HSN Hits 1 Million Facebook Fans, Then Irks Them

HSN doesn’t mind tooting its own horn.

On Thursday the No. 2 home shopping network sent out an email celebrating the fact that it had hit 1 million fans on Facebook.


To reward customers, they were given a coupon code to get 20 percent off their next purchase.

But there were a lot of exceptions, things the coupon couldn’t be used on, because a couple of people posted complaints on Facebook. One woman tried to use it for a Fan Shop item, and was told by HSN that the coupon didn’t work on clearance items.

By the way, here is are the fine-print restrictions on the coupon:

Coupon 134932 is a total cart offer valid for 36 hours beginning noon ET on Thursday, October 3 and ending at 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday, October 4. This coupon is valid for 20% off your next purchase from HSN TV, HSN2, HSN.com, HSN Mobile or HSN Shop By Remote (where available), with a maximum savings of $50.

Coupon number is non-transferable and can only be used once by its recipient. Coupons must be applied when order is placed. Offer excludes shipping & handling, sales tax, and This Day Only offers, and can only be applied to the first shipment of AutoShip items.

The use of this coupon may disqualify the order from inclusion in other promotional offers or discounts. Coupons cannot be applied to or combined with other coupons. Coupon is not valid for Charitable Contributions, HSN Gift Cards, Electronics, Toys, Fitness, Furniture, Today’s Special and Clearance. We reserve the right to cancel orders when unexpected coupon system errors occur or in the case of abuse, misuse or fraud in connection with the coupon number.

The restrictions led to a lot of unhappy campers.

“Not happy with this coupon at all,” one person posted.

“You have too many restrictions on your coupons,” posted another. “I usually forget about the ones I win and never use them. Thinking about using brick and mortar stores for this holiday season.”


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One Response to “HSN Hits 1 Million Facebook Fans, Then Irks Them”

  1. Queen Celeste Says:

    It is irritating when you receive a coupon and it has so many restrictions. If I’m unable to use one I don’t purchase the item, and I imagine many others don’t either. I should think HSN would prefer the sales and allow us use the coupons, but apparently not.

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