QVC And HSN Are Hiring: New Hosts On Tap

It looks like the two top home shopping networks have gone on a hiring spree, bringing new hosts on board.

One of our observant Facebook friends tipped us of that QVC had put Alberti Popaj, a former spokesman for Alterna Haircare, on its payroll.

Stacey Weaver and Albert Popaj

Stacey Weaver and Albert Popaj

We haven’t seen him on-air yet, but he sure looks like a jovial sort. Our Facebook friend also said that Stacey Weaver is on tap on a new QVC host.

Popaj posted a shot of him and Weaver, as well as him and Lisa Robertson working out together, on Facebook.

Alberti Popaj and Lisa Robertson

Alberti Popaj and Lisa Robertson

Neither Popaj or Weaver are listed as hosts on yet.

Karen Pavlik and Bill Green

Karen Pavlik and Bill Green

And over at HSN, it looks like Karen Pavlik is a new host. Or that’s what we take from a photo of her that hoist Bill Green posted on Facebook. Don’t know anything about her yet.


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6 Responses to “QVC And HSN Are Hiring: New Hosts On Tap”

  1. Wayne Says:

    I wouldn’t mind being a QVC host if I had the chance for at least one day for two hours but 364 days a year, no way. Lisa is a very sexy, very beautiful lady with great legs & sexy feet along with being the best host on any shopping channel or TV show. Stacey Weaver looks good & she could be a great host if she follows LR as well as Jacque.

  2. Shirley King Says:

    Don’t u get tired of L.r. Looking at herself in the monitor, Davidds getting as bad.

    • Wayne Says:

      I don’t get tired of looking at Lisa R., Jacque, Courtney, Shawn or Amy at all on QVC. I will say they’re arrogant to their viewers sometimes especially just fans of the network. The QVC staff accusing me of stalking when all I was doing was watching Shawn K., Courtney C., Jacque G. on TV is pathetic to say the least.

  3. Queen Celeste Says:

    I wonder why HSN’s other two new female hosts didn’t work out. I liked them both, what little I saw of them. They were wonderfully soft spoken and low key, and that, alas, may have been the reason.

  4. Charlene Says:

    I wish that instead of hiring new hosts, that they would use the current ones that they have properly. There is no need of having 2-3 hosts on almost every show, wasting a host as a social media host, only being on air one hour at a time, only being on air 2-3 days a week for only 2-5 hours. The hosts used to be on air 4-5 days a week and 12-15 hours a week.

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