Our UK Sisters Are Pissed Off At QVC Return Crackdown, Too

Here’s a kick in the ass: QVC shoppers in the United Kingdom are as pissed off at the home shopping network’s crackdown on returns as we are!

On our recent continuing series of blogs about QVC’s attempt to reduce returns, we noticed that one of our readers from England posted a comment expressing the same aggravations that we U.S. shoppers have.


In other words, even across the pond there are complaints that quality on QVC UK items such as apparel have gone downhill; and why is the network blaming its loyal customers for returning items that aren’t up to snuff?

FYI, for those who have not kept up on this, QVC and HSN sends out letters (we have received them) threatening to ban customers who return too many items. And in some cases, the networks do bar these shoppers from buying.

QVC UK shoppers are with us on stinky return crackdown

QVC UK shoppers are with us on stinky return crackdown

Here is part of what “SJ” posted on our blog:

I live in the UK and our Q is somewhat different, it is still far from perfect, but I know only a small number of people who have received “the letter” I order a lot from there and return maybe 20% of it, if I return it, its because it either doesn’t fit or is of poor quality!

I’ve not received a letter yet, but surely will soon.

But the quality of what Q sells here is also going downhill. They are discontinuing brands that I love, and what I’ve found that bothers me most is that things have a very quick turnaround, I love a particular jewellery brand on Q UK and love to treat myself, but if I order it today at full price in about 5 weeks time it will be in the clearance at a greatly reduced cost!

The only 2 things I think QVC needs to remember is firstly that they have been going around for 20 years in the UK and even more in the USA and are still number 1, even with people returning items, so clearly they are making money… they need to just stop being greedy, and take us back to the high quality products we will buy and not return and secondly what their name stands for… Quality, Value and Convenience.

Today we noticed that our blog was getting hits from a online forum called ShopTelly.com. When we checked it out, it turned out to be a forum for QVC UK shoppers. Someone had posted our most recent QVC-return blog on it. And those English ladies are as riled up as we are, God bless them!


Here are some of the comments the British gals had on our blog, and they are “spot on”:

“Thanks for the link, I know QVC probably dismiss our views as those of a zealous minority of ST viewers but it’s reassuring that others are drawing the same conclusions! Quality? Where? Value? Nope! Convenience? Theirs! This comment could have been written by me, it’s spot on with its observations”

“Love this article…qvc do think that everyone who buys from them are simpletons with nothing else to do well that article proves otherwise.”

“Makes for very interesting reading … Looks like Q are not doing themselves any favours!!”

“What frustrates me is that all returns are classed as ‘returns,’ yet the reason’s are very different. 3 of my returned items last year were faulty! Yet they’re just classified as a return. If QVC upped their product standards then they might have half a chance in cutting down the damn returns..”

“Then they also need to stop mentioning the 30day MBG (money back guarantee) at 5 minute intervals, and insisting that customers can take home clothes, shoes and even underwear etc, wear them for 30 days and send them back or use duvets, sheets/bedding for 30 days and then send them back. The presenters are the ones encouraging customers to use the 30day MBG by talking about it non stop in any given hour. It’s funny how qvc want everything on their terms. They are lying to people basically.”

You go, girls! Irate QVC shoppers around the globe unite!


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7 Responses to “Our UK Sisters Are Pissed Off At QVC Return Crackdown, Too”

  1. Lylia Johnson Says:

    Hi to all shopping telly fans over the pond – just to say that the UK is made up of English,Irish,Welsh and Scottish people – we are very proud people and i’m sure you will understand me highlighting the point x Sadly I am in agreement with the fact that QVCUK has gone down hill of late – the returns situation is comical at best but a very sad state of affairs. Take care. A UK Tellyshopper.

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    Sorry Lylia, will fix!

  3. Kathleen Weis Says:

    Good, the hosts now will stop telling us just return it if doesn’t work out and hoping they stop saying “I’d buy all colors or more than one if I were you.”

    • Abigail Says:

      LOL, indeed ‘buy all colors as I own them all already’ the shilling for products that of late seem to be missing the quality control line is a wee bit too much, along with being ‘congratulated’ on something that might have to be sent back.

  4. Queen Celeste Says:

    Hello to fellow telly (love that!) shoppers!

    As one of the posters noted, returns due to quality issues are different, and really shouldn’t be tallied with the “didn’t fit” or “changed mind” sort of returns. Many times I’ve received jewelry items broken in the box, stones missing, clasps broken, etc. But I guess they’re all simply returns to the computer.

  5. SJ Says:

    Hi, I’m glad you liked my post. I’m actually welsh, but I don’t take offence, that you put english, as you didn’t know… but thanks for offering to fix it.

    I just hope the peeps at Q read this, and make some changes very soon!! Oh maybe I could be a new buyer for them haha…

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