Producer Thom Beers: From ‘Deadliest Catch’ To ShopHQ

We’ve written several blogs about dissident shareholders, The Clinton Group, who have called for the ouster of ShopHQ chief Keith Stewart.

These stockholders want to replace many of ShopHQ’s board members, and when we read their nominees we were surprised to see the name Thomas David Beers. We know him from our days covering the cable TV industry as Thom Beers, the TV producer who created huge hit shows such as “Deadliest Catch” and “Ice Road Truckers.”

Producer Thom Beers

Producer Thom Beers

We wrote a very well-received profile of Beers for Multichannel News, interviewing him by phone. Here is that story.

And here is the bio that The Clinton Group provided on Beers, and why it thinks he is qualified to sit on ShopHQ’s board.

Name: Thomas David Beers
Age: 61
Business Address: 400 W. Alemeda, Burbank, CA 91505
Principal Occupation: See below

Since 2012, Mr. Beers has been the Chief Executive Officer of FremantleMedia N.A., Inc., the U.S. production division of global media giant FremantleMedia Ltd., where he is in charge of Fremantle’s management and business performance, as well as the development, production and operations of more than 600 hours of programming per year including “American Idol,” “America’s Got Talent,” “The X Factor,” “Let’s Make a Deal,” “Family Feud,” and “The Price is Right.”

Prior to joining FremantleMedia, Mr. Beers was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Original Productions, LLC, a non-fiction television production company that was acquired by FremantleMedia in 2009, where he was the creator and driving force behind the Primetime Emmy® winning “Deadliest Catch”, and Emmy nominee “Ice Road Truckers”, and top-rated shows “Storage Wars”, “Monster Garage” and “Black Gold”;

Mr. Beers served as Chief Executive Officer of Original Productions, LLC, from 2007 to 2012. Mr. Beers has created a unique brand of television programming featuring unheralded heroes in high risk, high reward situations. His catalogue of more than 40 series is firmly entrenched across cable powerhouses Discovery, HISTORY, A&E, Spike TV, The National Geographic Channel, and truTV.

One of Beer's big hits

One of Beer’s big hits

Prior to Original Productions, Mr. Beers had served for 11 years as a production executive and series and specials producer for Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a media conglomerate; and later held a similar position at Paramount Syndicated Television.

As Vice President and Supervising Producer for Turner Original Productions, Mr. Beers’s responsibilities encompassed supervising original programming for TBS Superstation, including the award-winning series “National Geographic Explorer”, “Network Earth” and “The Jacques Cousteau” Specials. Mr. Beers created and executive produced the TBS and syndicated series “Wild! Life Adventures.”

He also served as the producer for the highest-rated specials in the history of Turner Original Productions – “Harley Davidson The American Motorcycle”, the Emmy® winning “Cats And Dogs”, and “The Incredible Life and Times of Robert L. Ripley, Believe It or Not.”

Mr. Beers’s qualifications as a director include his expertise as an executive in the television industry and his experience in development, production and operations of innovative programming.

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