ShopHQ Vendor Suzanne Somers Has Another Bestseller

Controversial actress-entrepreneur-author-ShopHQ vendor Suzanne Somers has another bestselling book on her hands.

The blonde actress’s new tome, “I’m Too Young For This! The Natural Hormone Solution To Enjoy Perimenopause,” debuts on The New York Times bestseller list.

Here is part of the description of the book:

Why are so many young women in their thirties and forties feeling like PMS is their new normal? On a roller-coaster ride of emotions, they are uncharacteristically cranky and fatigued — a bitchy, nasty, fuzzy-minded person they barely recognize and don’t enjoy (and neither, by the way, do their partners and families).

Best-selling author Suzanne Somers

Best-selling author Suzanne Somers

It’s perimenopause, that lesser-known term defining the years when women’s hormones are kissing them good-bye, before they reach menopause. Perimenopause takes a big toll on women’s moods, health, and relationships.

Suzanne informs women as young as 35 what to do when they start to experience hormonal shifts that wreak havoc on their lives, prime them for cancer and other chronic and deadly health issues, and make them feel plain miserable. She discusses:

* The minor hormones (or why you’re feeling so crappy)

* The major hormones and the importance of maintaining balance among them

* How hormones serve as protection against many of the diseases of aging

* BHRT—bioidentical hormone replacement therapy—and what the research really says about synthetics vs. bioidenticals

* The safety of bioidentical hormones—why few women would turn down an antibiotic to save their life, but they might decline a hormone that could prevent a deadly heart attack

* Informative study results like these: In 1996, the American Cancer Society published a study of 422,373 postmenopausal women who were cancer free at the beginning of the nine-year study. They found that women of all ages who took estrogens experienced a 16 percent decreased risk of dying from breast cancer, compared to nonusers, and that women who experienced natural menopause by the age of 40 and who used bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) had a 41 percent decreased chance of dying from breast cancer.

Somers has a history of butting heads with medical experts over her beliefs about using natural methods to fight diseases such as cancer.

In fact, in her recent blog she defends the experts quoted in her book and reacts to a negative New York Times story on hormone replacement, which she says isn’t fair and balanced.

Somers is certainly a polarizing figure.


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21 Responses to “ShopHQ Vendor Suzanne Somers Has Another Bestseller”

  1. Diana Says:

    A little after the fact, but a good place to comment. Suzanne certainly IS a polarizing figure.
    I bought items, mostly jewelry, from her at HSN. The stuff made before 2002/2003 was top notch…costume jewelry prettier and better made, in some cases, than real jewelry. Somehow, as the price of gold, silver, and her jewelry went up, the quality went waaay down.
    OK, so it’s too expensive to use silver and gold vermeil. Now it’s mystery metal gold and silver TONE. She should have lowered the prices. Anyone can go to Claire’s.
    She lied about her use of the facemaster. All along she’s been restylaning and botoxing. The face master didn’t do anything for me. However; I believe it’s a personal experience because there are many testimonials from people that it worked for. Did it have to triple in price?
    Her clothing line started out well made, reasonably priced, and modern but practical. It turned into floozy wear with over the moon prices and poor workmanship.
    She dabbled in too much…foods (that were awful), kitchenware, fashions, skincare, and her books. The old proverb “do one thing well rather then many things poorly” certainly applies here.
    Her books are her opinions, and she is entitled. She does not have the right to comment on the choices other people make in their own experiences with cancer and other health problems. Especially when the comments are hurtful. She should have kept those opinions within her home, not out to the media.
    Some of her personal choices are risky; she acknowledges that. She also gives her information with the advice that it is just that….information, not advice. She does advise people to check with their doctors before following her example. So I think following her is a personal choice. She has posted many helpful articles on toxins and food additives. It seems she is living cleaner as time goes on. I have had a toxic mold experience, long before Suzanne’s. What she says about it is very relevent. I think her new book, about toxins, is the best by far.
    She has grown up a lot. On dancing with the stars she was supportive of others, and honestly humble about her own experience. It has taken her awhile, but she’s conquered, at least to some extent, the spoiled brat in her. One time on HSN she had a ring for sale. It was the previous day’s special. Before they began with her show the next night, they showed the new special, a technibond ring. All through Coleen’s presentation she kept butting in with “Buy mine; it’s prettier.” And she wasn’t kidding…she meant it. Very poor attitude. Jay King and Nicky Butler praise other people’s jewelry…and even remark on how well it goes with theirs!
    I think HSN let her go for two reasons. First, she was talking way too much about medical advice with no filter…and other controversial things. Second, her attitude mixed with the declining workmanship of her products, made her less popular. If you noticed, she started getting shuffled around to other hosts (than the usual Colleen) as early as 2004. And the reviews on her products went way down, as the returns went way up.
    In conclusion, I don’t think Suzanne is bad; I think she’s someone who matured emotionally about 4 decades too late. Take the advice you want from her, and don’t waste your money on her crappy jewelry and foods. Her skin care, though expensive, may be worth a try. She’s earned back a little of my respect. I hope she continues to grow into the person she is becoming.

