JTV Host Dawn Tesh Has Breast Cancer, And We Have A Second Mammo

We were surprised, and saddened, to learn Monday that Jewelry Television host Dawn Tesh has breast cancer. The news really resonated with us, because we recently had a mammogram and were notified a few days later that we have to go back for additional tests. Our follow-up appointment is Friday.

“Your recent breast imaging exam showed a finding that requires additional imaging studies, such as additional mammographic views or ultrasound, for a complete evaluation,” the letter from our radiology center said. “Most such findings are benign (not cancer).”

That’s the kind of letter you don’t want to get, no matter what “most such findings” usually are.

JTV host Dawn Tesh

JTV host Dawn Tesh

Fearing what might be discovered in our case, but hoping for the best, we are so sorry to hear about Tesh. The pretty blonde posted her news on Facebook yesterday.

Hello my JTV family. I want to share with you some news. A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am blessed to have the best doctors and the best support group.

I am ready to win this fight! I will be gone for a little while but I will be working off and on when I can. I am a believer in the power of prayer. Please keep me and my family in your prayers. I am humbled by so many amazing people in my life. I am so thankful for everything everyone has already done for me.

I will keep you posted from time to time during this difficult journey. Please know I will miss you all. I love you all and….see you soon. xoxoxox

Tesh’s Facebook page was deluged with posts offering her prayers and support.

If you aren’t familiar with her, here is Tesh’s bio from JTV.com.

Chicago native Dawn Tesh is no stranger to the camera. A Jewelry Television® host for more than a decade, she put herself through college modeling across the U.S. and Europe. She worked for various modeling agencies and lived in Italy for two years.

She earned her undergraduate degree in accounting, but it was her love for fashion and jewelry that made her transition to Jewelry Television a natural one. When Dawn started at JTV, there were only 40 employees, compared to the more than 1,200 we have now. She says the tremendous growth, friendships, and knowledge she’s gained here over time is invaluable.

Like any human being on this earth, it seems, we are familiar with cancer — including breast cancer. We have family and friends who have fought and survived cancer, including breast cancer. We have friends and family who are fighting cancer, including breast cancer. And we have friends and family who have died of cancer, including breast cancer. They live on in our hearts.

So Dawn, you have our prayers. We know you will win your battle. But can you say a few prayers for us this Friday?


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17 Responses to “JTV Host Dawn Tesh Has Breast Cancer, And We Have A Second Mammo”

  1. Peggy Says:

    I wrote on Dawn’s Facebook page after her announcement yesterday, wishing her well. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers too, Linda. The odds really are on your side, so think positively.

  2. Trina Dade Says:

    Linda! Oh my! You are definitely in my prayers. And so is Dawn! You both add so much fun and light to my life. I love watching the shopping networks, because they are always, positive, light-hearted, and full of smiles. Even if I do not need anything, I can count on a beautiful person with all sorts of enthusiasm before me with the click of a couple of buttons on a remote. I just cannot do all those cop shows with gory scenes, and the news stations going on and on about some actor or politician who misspoke. This is news?

    Dawn exudes knowledge and love when she is on. I hope she is back fast. And I check for your very smart posts a couple of times a day. Your fun posts add to the enjoyment of watching the shopping channels immensely. I love to hear your opinions and you write so well. I belong to a prayer chain. You and Dawn will be on it come the new day!!!! God bless you. Hugs, Trina

  3. pussmom212 Says:

    Thinking good thoughts for you Linda.Although a clich positive thoughts are proven to help.I’m confident that your many readers will hold you in our hearts for good news on Friday.Really appreciate you.

  4. Roxanna Says:

    I have been through what you are going through several times! I’ve had to have biopsies a few times — they were always benign. The good news is that this is what early detection is all about. But it is frightening. Prayers for you, Linda. I enjoy your blog.

  5. Helene Says:

    Linda: I received a similar letter years back. It turned out to be nothing, but they had to make certain. Stay positive!

  6. AprilD Says:

    I had the call a few months ago. Turned out to be nothing, like most are but had to do an ultrasound also. The stress is very high. I hope everything turns out well for you. I will also be thinking of you.

  7. carolyn simpson Says:

    positive energy, prayers and all good things enveloping you in a hug. please please keep us posted

  8. Becky Says:

    Prayers for you Linda!

  9. Lisa Says:

    Prayers to both you and Dawn. The first thing I do when I get home is have a quick look at all the shopping channels- who needs the news? Dawn is very enjoyable to watch so I will definitely keep her- as well as you- in my thoughts.

  10. Queen Celeste Says:

    Good thoughts and prayers for Dawn, and for you to have the best possible results. I’ll be thinking of you on Friday.

  11. Susan Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Dawn.

  12. elizabethwheeler Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the breast cancer dawn,but girl I know you are a fighter,your’e not gonna let that get in your way,you’ve got the worst behind you.so you go girl.you have along and beautiful life ahead of you.i’m wearing all pink today in honor of you and all the other women in this world that’s fighting everyday.so stay strong and like you always have.love you bunches.you are in my prayers.

  13. Joan hoffman Says:

    God bless you and your family at this trying time.I will hold you in my prayers ..& for your son …

  14. Dottie Tucker Says:

    Praise God 2nd mammogram ok. I watch JTV every chance I get. For some reason I can’t get jtv hosts on my fb??? Guess I’m to old…great grandma age..Lol, rough not being cell savvy.

  15. Mel Solano jr Says:

    Hi dawn get well i we’ll pray for you Mel Solano

  16. dora Says:

    GOD knows right where you are and he cares about you he said if you have faith even as a grain of mustard seed that he could remove mountains for you you are my favorite host on jtv

  17. cookie sewell Says:

    My prayers are with you Dawn. I too was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago. I am still cancer free and I know you will win the fight. God Bless.

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