Upscale Jewelry Designer Matthew Campbell Laurenza Premieres On HSN

High-end jewelry designer Matthew Campbell Laurenza debuted a collection called “Millie” on HSN Monday, and it was very pretty. And pricey.

We had never heard of him, likely because we can’t afford to shop at places such as Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus, where his jewelry sells.

One of the pieces featured on HSN

One of the pieces featured on HSN

Here is part of Matthew’s bio from his website:

Infused with inspiration from countries worldwide and his background in sculpture, jewelry and architecture, American designer Matthew Campbell Laurenza blends experiences and cultures to produce unique and distinctive jewelry designs.

Born in Colorado, Matthew lived in New Mexico and Texas as a child before moving to Kentucky where he finished high school. He began his studies at Savannah College of Art and Design pursuing a degree in architecture and interior design. Realizing that architecture had creative limits, Matthew transferred to Bellarmine College and adjusted his focus to pursue a degree in Fine Arts with a specialty in sculpture.

Although no longer pursuing architecture, he applied the concepts of design and construction to his sculpture projects and began to construct breathtaking jewelry designs. “Every piece of jewelry is art. The carving of the wax, the placement of stones, the use of color and texture, the profile—all of these elements combine to create a miniature sculpture to be worn and become a part of someone’s daily life.”


As a part-time expat for the last twelve years, Matthew splits his time between Asia, the United States and the multitude of countries he visits. His non-stop travel schedule means that he is frequently in as many as five or six countries within a single month. As Matthew travels, he makes time to see the sights, experience the local culture, and visit the museums—all of which serve as a starting point for his designs.

The old adage that ‘history repeats itself’ draws Matthew to historical design periods. The art deco, renaissance, modernism, arts and crafts and other movements hold special appeal. “Artists are a product of their environment. We are sensitive to what has come before us, and acutely attuned to what is happening around us. My travels have informed and shaped everything I do and in return, I bring a new point of view and an invigorated energy to the design process.” Matthew uses these strong influences and blends them with modern and refreshing nuances to develop opulent designs.

Matthew Campbell Laurenza’s woman’s collection launched at Bergdorf Goodman in 2007 and was introduced shortly thereafter at Neiman Marcus, Harrods, Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, and other high-end luxury retailers. Today, the brand is in 36 markets and sold through more than 100 retailers worldwide including cosmopolitan centres such as London, Hong Kong, Dubai, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Paris, Tokyo, and Moscow.

It’s great that HSN is offering more unusual jewelry, we just wish they could keep the price points down.


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2 Responses to “Upscale Jewelry Designer Matthew Campbell Laurenza Premieres On HSN”

  1. Queen Celeste Says:

    I agree, he has some really lovely pieces. But with sterling silver jewelry now the price of 14k gold, and costume jewelry the price of sterling, it’s just gotten way too pricey for me. Not to mention tje quality of many lines has gotten a little iffy….

  2. Queen Celeste Says:

    Whoops, sorry about typo.

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