Earth To JTV’s Charles Winston: You’re Annoying, Not Funny

We used to watch bling king Charles Winston on other home shopping networks, namely HSN and ShopHQ, if memory serves us correctly.

Why has he become so damn annoying on Jewelry Television, here he hawks his Moissanite jewelry line?

His not-funny attempts at humor are cringe-worthy, so much so that we feel sorry for JTV’s hosts. They seem ready to kill him at times. We don’t blame them.


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13 Responses to “Earth To JTV’s Charles Winston: You’re Annoying, Not Funny”

  1. Queen Celeste Says:

    I own many gorgeous pieces from his ValueVision/ShopNBC days and miss seeing that jewelry. But yes, he is little hard to take, shall we say, sometimes. And I still wonder why it didn’t work out with HSN a few years ago.

  2. Gwen Says:

    We agree! My friends and I would watch a moissonite show if presented by (in no particular order) Sharon, Nikki, Michele, Cheryl, Robert, Jeff, Tommy, Scott, Casey, or Jennifer.

  3. Elsa L. Says:

    You know that awful, embarrassed feeling you get for people acting a fool? I just can’t watch him.

  4. dee Says:

    Did any one notice the new show host on JTV wensday night. Seemed drunk her name is Rebecca or am I the only one???

    • eric Says:

      She seems drunk every night. I’m watching her right now. She looks disheveled and she is slurring her words left and right. The only adjectives she uses are bold, elegant, beautiful. Just awful!

  5. Randy Maged Says:

    OH…….MY……GOODNESS. This woman isn’t drunk…she’s stoned. How can they keep her, and fire Avi Viera!

  6. J Says:

    Watching Rebecca is actually painful!!!

  7. Says:

    Repeats herself so much.

  8. Chauncy Jones Says:

    I am amazed that Charles Winton provides such huge Bella Luce pieces for crazy prices. He doesn’t even try to have the pieces believable to be worn by regular people. His moissanite pieces are not fire either. He doesn’t interact well with the JTV hostesses and can be a distraction. Read all about the restrictions on what he can sell under the “Winston” name…CZs

  9. Kaleu Says:

    He’s not funny, annouimh, and awkward with the hosts. I don’t watch any home shopping type channel on my own free will, but only because my client I care for does all day. However, if he’s on I do everything in my power to change the channel. He’s so socially awkward. Cringeworthy.

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