    • Grace Sears Says:

      I just now came across this thread accidentally, and my sentiments about SS are on par with yours, Diana.
      I even saw the HSN episode where she was pushing her ring over Coleen’s today’s special pitch! That was really an ugly way to represent herself.
      I have liked her all along but with reservation. Part of my negative feelings for her were, I’m sure, influenced by her shows with Colleen, whom I’ve never liked. She (Coleen) oohs and aahs and gets orgasmic over the littlest things. One time she was selling 18K gold, around that same time of SS trying to outdo the TS. Anyway, she kept saying how the jewelry was buttery, silky, warm and sensual, wrapping chains around her hand, making googoo faces, closing her eyes and generally acting like a fool. She was so pushy and over the top you wanted to hurl. Anyway, I liked SS better without her. No offense, Colleen fans, I just happen to think she’s a big phony….to each his own.
      But I do agree that SS has matured emotionally and her horizons…and sights…have broadened. I, too, like her tox-sick book. I think she believes in her lifestyle and health regimen, and she’s just trying to share it to let people know there are options. I think her other ventures were good at one time; she has just outgrown them. I also tried the facemaster with no results. I put it aside intending to try again later and a big move and many changes later, it got lost in the shuffle. As you said, it works for some and not for others. And I had a great many pieces of her “good” jewelry from pre 2002. I was in a pinch and had to sell it when gold and silver were $$$$$$. I still miss many of the pieces.
      Anyway she has earned new respect from me, and I think HSN was wrong to let her go. I agree with your reasons, Diana, but I need to add there was a much bigger one as well. Mindy Grossman, the CEO, is into all things YOUNG. I think she showed SS the door because she was past the age that ol’ Mindy wanted. Big, big mistake. Suzanne has a huge following and is now more relevant than ever.

      • Bob Gunnersen Says:

        My wife was interested in the comments about Suzanne. She hates blogging so I guess I’ll add our 2¢
        My wife has a nice collection of SS jewelry from the good days. We have both used the facemaster with good resulfs. But mainly we have been helped by her info on eating organic, and lately, the toxic book.
        We have enjoyed SS over the years as an entertainer. Although we don’t agree with all her advice about hormones, there is a great deal about living naturally that just makes sense. We knew and practiced before she went public with her organics, etc. But she has given us the valuable bits of info that link it all together.
        I’m not sorry she’s off HSN; I like her with the evine hosts mich better. My wife and I both agree with you Grace, about Coleen. She’s way too over the top. Hopefully Suzanne is doing well on evine. And Grossman did make a big mistake, I know SS was a big draw for them. I don’t think she was Stepfordized enough for Grossman’s HSN. HSN has gone down the tubes.
        Rock on, Suzanne.
        From Molly and Bob

      • Cathy Says:

        Yes, Grace, I think Mindy is slowly going to give all older (age) vendors the axe. Some hosts, too. But Bobbi, Colleen, Joy, and Iman are 60+ or surely pushing it. I think it has to do with how much they make for HSN, and relevancy of their wares.
        I didn’t mind Suzanne with Colleen; Colleen is OK in small doses. She quit hosting Suzanne’s presentations because she was coming out with her own jewelry and clothing, and hosting Suzanne’s stuff could be seen as counter productive. Suzanne’s quality took a hit when precious metals went up, $$, up, $$, up. I like some of her books, especially the Tox-Sick one. Her skin care is the best I have ever used. I am sensitive and it works without making my skin red and uncomfortable.
        All in all, I like Suzanne. I take what is relevant to me and leave the rest. And, as someone else mentioned, order her products from her website, not from Evine. Through 3 name changes they have maintained HORRIBLE customer service. As for Mindy, I believe deep down she may regret letting Suzanne go. I think there have been many negative changes under her leadership.

