QVC Names Senior Vice President Of Global Market Development

QVC has appointed Matthew Goldberg to the post of senior vice president global market development, reporting to President and CEO Mike George, the company Wednesday.

In his new role, Goldberg will assess and select priority markets, identify and evaluate potential partners, build and execute launch plans, and transition new business to operational mode under its own leadership team. He will be based in QVC’s headquarters in West Chester, Pa.

Goldberg most recently served as CEO of Lonely Planet, where he drove the company’s geographic expansion into China, India, Brazil, Russia and other markets, through partnerships and local operations. He recently facilitated the sale of Lonely Planet to a private investor.

“Matt is a highly strategic and pragmatic business leader with a great depth of experience in global business development, new market expansion, and building relationships with key stakeholders,” George said in a canned statement. “As QVC continues to expand globally, Matt’s experience and leadership will be instrumental in delivering on our strategy to bring the QVC brand and its unique video and eCommerce experience to consumers across cultures.”

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One Response to “QVC Names Senior Vice President Of Global Market Development”

  1. SUSAN Says:

    eanwhile QVC USA shows the same boring 10 products over and over and over again….weekends, especially Sundays are laughable featuring Serta, Vitamix, Dyson and COMPUTERS, COMPUTERS, COMPUTERS rotating these few products…..causing many to turn the channel and definitely shopping ELSEWHERE! They can change the sets, give the show a fancy title or name the show after a host but it doesn’t change the most important thing….the merchandise they offer….and its downright REPETITIVE…meanwhile reading Linda’s financial summaries, QVC’s units sold continue to decrease and only increasing prices enabled them to eek out a small profit….meanwhile HSN is adding new vendors and keeping customers engaged and dumping ineffective ones which BTW QVC seems to be adding back…..That is NOT the unique items and product variety that QVC customers have been begging for! QVC may be venturing globally, but their “mothership” seems to be headed for a crash landing……

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