Carol’s Daughter Chief, An HSN Vendor, Featured In N.Y. Times

Lisa Price, the founder and president of the hair care line Carol’s Daughter and an HSN vendor, was featured on the lead page of The New York Times Sunday business section.

The story was the most recent installment of The Times’ “Corner Office” feature, which is basically interviews with CEOs about leadership.

As curly-haired girls, we love the idea of Price’s products, which are aimed at women with hard-to-control ethnic hair.

But to be honest, we were a little disappointed with some of what she had to say. A good portion of her comments were critical of women employees who made the dreaded mistake of crying in front of their bosses. Not that we think it’s a good idea to weep at work, but truth be told, there have been a couple of times when we got so upset we cried on the job, with a boss.

Price is pretty rough on folks like us.

Carol's Daughter founder Lisa Price, top left

Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price, top left

On the positive side, we liked Price’s comments are women executives taking the lead at their companies.

“I used to sit at the table but not necessarily at the head of the table, because I felt there were things I needed to learn, and I wanted to be part of the team, and sit with the team,” Price told The Times.

“I don’t do that anymore,” she said. “Now I sit at the head of the table. But I don’t consciously say, ‘When I walk in the room, I’m going to make sure I’m at the head.’ I just sort of gravitated there naturally, and that’s where I sit, because what I’ve learned is that, regardless of whatever little skill sets here and there that I might not know really well, I do know this brand better than anybody else. And that’s the authority that I have, that’s the voice that I have to be, and that’s who they need me to be. Because the only person who can teach them the history and the DNA and the passion and the love and the blood and the sweat and the tears is me.”


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