A Final Goodbye To Barry Ort, QVC’s Kenneth Jay Lane Rep

Barry Ort

Barry Ort

We founded this obit posted on the Facebook page of Barry Ort, the rep for the Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry line on QVC.

Show hosts Lisa Robertson and Mary Beth Roe both attended services for him in New York today.

Once again, RIP Barry.


Barry Ort, age 56, died suddenly in Toronto, Canada on December 24, 2013.

Barry started with jewelry manufacturer TCJC of New York in 1988 and rose to Executive Vice President of the firm.

He was responsible for bringing the first renowned jewelry designer, Kenneth Jay Lane, to QVC in 1991, long before TV selling was considered chic.

Through its enormous success, this led the way for many other designers to join the hit parade.

He always led, he never followed.

Barry’s magic was Barry himself. He was totally comfortable in his skin, he loved his job and TV sales.

He was most fun when teaching the QVC Program Hosts about new Kenneth Lane items. He would layer the necklaces, don the earrings, and chatter about trends and fashion.

A number of years ago he took over the on air duties as spokesperson for the KJL line.

His stories were funny and charming, he was entertaining and knowledgeable.

The viewers absolutely loved him. When Barry talked, everyone listened.

Barry had heart. He was most aligned with the New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center to which he dedicated many charity efforts, particularly cycling events for a cause.

Only Barry could quit smoking, get to the gym daily, and commit to a 300 mile bike ride from Boston to NY simply because he promised to do it and he believed in the important cause.

He was a man of his word.

In community, when asked, Barry was always there.

He made sure that the Breast Cancer Research fundraisers held by QVC and “Shoes on Sale” had a lovely KJL jewelry item in honor of the fight. Anyone who asked received.

He had generosity in his blood.

And he loved his friends and family. There are too many memories of Barry to recount, but his Bar Mitzvah as a grown man, his 50th birthday party, and his dancing with Donna Summer on stage at “Shoes on Sale” drew the crowd to its feet.

His marriage and adoration to forever partner David was storybook perfect.

When we think of Barry, we will remember his enthusiasm and passion for business and life, plus his simple desire to do good and make a difference.

Honorable, classy, a rare and true gem.

We should all be so lucky to have a Barry in our lives.

Rest in peace gentle soul.

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One Response to “A Final Goodbye To Barry Ort, QVC’s Kenneth Jay Lane Rep”

  1. Queen Celeste Says:

    Thanks very much for this, Miss Moss.

    What an inspiration. RIP, Barry.

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