      • Veronique Says:

        I’m a fan of Somers…she has helped many people, and has some good advice. She can be outspoken sometimes, but usually people like that are basically honest.

        I tried the facemaster way back in 2000. Although I look younger than I am, I wanted to see if the facemaster would help. I used it faithfully for a month, and saw no results. I honestly believe it works well for some, and not for others- like me. I kept it too long to return, and I knew a coworker who had been eager to try it, so I sold it to her at a discount. She knew it hadn’t worked for me, but bought it anyway. She knew someone else who she could sell it to if it didn’t work. Well, it did work for her, happily. I have been doing facial yoga, which takes about 20 minutes per session (google it- there are many links. Pick the ones that you think will work for you). I did it almost daily for about 4 months, and saw great results. Since then I have been doing maintenance with the same routine 2 or 3 times per week. Whatever works, we are all different.

        I use Somers’ skin care and love it; it complements my facial exercises perfectly. It works very well, especially considering it’s a natural, toxin free regimen. And her tox-sick book is great…you’ll be amazed at what you live around, eat, and breathe. I use her Somersize plan with a few tweaks…I do find that I must count calories, for one thing. But it’s a great way to eat a healthy low carb diet.

        I felt bad that HSN had let her go, but she seems to be thriving on Evine Live. I think Evine is about the best of the “big 3”, and all of their customer service departments are sub par and rude. With the exception of a few hosts and vendors, I cannot even stomach HSN anymore, and I used to love it. I’ve never cared for QVC, and HSN has tried to emulate them and why?!? I like in the kitchen with David….although I never buy anything, he’s funny and personable, and has some good recipes. That’s all I watch on qvc- and not too often at that.

        Anyway, jmho about Suzanne; no one is perfect but she is trying to help us all. And to the posters who want jewelry, YES! Please, Suzanne, bring back your wonderful jewelry and your fashions. Especially the pajamas!

    • Janna Says:

      I have tried her skin care and it is absolutely wonderful. I have very sensitive skin/allergies and her products actually soothe my skin. I’m in my 60s; although I look much younger, I have aging issues. Dark circles, puffy eyelids, nose to mouth lines and some chin stuff, lol!

      I prefer her serums, although the creams are great, too. I just like the lighter feel of serum, and for me, they address my issues better. After a month, I noticed a huge difference. I look 10 years younger.

      Although her products are a little pricey, they are still much more reasonable than La Prairie, Prescriptives, Lancome, etc. as well as the rodan and fields line, pushed shamelessly and obsessively by former HSN host Rachel Huber. And, they’re allergy free and ORGANIC, so you’re not absorbing toxins through your skin. As I said, they’re very good on super sensitive skin.

      They are definitely worth a try. A word of advice: order them off Suzanne’s website. Evine live has the worst customer service EVER. Her website is better and she has specials almost always. I hope you’ll try them; they work wonderfully for me.

      • homeshoppingista Says:

        My friend Ann swears by them, and just gave me some of them to try.

      • Marlen Herzog Says:

        I use her skincare, too, Janna. It is great….worth the price. About 6 months ago I tried her makeup. Very high quality. I don’t use foundation, but her concealer and powders work great. Ditto her eye makeup and lipstick. Price wise, it’s pretty comparable to MAC….maybe even a tiny bit less for some items. And organic, whereas MAC is not.
        I recommend both skincare and makeup by Suzanne, and I’m going to try her household products next. Oh…and I totally agree about the shoddy CS at Evine. I only order from Suzanne’s website. Give the makeup a try, you’ll love it.

      • Annette Says:

        I also use and love Suzanne’s skin care. The firming products are excellent. They are worth the price. I love the fact they are organic, and yet the results are so great.
        I tried her makeup. Love the powder, concealer and foundation. Lipsticks and mascara too. Would love more eyeshadow colors…smoky purples and blues. Also, I wish she’d make an eyebrow pencil in a darker color…charcoal, maybe. I have (almost) black hair and her eyebrow colors are too light for me. But the quality is excellent. Please make a darker, cooler brow color, Suzanne, and some new eye shadow colors 🙂
        Try her skin care and makeup. You’ll love it and see results.

