HSN Host Diana Perkovic The Latest To Exit The Network

Another one of my favorite home shopping hosts is leaving the airwaves: HSN veteran Diana Perkovic.

We missed the news, but one of our astute readers tipped us off. It was apparently yesterday that it was disclosed on-air that Perkovic was leaving, and several other HSN hosts bid her farewell.

“Bill Green gave her a farewell today and they showed some old videos of her,” our poster said. “She said she would miss HSN.”

Diana Perkovic

Diana Perkovic

And this was posted on her Facebook page: “An important message for Diana’s HSN fans out there: All good things must come to an end, and we’re all afraid that was exactly what happened yesterday. Diana has left HSN after over 13 years with the company. We thank Diana for a great 13 years on the air at HSN and wish her the very best of luck in the forseeable future.”

Oddly enough, that message wasn’t posted by Perkovic but rather by a dude named Justin Floyd.

And this character kept re-posting that message when Perkovic’s fans expressed dismay that she was exiting.

Her bio is still on HSN.com.

“Diana, originally from Toronto, Canada, debuted on HSN in 1999,” it says. “She’s a big reader, particularly politics, business, and biographies. Diana enjoys home improvements, from tiling floors to reupholstering furniture.”

We found Perkovic to be knowledgeable and enjoyed her beauty and fashion presentations.

Good luck wherever you land, girlfriend.

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52 Responses to “HSN Host Diana Perkovic The Latest To Exit The Network”

  1. mary s Says:

    whoever JUSTIN is he left a LOT of comments on other peoples posts!

    • Christina Bristol Says:

      Missing , her she was great , lovely , reminded me of J -Lo & Celine Dion.I know her and hubby recently split , she talked about that and getting a date or finding a guy , hpoing that didn’t cause her departing from HSN. To bad she will be missed and
      wondering what happened to Michelle Serrano , New host came in late nights w/Leslieann and right around the same time as Angie and Carrie???

  2. StefF Says:

    anyone who leaves home shopping networks has my utmost respect; there has to be a shelf-life of faked enthusiasm, phoniness, stupidity; she didnt ever strike me as being a stupid one. good for her; hope she goes on to bigger and better things!

    she seemed to me as being uncompromising when it came to slinging the b.s.

    • Mandy Says:

      Hi Steff
      They have my respect, too. And I like Diana for the reasons you mentioned, as well as her professionalism. However, I saw the show she did with Antthony that was mentioned in this thread. She diminished, in my opion, a great deal after that display. Like his clothes or not, you’ve got to admit that Antthony is a sweetheart and cuts a mean cloth. And I like him.
      As for your observation about the fakeness, you are spot on. Some of the hosts SEEM to be nice, and real; down to earth in their “off” time. But since they are programmed to sell shells to the sea, I can’t help wonder if their Facebook lives are a big deviation from the truth. But of course they’re happy; they live in million dollar homes bought with the dollars squeezed from many who can’t/couldn’t afford it.
      I rarely watch anymore; and have not purchased anything in years. I bought some good deals from HSN back in 1999-2000, when that’s what they focused on. Not designers’ cheap knockoffs of their own work, or poorly constructed/bad stones jewelry. They had great costume and natural stone jewelry back then. And clothes that made sense….and lasted. I bought a rain jacket from them that I wore pretty much year round, and it was faded but still in good shape when I donated it to a clothes drive 11 years later. And it was good looking and a true fashion basic. And on clearance, it was $12!!! Of course costs have gone up since then. But you don’t get the bargains, or the dollar value that these channels used to offer. They try to go after the younger shoppers now. But those people don’t have the money to waste on the junk they peddle. They are mostly still selling to 45+ year olds, with the main customer base being 65-80 years old.
      I’m not saying take away Giuliana Rancic or Tiana B, whose clothes are both better quality than most. But give us some old days values, and common sense fashions and household items. We can go out and shop brick and mortar for our expensive things….it’s the values on little treats, like jewelry, fashions, and household items….that we miss.
      And although the hosts are doing their job, I do think the fake enthusiasm and false representation of items is bad. The jewelry you see on TV is not usually what it looks like when you get it home. They need to upgrade their quality control…and quality period. HSN, especially, has suffered in that department since Mindy Grossman took over.
      Anyway, thanks for letting me rant. My fantasy is that the higher ups on these channels will read enough posts like mine and make their channels a good place to shop again.

