Diamond Expert Michael O’Connor Leaving QVC

Here’s a real shocker for a Saturday morning: Celeb stylist and diamond expert Michael O’Connor is exiting QVC.

We got up today and went on Facebook and saw O’Connor’s posting about him no longer the home shopping network’s face for its Affinity Diamond collection.


O’Connor — one of the classiest, most charming and knowledgeable guests to grace QVC — was thanking fans who — like us — were sorry he was leaving the network. It looks like Friday was his last appearance on the channel.

Here is his post:

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!! Thank you all for the most lovely messages and comments that anybody could ever ask for. The decision to leave QVC was a VERY difficult one and I wish it could have been different.

Not only will I truly miss the great talents that I have the opportunity to work with but I will miss your calls into the show, your comments here on Facebook, the times you have stopped me in airports and stores and shared your own stories with me and all the times you’ve simply “liked” my posts here on Facebook.

You’ve made me feel very special and very lucky to have known you. I hope you’ll continue to keep up with me on Michael O”Connor Style – plenty of things on the horizon to share with you…. but for now, God bless and may the angels watch you always. XO Michael

We don’t know the scoop, but here are some likely scenarios. O’Connor may be so busy picking out jewelry for stars on the red carpet that he doesn’t have time for QVC. Or the home shopping network couldn’t come to terms on a new deal with O’Connor. Or QVC decided it didn’t need O’Connor anymore to hawk Affinity.

You decide.

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8 Responses to “Diamond Expert Michael O’Connor Leaving QVC”

  1. Charlene Says:

    On his FB page here is his reply to someone asking why he is leaving.
    “Michael O’Connor Qvc Hi Andrew. Thank you for writing and also thank your wife for me. Unfortunately, there would have been a contractual conflict with other projects that I’m working on for future and therefore I had no choice. I hope you both will keep up with me and any new developments on my Michael O’Connor Style page. Sincerely, Michael
    October 24 at 7:19am”

    While yes he is very knowledgeable about diamonds. I won’t miss him. To me he came off as a snob and acted like was the host instead of the guest and was on guard duty. He wouldn’t hardly let the host tell anything about the items and always had to hands on the items.

  2. donna w Says:

    frankly… the channel will be losing a knowelegeable and personable spokesperson… wonder if current quality of product was a reason…nuf said… god bless and good luck for the future…

  3. Cheryl Says:

    Odd comments here. I will miss Michael; he seemed very nice and was entertaining and knowledgeable. I doubt it had anything to do with the quality of the products. There is another well-known jewelry designer who gives a whole new meaning to “snob,” but I digress.
    I wish Michael the best, and will check his FB page for new projects.

  4. Beth Says:

    I found Michael to be very informative and personable. But I have to agree that as a buyer of Affinity from the time it was introduced to us by QVC, the quality has definitely dropped and been disappointing. Whether that’s a partial reason, who knows, but
    I wish Michael the best ……

  5. Michael Says:

    Dear Linda. I just came across your blog and was truly touched by your kindness. I wanted to thank you for your blog and lovely mention. I truly appreciate the kind words. Michael

  6. Diane Says:

    I loved watching michael, I hope he returns. Nice personable, and very informed.

  7. Michael Says:

    Dear Linda, I wanted you to be one of the first to hear. Thank you again for your kind words about missing me. Here’s some news you might like: https://www.facebook.com/TheMichaelOConnor

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