      • Kim Says:

        I love her firming peptides products. My job is on shaky ground, I’ve been looking for something else. I’m sorry, Vicki- I can totally relate. I’m going to take some of my tax return and stock up on Suzanne’s peptides! That way, I’ll be safe for a little while at least.
        They really work and I’m glad she made this skincare line.
        I get it on Evine sometimes and sometimes on Suzanne’s website. The turnaround time is much faster on her website. The people at Evine’s CS are not very friendly or helpful. Same with HSN. HSN used to have the BEST customer service. That all changed around 2004-2005. Lol, Evine’s has always been so-so…or worse.

  2. Gerri Says:

    Say what you will about Suzanne, and I agree; she’s had a few faux pas. But, I can only speak from experience.
    I live in her area, and have for many years. About 16 years ago I ran into her in a store. I approached her politely. She was warm and welcoming. She signed an autograph, and chatted with me for several minutes. When we parted I told her that I enjoyed meeting her. And she said the pleasure was hers- she loved meeting her ladies in person. She was also thrilled that I was wearing a couple of her rings, and a bracelet. She was wearing one of her bracelets, too.
    She was warm and down to earth. I found her likeable and very real. So I say she’s nicer in person than even on TV. Just my experience….

    • Sonia Says:

      I, too, have met Suzanne. A couple years ago a health food store in my area began carrying some of her products. There was a ribbon cutting ceremony, and she was there.

      She was friendly and warm. She seemed happy to be there, not just fulfilling an obligation. I spoke with her briefly and I found her to be intelligent and friendly. Overhearing her speak with others, I found her good spirits and warmth consistent.

      I don’t buy her products there, however. They sit on the shelf too long, and there is a bit of a mark up. I get her skin care (works amazingly well…love it!) off her website, and on Evine. Evine’s CS is HORRIBLE, but if you can get through it, they have some good prices.

      For you who are interested, I mainly use her firming peptides line, and her lemon verbena body care. Next I’ll try her shampoo and conditioner. Her cleaning products work well, too. I am in my early 60’s, and thanks to her line in part, I look less than 50.

      It seems she’s been getting a bad rap for no reason. She is a good person, and her products are wonderful.

  3. Vicki Says:

    I think her ToxSick book was her best, too. Everyone…male, female, kids….can learn from it. Next to that I liked Get Skinny on Fabulous Foods. IMO, it’s her best Somersize book. The others are great, but that one, to me, is more applicable to many of us.

    I have tried her skincare and really like it. Best I’ve ever used. Unfortunately, income changes prevent me from affording it now. I am totally bummed. Was getting ready to try the makeup too, darn it!

    As a side, would someone please tell the dear lady on the HSN forum that Suzanne does NOT visit Colleen Lopez, or sell her products. I doubt they even communicate. To Colleen, Suzanne was a vendor through whom she could earn Big Buck$$$. That’s about the extent of their relationship. Suzanne is warm and funny; so is Colleen, so they had great chemistry on air. So, dear lady, they have no relationship off air, and Suzanne hasn’t been on HSN since July or August of 2009. They are not besties or even casual friends. Suzanne doesn’t fly to Florida to sell Colleen skincare. Colleen CLAIMS she uses stuff sold on HSN. Of course, she also claims she doesn’t botox or juvederm. And I guess it isn’t a brow lift that makes her eyes turn up more and more at the outside corner, lol. At least Lisa Robertson is honest about her cosmetic tweaks. Sorry to burst your bubble about SS and CL, but their friendship, like Santa Claus, is fiction.

    • Corinne Says:

      Hi Vicki

      I hope you can get back to Suzanne’s products soon. The economy is not the success it’s put out to be. Good luck to you.

      I have seen that post on the HSN or QVC boards, too…lol! A few people live in rose colored bubbles, bless their hearts. Everything you said is true about the Colleen/Suzanne thing. Yes, dear friends, Santa Claus is a fictional spirit, just like the big friendship between Colleen and Suzanne. Best to you all, and excuse me; I’m going to go and color eggs for the Easter bunny to hide.

