son’s Wedding Album

HSN host Colleen Lopez was kind enough to share photos of her son Carlos’s wedding last weekend in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Colleen also posted a number of comments on the festivities.

The groom  Carlos and bride Christie

The groom Carlos and bride Christie

“Greetings from the island!” she wrote in one post. “We’re having the most amazing time! The wedding was gorgeous and it was the greatest night if our lives>”

Wow, that must have been some shindig!

New mother-in-law and the bride

New mother-in-law and the bride

Here is Colleen’s photo album of the wedding from Facebook.


We are also sharing some of the photos here.

Congrats Colleen. She, her son and her new daughter-in-law looked stunning.


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9 Responses to “HSN Host Colleen Lopez’s Son’s Wedding Album”

  1. Queen Celeste Says:

    I can’t imagine a warmer, more fun loving mother-in-law. And imagine all that fabulous jewelry for birthdays and Christmas! Congrats to all.

  2. Carlene Says:

    I was going to comment- about 2 years earlier, lol…but decided to give Colleen another chance. She has become a moronic diva, and it keeps getting worse. She’s as phoney as a $4 bill.
    The wedding looked lovely, but Colleen’s gown was too over the top. Moms of bride and groom should look stylish and dressy- not like they’re trying to overshadow the bride. Colleen’s dress is way too sparkly. And long and dramatic. More suited to the opera or an opulent gathering. Yes, the wedding looked to be on the opulent side…but she was mom, not the bride. Color was ok; maybe in a satin, no sparkles (that’s what jewelry is for), full bodice not bare shoulder, scoop neck and sleeveless would’ve been fine. And no sweeping hem. Cocktail or ankle length. Its ok for moms et al to shine….just not over the bride! I’ve always had the feeling she tries to one up her DIL in the fashion/beauty department. It reeks of desperation and low class mentality.
    Her DIL should’ve said firmly, “it’s a beautiful gown Colleen. But please wear something more appropriate for mom of groom to the wedding. ” Colleen bulldozes over people and her DIL either may not have cared, or didn’t want to say anything. She should have. But all in all, it was.a lovely wedding.
    I wonder if anyone else agrees….I was at a wedding last month and mom of bride was dressed a bit overkill. At least half the guests talked about it at the reception. And her dress was waaay more toned down than Colleen’s. I believe the bride, and groom, should shine and stand out on their wedding day; not the moms and guests.

    • Angela Says:

      I agree. I like Colleen’s dress but for her son’s wedding, it’s too much.
      My friend got married in May, and I was one of her bridesmaids. It was a semi-formal wedding. The bride’s mom tried to out dress her daughter. The groom’s mom looked great. But my friend’s mom, who looks young thanks to plastic surgery etc, is always trying to keep up with her daughter. She dresses a little too youthful at times and at the wedding you could tell she was trying to take the attention away from her daughter. People whispered about it at the reception. It was just short of an exhibition.
      The groom’s mom, who is also attractive and young looking, dressed perfectly. Both dads looked nice, too. No one let it spoil the wedding but it was certainly the elephant in the room!
      I’m not a Colleen fan, what little I watch of home shopping. She is over the top all the time. I watched the list last week because I like Tom’s. Colleen was.dressed in jeans and a tie waist blouse. She looked big and boxy. She needs to give up the super tight jeans. And cold shoulder tops.

      • Tina Says:

        Amen to the cold shoulder tops!!!! Enough already!!! Recent jewelry promo photos on her Facebook….nice colors on her, but those damn bare shoulder rags! Make her look hefty and boxy. And I agree about the tight jeans. She is very phony and posts mushy thank yous on her page to declare how humble she is. Bullpucky!
        As for her son’s wedding, I too agree that she went way overboard in her choice of dress. The style was too much for a wedding….as anything other than the bride. And the color was just ugly. She wears sparkly things too much where they’re in poor taste. Colleen isn’t a very educated or sophisticated person. She is very rough around the edges. And she is egotistical and bitchy. I have closed my HSN account. I won’t watch or buy anymore because they have that bitc* on all the time.

      • sk Says:

        Omg i thought I was the only one not a fan and that dress like thongs was wrong.. she is so FAKE

  3. sk Says:

    Omg you ladies are so righ i thought I was the only that know she is so FAKE I am not a FAN and that dress she’s hiding her box shape behind her DIL.

  4. Lainey Gee Says:

    Colleen is drop-dead, stunningly beautiful. I loved what she wore to the wedding. The color is shimmery, but still an earth-tone. She’s a classic beauty. I’m glad she felt comfortable enough to make her own statement.

  5. Carolyn Morrone Says:

    When I first saw the dress,I was taken aback. Thought it was too slinky, more for an awards ceremony but she carried it off well. Not appropriate for mother of the groom. Many other choices she could have made. Makes me wonder why she would choose this style..

  6. Carolyn Morrone Says:

    I still think positive thoughts of her as a professional host on HSN

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