HSN Host Callie Northagen’s Son On Mend After Collapsed Lung

Sorry we’ve been so delinquent with our blogging. With the holidays, work and Christmas shopping, we’ve been running around like crazy.

This year were have turned into brick-and-mortar shoppers. With all the consumer electronics shows on QVC, HSN and ShopHQ Thanksgiving weekend, there has been little of interest to us on those networks.

We will give you a heads-up that the T.J. Maxx stores in North Jersey have had a nice assortment of John Hardy jewelry at a fraction of what you would pay in Bloomies and other high-end stores.

HSN host Callie Northagen suffered a collapsed lung

HSN host Callie Northagen’s son suffered a collapsed lung

And gorgeous pieces by another upscale jewelry designer, Scott Kay, who is actually located in New Jersey, are being sold at a sample sale at the Ramada Inn in Rochelle Park, N.J., of all places. We stopped by there and did some more damage to our credit cards.

Scott Kay silver pieces have also shown up at T.J. Maxx. They are heavy metal, a lot of crosses incorporated in the design, and kind of remind us of Loree Rodkin’s work, a little bit Goth.

But on to more important things. Our prayers go out to HSN host Callie Northagen, whose 18-year-old son Tristan suffered a collapsed lung and was hospitalized. Callie had been posting updates about his progress on Facebook.

Yesterday she posted this:

I just to want to share with everyone how deeply thankful I am for HSN. I feel total support and love from everyone! A special thanks to my colleagues, especially those working overtime to take my shows while I’m away. I feel grateful to work for such a great company. Family always comes first…..a true gift and blessing. Thank you for that, Mindy Grossman and Jen Cotter!

We hope you son gets well soon, Callie.


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6 Responses to “HSN Host Callie Northagen’s Son On Mend After Collapsed Lung”

  1. AprilD Says:

    I watch ShopHQ Thanksgiving Fashion Day. No electronics. It was great and I purchased a few things.

  2. Queen Celeste Says:

    All good wishes for a swift recovery for Callie’s son. How traumatic for her family.

    (Miss Moss, just a heads up: under the photo it states that Callie had the collapsed lung.)

  3. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thanks Celeste, will fix

  4. Queen Celeste Says:

    Thank YOU for keeping us posted on all of the home shopping news!

  5. Sandi jacoby Says:

    Why is Bill Green not on HSN any more. He was our favorite host. Why are the hosts changing? Is Bobbi staying?
    How about Caleen?

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