  4. Savanna Says:

    I use her skin care and love it. It is not any more expensive than any other brands, unless you are comparing it to budget brands. It works and it’s organic, win/win.
    Her health tips are relevant and I like her Somersize books. Her skin care is cheaper on Evine so I mostly get it there, but agree about their CS. Yes, HSN made a mistake in letting her go. They have become almost unwatchable. I’d like to see her do more jewelry again.

  5. Ginny Says:

    Suzanne’s skin care, body care, and makeup are excellent. I absolutely love the lemon verbena line. And her products are gender friendly…clean natural smells instead of foofoo fragrances. They cost a little more, but are worth it.
    She certainly has had her ups and downs; she has some very valid points about health and nutrition. I miss seeing her with Colleen, but I still watch her on evine live. They have some great prices on her products… you have to dial quickly. I wish she’d bring back her pajamas, and her wonderful jewelry. I am so glad I use her face and body products. And eat organics as much as possible. I want to have a long healthy life.

    • Darla Says:

      I adore Suzanne’s skin care. My face looks and feels much better for it. The body and hair care lines are awesome, too. Worth every penny. I don’t have a huge income, so I budget money carefully to be able to afford healthy food and personal care items. I recently tried her cleaning items; they work well for natural products. I’m trying to detoxify as much as possible when I can.
      I think Suzanne is a generous spirit, for sharing her knowledge with us. I wish her all the best. Oh, and also, Ginny…I’d LOVE to see her do her jewelry and pajamas again! I’m sure she gets many requests; hopefully she’ll bring those things back. I still have some of her pajamas…and jewelry, of course.

  6. Ginny Says:

    I forgot website

  7. Dee Says:

    I like Suzanne’s products, too. Especially the skin care. Also, I find her cleaning products to be more pleasant and effective than other organic or natural products.

    I do miss her on HSN; I enjoyed watching her with Colleen. They weren’t paired as often, in the last few years, as they had been previously. Perhaps it was because of Colleen getting her own line of clothing and jewelry. Now, the way HSN….and Colleen, for that matter, are, watching Suzanne on HSN would be much different. Some things change, and not for the better. Suzanne is doing well on Evine, however, and good for her.

    I hardly watch HSN anymore. I find myself watching Evine much more. Their jewelry is better, they have much better beauty and skin care brands, and the quality of their merchandise seems over all better than QVC and HSN. So for me, it’s not a bad thing that Suzanne went to Evine.

  8. Ellie Says:

    To Veronique

    I’m a Suzanne fan, too. Love her facial care, body care, and shampoo. I am only disappointed in the facemaster. I’ve tried it twice. First time, in 2000 around mother’s day. She had a special offer, with 6 flex pays and free shipping. I used it for over a month, with no visible results. I followed the directions exact; it came with a VHS tape. I look younger than I am by about 20 years- but I wanted to stay that way. Too late to send the facemaster back, I gave it to a friend.

    The last time I tried it was before she left HSN; when she came out with this more recent version. It is more powerful than the one from 2000. After a month, nothing. Fortunately, a client of mine bought it from me at a good price. But unlike your friend, she had no luck with it. She in turn sold it to another friend, who saw results and kept it.

    I know it works for many people and I’m disappointed that I’m not one of them. But I do believe Suzanne uses it. Yes, she’s had work done, but she even says that it’s good for maintaining those results. Now, I do facial exercises. And those do work for me. But I don’t regret trying the facemaster.

  9. Nettie Says:

    Suzanne has grown and blossomed tremendously since she left HSN. She’s had her moments- as have we all- but I’ve always been a fan.
    I use her skin care, body care, and cleaning products. All are great. Her tips for healthy eating are good and make total sense.
    Her jewelry got higher in price and lower in quality due to rising gold and silver prices; and, HSN trying to cut costs on the materials but not on the products themselves.
    I tried the facemaster when this newest model came out; don’t know if it would have worked. As was precautioned in the instructions, I experienced discomfort when using it around my eyes. It was also unfriendly with my dental work. So, I sent it back. I’ve tried other electronic facial devices and the same thing happened. So that’s out for me. Too bad, but like others upthread, I’ve discovered some great facial exercises.
    I hope she comes back with some more good jewelry, and some fashions.

    PS of a different subject, I’m about ready to shoot my phone after its damned spell check made me enter and redo my email 3 times! Anyone else want to declare hunting season on android?!?

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