Say What? Is ShopHQ Airing Reruns During Late Night?

One of our readers today told us that ShopHQ is airing repeats of shows that aired earlier in the day during late night.

Has anyone else seen this?

If this is so, and we have no reason to doubt it, that is pretty pathetic. But we guess it saves money not to have to pay a camera crew and host when those reruns air.

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14 Responses to “Say What? Is ShopHQ Airing Reruns During Late Night?”

  1. AprilD Says:

    Yes, they’ve been doing it for several weeks. They repeat the 2hrs of “today’s top value” twice….I know because I have become an insomniac. And yes, it is pathetic…but I am guessing they will stop during the pre-Christmas sales season. I figured they would stop tonight from looking at the schedule, but maybe not.

  2. StefF Says:

    it IS pathetic, lame, third-rate…, stupid, tacky……and their merchandise aint so hot either……unreal……no wonder charla left (or was she asked to?)…..this is so beneath any calibre of professionalism, salesmanship, business sense


  3. AprilD Says:

    I have an update. ShopHQ ran 6 ours of previously recorded tonight. I am in Colorado and they started at midnight and are still runningit at 5 AM – had an extra hour tonight as the clock’s changed. But more interesting HSN is also rerunning their Today’s Special hour with Keith Urban and Colleen as we speak. Come to think of it, I have seen HSN do this when before with Iman TS’s and orher “names”.

  4. LINDA Says:

    How is this channel still on the air? It’s where all the washed up show hosts go to die. Just look at Kendy, her face is melting off and Skip with his dork mustash – OMG retire you dufas!

  5. LINDA Says:


  6. Bill Says:

    I called SHOPHQ and told them I did not like the rerun format, that I shop late at night because of my odd working hours, they did not care and hung up on me. I probably purchased over 6,000.00 worth of products a year from them, but I will now boycott them completely now. This is what happens when the MBA’s run a company the addiction to short term profits destroys the good name and customer satisfaction. Sad to see a good company go down hill.

  7. Lisa Says:

    Why are all hating on ShopHQ? HSN does the same dang thing! They just did it this morning with some guy who was trying to be Nick Chavez (and failing miserably) hawking some hair tool. I have also seen them do it with Joy Mongano. So Bill, start shopping online and don’t blame the whole company for what the stupid MBA’s are doing.

  8. Lauryn Says:

    I noticed they did reruns of jewelry shows over the summer. Because of Kendy and Lynn, I refuse to watch Shop HQ. Their stuff and hosts are such crap!

  9. Honeysug Says:

    I remember when Kendy looked stylish when she was on QVC, but over the years she looks like a “hot mess”. She wears clothes that do not compliment her, but make her look like a “homemade Mom” coming in at the last minute from the kids soccer practice. Maybe it’s just bad lighting instead of a bad makeup job for the camera – do something with that hair. She is definitely do for a makeover. Shop HQ has really bad customer service. I called and wrote to ask about repeat programming during the early AM – no answer; and returning items is not easy compared to HSN and QVC.

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