      • Benita Says:

        I will miss Diane….but I do respect her for leaving. I saw that weird, off kilter show with AMH; she sure was a bitch that day. Hopefully it was an off day, not an indication of who she really is.
        We must all remember, home shopping channels are just dressed-up infomercials. They sling the shi* in hopes to make us part with our $$$. If we remember that most of what they are saying is a lie, then we can limit ourselves to purchases we know are better values. But hey, who says we can’t watch those shows for entertainment.

  3. Ricar277 Says:

    She was the lisa robertson of hsn. Def one of my favs and will miss her.

  4. Roz Says:

    Hope she goes to a larger channel. She’s great fun!!

  5. Linda Says:

    That Justin dude sound like a stalker or at the very least a tard.

    • Lauryn Says:

      A complete tard! He kept repeating over and over “Diana said goodbye to HSN as much as they said goodbye to her”. What the heck does that even mean?! He posted that he didn’t know what her next step would be, so he clearly is not representing her and needn’t be commenting on posts for HER, not him! What an idiot. I will miss Diana. She didn’t oversell like some of the other hosts do.She was one of my faves…I haven’t cared for any of the newbies HSN has hired over the last 2 years, so hopefully they won’t lose anyone else.

      • Christina Bristol Says:

        Especially the Newest one just 2 weeks ago , from California , is it Lisa? Or Kate IDK…What happened to Michelle Sarrano she lasted a few months? She came around the time as Leslie-ann Angie & Carrie ?

    • I hate offensive language Says:

      What does “tard” mean? If it means “retard” then you really should consider removing it from your vocabulary…..it’s no different from using the “N” word or “C” word…thank you!

  6. Luke Says:

    I am hopping she ends up on QVC. But she’s posting a picture of NYC so I guess that’s where she will be.

  7. Trina Dade Says:

    I have always thought that Diana Perkovic was very professional and knowledgeable, until the last time she was on with Antthony, the clothing designer. He would try to talk about his creations and she would pointedly interrupt him, and you could tell there was a lot of tension. I had never seen such a display of an obvious wrestling match for power. And what for? It was very strange to watch. Antthony seemed genuinely confused by her constant attempt to do the opposite of whatever he suggested. He finally even said that he needed a new host! There definitely had to be some behind the scenes happenings that brought this tug of war to air time. And now, Diana is gone? Wish I knew “the rest of the story”.

    • Abigail Says:

      I also saw that surrel show of her ‘I’m somebody and you are just here’ with that vendor, she was really thinking that she owned HSN and wasn’t doing what the rest of them are, peddlers of goods, will not miss her or her arraognce at all, and, while they are cleaning house, I have about 5 more ‘hosts’ they could get rid of.

      • Teddi Says:

        Just found this. I totally agree, Abigail. Wasn’t Perkovic a total snit with poor Anttony? She was a snob, anyway. She came across as aloof and snobby….also boring with her monotone speeches.
        I remember when she started; her hair looked awful and she was awkward and monotonous. Even snobby back then. Made me wonder who the heck they hired at HSN. Some excellent hosts had just departed….and they hired this ugly little snob! And she got worse as time went on. If you look at her Instagram, etc, you’ll see it’s still “me, me, me…and I’m better than everyone”.
        Don’t care for HSN anymore but glad she’s gone anyway and hope she doesn’t turn up on TV again.

      • Melanie Says:

        I liked Diana as a host, but only sometimes. Antthony wasn’t the only vendor she got uppity with. She was rude at least a couple times, though more subtly, with Toni Brattin. And a few others here and there.
        She always seemed a bit stiff and inflexible with most vendors. She was really awful in the beginning. Why/how she got past that trial period is beyond me. There are a few hosts on HSN that aren’t very polished. Some newer and some veterans. I don’t enjoy watching anymore, even for fun.

    • Christina Bristol Says:

      Since her and her husband split she was acting different, Flirtatious, talking about getting dates or hooking a man with money and talking about going out clubbing on-Air , maybe she had started drinking her sorrows away and was being a little wreckless on the air, IDK , But I liked her for many years , but something was different up to the month of her leaving…Definitely will miss her!

    • Barrie Johnson Says:

      I ran across this thread last week; and although a fan, was disappointed at Diana’s behavior that day with AMH.
      I came back to comment because it occurred to me that it was mentioned that Diana’s ex is African. I’d forgotten about that. It doesn’t excuse her behavior toward AMH, but possibly, with the split being recent, and too many raw emotions, ….maybe AMH reminds her of her ex in some way. A mannerism., some physical resemblance… something. It may have triggered her behavior. That isn’t an excuse, but it would explain how someone who usually conducts themself with professionalism suddenly becomes almost combative. If not, then she needs to reevaluate her behavior and attitude. And I certainly hope she apologized profusely to AMH.

