Exercise Icon Richard Simmons ‘Sparkles’ On Jewelry Television

We just saw a promo on Jewelry Television featuring exercise maven and shorts lover Richard Simmons.

Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons

He talked about designing baubles for his mother and his Sparkle collection for JTV.


Maybe we’ve just been out of the loop, but the fact that Simmons is doing a jewelry line for JTV is news to us.


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4 Responses to “Exercise Icon Richard Simmons ‘Sparkles’ On Jewelry Television”

  1. carolyn simpson Says:

    ya gotta be kidding

  2. Michael Tomek Says:

    Love Richard!! Good for him. He is a very kind man.

  3. carolyn simpson Says:

    i must update my reply. picking on richard simmons is like kicking a puppy.i just cant see him in the jewelry business. im sorry richard

  4. Cheryl Says:

    I was surprised to see Richard on JTV, as well. I clicked over and he was talking as if this was not his first appearance on that channel with his jewelry. Didn’t he once have a line of dolls on QVC? He seems very sweet and empathetic.

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