Our Chat With Ex-ShopHQ Vendor Croton Watch Co.

It certainly is a small world.

We cover commercial real estate in North Jersey for our day job, and today we saw a listing about a property sale in Moonachie, N.J. When we looked up the property, it turned out to have been sold by the Croton Watch Co.

Looking into more detail, we saw the president of Croton was listed as David Mermelstein, a gentleman we thought we had seen many times as a vendor on then-ShopNBC, now ShopHQ, several years ago.

We called up and left a message for Mermelstein, asking about the $1 million sale of his property. We also asked if he was the same guy we had watched on ShopHQ.

He called back immediately, and said yes, he was the vendor. Mermelstein reminded us that he was now on HSN.

The Croton building, its headquarters and warehouse, took on five feet of water during Superstorm Sandy last year, Mermelstein told us. So he decided to sell his Moonachie building and relocate.


We chatted with him a bit about the dissident shareholder group that’s calling for ShopHQ President Keith Stewart to step down. Mermelstein was aware of what was going on.

You never know those home shopping folk are going to turn up, even popping up in the Jersey Meadowlands.

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4 Responses to “Our Chat With Ex-ShopHQ Vendor Croton Watch Co.”

  1. Queen Celeste Says:

    I didn’t realize he is now on HSN. I’ve always enjoyed watching Mr. Mermelstein, and bought several watches when he was on VV/SNBC. Great quality and styles at very reasonable prices. I wish him all the best.

  2. Helene Says:

    Mr. Mermelstein does not appear on camera at HSN as he did at ShopNBC. The same man that sells the bronze jewelry also appears for Croton watches. I think Invicta took over much of the watch selling on Shop HQ.

  3. carolyn simpson Says:

    i remember him. very nice soft spoken gentleman. shop hq should be called the invicta show. they are nice watches, i own several but enough already!

  4. Lauryn Says:

    Paul Woods, who also does the Bellezza line, is the one who presents the Croton watch line on HSN

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