    • Jan Wintz Says:

      Diana Perkovic was a little NOTHING! A little hopeful, wanna-be nothing! TRIED to compete with TRUE-caliber experts with taste (NOT Anthony Mark Hankins!) She used to interrupt the elegant Nicky Butler!). She was a little designer / fine department stores name-dropper, that’s ALL! (If she really IS a dancer, she should stick with THAT. She’s very fortunate to have been able to afford her outter transformation through her HSN paychecks! The only one worse is the current host, Carrie Smith!)

      • Kyle Says:

        Boy, Jan, you are spot on with Perkovic. I’m glad I never saw her with Nicky Butler…he is the epitome of class and perfect manners. It makes me cringe to think of that combination. Hopefully she’ll work on her inner self instead of buying designer clothes and junk that makes her broke, not better. She needs to learn humility.

      • Jan Wintz Says:

        Hi Kyle! Re Diana Perkovic, your comment, “new clothes make her broke, not better.”
        It amazes me how misguided some people are in their value systems. I used to work with someone who had it all wrong ~ a very ignorant, limited person. It was more important to her what she wore each day than what came out when she opened her mouth. That’s the TRUE mark of refinement, or LACK of it!
        Thank you for your reply to me. I’d love to hear from you again! ☺
        Jan Wintz

        February 17, 2016

  8. Mark Says:

    I would actually like to see her go to QVC. I think it would be a great fit/addition, and they need to mix it up over there. “Shoe shopping with Diana”… I can see it all now….

    • Christina Bristol Says:

      Sounds good , they need more action in the shoe category! Although most all QVC host are terrific… HSN theres some good oldies and a few new ones I like , But A few definitely over do it , or plain just gotta go…

  9. Deb Says:

    I was a casualty of HSN’s return policy so I don’t watch HSN at all anymore. QVC is Lisa Robertson’s domain, I can’t see Diana there at all. HSN sells cheesy celeb lines but somebody like Diana who is young and energetic worked well on the stage with them. All in all I’ve been much happier with QVC, electronics, apparel, and they have “real” designers, Dennis Basso, Judith Ripka, Robert Lee Morris, Isaac Mizrahi, etc.

    • AprilD Says:

      Real designers like the Kardashians, Joan Rivers, Jennifer Hudson, Lisa Rinna, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, etc. They are all the same. I bet none of the “real” designers that either network has looks at what they are selling on the channels until hours before airtime. I rather buy clothing and accessories now from Nordstrom et al when the items are on sale. Better quality and free shipping.

    • Christina Bristol Says:

      Your Absolutely right, much better Quality also and nobody can move in on Lisa’s territory, the host she has there and models respect and work so well together! I can’t see Dianna moving in on their home…I like her and wish her well , They need better host over @ ShopHQ !!!


    Lol….real designers like Star Jones at QVC…..LMAO…. it’s pathetic. Joan isn’t a designer either…..she has a team and all she does is get on television and act as a mouthpiece. She’s a comedian. And how could she dress bad…..she wears the same outfits over and over. She’s a comedian who thinks she knows fashion. Judith Ripka stares at herself in the monitor the entire show and Lisa Robertson kisses her butt. I don’t know anybody that takes fashion advice from QVC….they are old and dated. HSN is getting the younger viewers.

  11. AprilD Says:

    Linda Dano Home Collection. They’re kidding, right?

  12. DLM Says:

    I have quit watching QVC for quite a while now. Their clothing styles are geared for retired women most of the time. Susan Graver needs to go, she has worn out her welcome, and Denim and Company is really outdated, as well as Clark Shoes they are so old looking. HSN has much more up to date styles and better values especially on electronics, QVC’s shipping charges are much higher as well.

    • Christina Bristol Says:

      And they’re flex are rarely available , I do like the Host on QVC and some of the real designers and make-up artist , love Lisa Robertson , Gabriella, Amy & Cortney , also theyre models have much more personality, but I still am hooked on HSN also I like alot of the host that have been theyre for over the last 9 years I’ve been watching , there are definitely some that need to go…Love Amy Morrison, Lynne , Connie Craig Carroll, Shavone,Adam, Helen & Robin , Kathy Wolfe’s good to, wondering what happened to Rachel Hubbler?

    • Rita Says:

      Firstly, DLM, you just insulted retired people. I agree… the fashions at qvc are schlumpy…but not many retired people wear that crap. There’s a piece hear or there I might be caught dead in. I’m in my early 60s, and I’m 5’6″ “, 120 lbs. My measurements are 39″-25″-36”. I have no plastic, no injections, and I look like I’m a well kept 45 year old. I eat right and do Pilates. I’m not a clothes snob and I don’t like dressing like a teenager. I do like a good bargain and I dress smart and flattering. I have friends around the same age who are retired or near it, and they represent all body types. They all look fashionable and great. None of them like much on qvc. So please check yourself and quit putting people in boxes. Hey, sounds like YOU will be wearing the qvc schlump when YOU retire.
      Now, as for Diana. I really liked her, and she was not pushy or gushing over anything. She was knowledgeable and professional in her presentations. I read the post by Trina Dade, and was really disappointed and surprised Diana behaved that way. I’ve always liked Antthony, and although he’s the energizer bunny personified, he’s a sweet, down to earth soul. I can’t imagine why she behaved that way toward him- he must have been really upset to say he needed a new host. I didn’t see that show but it sounds like Trina tells it like it was. Maybe Diana was frustrated by her decision to leave…no matter, theres no excusing her behavior. No vendor should have to endure being trampled under foot by the host. I’m thinking she’s a little snobbish and thinks she’s “too good” for Antthony’s designs. Any doubts, look at the beautiful gown he designed for Lynn Murphy’s wedding…and the gorgeous gowns for Bobbi Ray Carter’s daughter’s nuptials.
      Anyway, I read in a few places that Diana left over contract disputes. I don’t know how true that is, but Mindy Grossman seems to delight in showing people the door. She’s a bit**, no doubt about it. Sorry to see Diana go, but after reading Trina’s post, not as much. HSN has gone downhill tremendously since Grossman took over. Jmho. Good day folks.

  13. Jueseppi B. Says:

    Diana Perkovic AND Sean Diddy were classy talented show host. Being a male, I tuned in just to see the personalities of these 2 Ladies but now I have no reason to watch HSN, or ShopHQ, or whatever the name is this month.

  14. Jenn Says:

    Diana left over a contract dispute and she wanted more money.
    Also I have to agree the clothes sold on qvc are for old women and sooo tired and boring. We all know the hosts don’t wear that garbage in real life

    • Christina Bristol Says:

      Especially the models , they’re so pretty on QVC and they always have hot shoes on , thats why Lisa came out w/ Gili line she doesn’t want to wear alot of they’re things now she has Gili Clothing , Shoes , Jewelry & Handbags , definitely updated love her style, along w/Amy, Coutney , Albany & Sandra…My host picks!

  15. Christina Bristol Says:

    Really wondering what happened to 1of my favorite HSN host Dianne Perkovitch , 13years of beauty and fashion she was great , I thought she was from Croatia? I know her and her husband recently spli & she was always commenting on finding a new guy or getting dates ! Hoping airing that personal part of her life didn’t take part in her leaving. She reminded me of a cross in looks between J -lo & Celine Dion…Goodluck where ever she is , definitely missing her Personality.

    • Noel Says:

      No, I’m pretty sure making remarks on her personal life didn’t do it. A few years earlier, Helen keaney was talking about her divorce, etc, on air, and wasn’t let go. They say it was because of contractual disagreements; Diana wanted more money.
      I liked her until I read the post by Trina Dade upthread. Antthony has a very impressive resume…he went to, among other schools, the same one in Paris that Karl Lagerfield and Yves Saint Laurent went to. He has worked hard and yet remains humble. He is a sweet person. Diana really made herself look bad trying to give him a hard time. Glad I found this thread. Was missing her. Not anymore. That display showed everyone what she’s really like. Too bad; aside from that incident, she was a good host.

  16. jenny Says:

    Just noticed she was gone! I’m glad,never liked her harsh voice and strange demeanor.she was awkward,I thought and I would change channels even if she was hosting a product I wanted to buy.now they need to get rid of that bridge troll that sells silver jewelry,daddy must be a close buddy of barry diller of this fat,ugly woman would not be on camera.how did she land this gig? Walmart wouldn’t hire this thung to be a door greeter!

    • Noel Says:

      There are 2 plus sized silver vendors; the lady from Chaco Canyon (cant remember her name, sorry) and Melanie Barse of studio Barse. Both are nice women with loads of talent. You may be jealous.
      And update your information…Barry Dollar is long gone from HSN. And, what type of troll do YOU look like? Whatever it is, you are not designing jewelry or anything else. Now go make dinner for Jethro and the kids, Lurleen!

  17. Collette Says:

    Miss your perkiness and Wednesday style, blessings in all you do going forward

  18. Sharon Says:

    HSN Coleen, phony. QVC, Lisa, phony, crazy eye makeup, ShopHQ, Connie, too qwirky.

  19. Carol Ann Bertucci Says:

    Lisa on QVCsaid last week 2nd wk of Oct. leaving Dec. 2014. Yes she is phony, so is Jane Tracey,Shawnee Sue.Rick. Graver has to go sweet and all, how kinds of knits can she do. After a while, it all ooks the same, so with Quaker Factory,Denim and co. Also, Joy Manango sick of same thinggs , they are not inventions,either are Lori Griener on QVC. Start inventing NEW STUFF, not keep pushing same old stuff. Same with you Gilman. Fix your hair cover forehead,and wear looser, not r tighter tops your muffin top shows. If yougot a face-lift why didn’t you get liposuction too. Yeah, you have a young boyfriend, you must support, and take him all over the world with you for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!Idid not believe your book, what ya write t for people to fee sorry for yoy and buy. You must be a billonaire by now.. MY thoughts on 2 networks. And yes, ShopHQ has junk. Check the machine sewing on KKate and Mallory they do not know how to sew. h ad to send many things back!!!!!!!!! One World is good, but give us a break, make new, I even bought the same things more tan once ,you have been showin them since you started. Go to a discount store, TJMAXX, Marshals, Ross, Burlngton, and youll see it for half price, not as much selection tho. Connie Kunkle IS over the edge, specially with her dancing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wendy Russo thinks who she is, she looks too old to have such a young daughter. Melissa Miner,love ya, can you imagine being 50 lbs. thinner. You are pretty, sweet, and very knowledgable!!!!!HQ why dont you let Suzzane Somers sel her food, and appliances,and clothes but more selection of clothing and jewelry.Keep the Somersizing alive. And what happened to the BODY-ROW,It works!!!!!!!!!! It works. Still looks like she had a face-lift. Dont think her face machine really works. Look like sh put a little weight on too.

    • Elissa Says:

      It must be wonderful to be perfect like you are. You will be much happier if you throw your TV out so you won’t have to watch all the imperfection. Put a mirror in its place and all you will see is your perfect self. Then we won’t have to hear your rants about all the imperfect people on TV.

  20. Lainie Says:

    Just to add a little info…..there are all kinds of guesses as to Diana’s age. I remember when she started at HSN. We are the same age. Her host bio, like everyone’s, changed from time to time.
    Recently they’ve become much less specific, due to privacy issues. But when she started, they gave her birtdate as September, 1969. I was born in Sept. 1969; but I am a Libra and Diana is a Virgo. So she’s a couple weeks older than me. I don’t remember the exact date…the 6th or the 12th or something…but I remember that were both from September 1969. So we are both approaching our 46th birthdays.
    So any other info out there is wrong; and I just wanted to clear it up. Diane looks great, too…and I’m not looking bad,myself. Too bad she left HSN; she was good on there. Happy upcoming birthday, Diana. Hope it’s a good one!

    • Shari Says:

      I googled for her age and this came up. Lol, had a bet with my SIL about her age. She says Diana was born in 1979….I think that’s almost impossible. She would barely have been 20 when she started at HSN. I think they wanted a little more maturity than that. Also, no offense, Diana, but she looked a good bit older than 20. She was pretty, but starting to get that grown up look many women get in their 30s.
      You would not forget someone’s birthday so close to your own, and I heard Diana make a comment about a concealer or foundation she was selling before she left HSN. “As you approach your mid 40s, AS I HAVE, you’ll find this little tube is one of your best friends. It blends away imperfections… yadda yadda”. Maybe not exact words, but close. I am 47 so I can well relate!!
      Thank you, Lainie. I will have a delicious lunch at a local restaurant paid for by my SIL. I am sending her this link as soon as I sign off. And, I miss Diana on HSN. That channel continues to change, and not for the better.

  21. Rita Says:

    I know we all have our likes and dislikes for the hosts. I never cared for Perkovic. She was stolid and wooden….and yes, rude and condescending. She may be nice off air; she just seemed a poor choice for a host. All in all, I wish her well. Maybe she can find something to suit her off camera.
    With or without her, HSN has become a sorry shadow of what it used to be. They need to go back about 16 years, how they were then, and bring it back. The quality and customer service were so much better then.

  22. Justin Floyd Says:

    During the 2013 holiday season, I was the guy who wrote a post reacting to Diana’s exit from HSN shortly after her exit from the company that holiday season! I guess she still had a merry Christmas 12 days after her exit from HSN!

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