Celeb Chef Emeril Lagasse Defects From HSN To QVC

Holy crow!

Celeb chef Emeril Lagasse has defected, from HSN to QVC!!!!

The No. 1 home shopping network announced Wednesday that Lagasse “returning” to it. We don’t remember him ever being on QVC, just HSN, but there you go.

The press release said that Lagasse will be showcasing his line of professional kitchenware, food and cutlery products.

Emeril Lagasse

Emeril Lagasse

Lagasse, of Food Network and restaurant fame, will have a QVC collection that includes cookware sets, a cast iron pizza pan, a master cutlery set and a deep fryer.

“Designed to reflect Lagasse’s signature culinary expertise, each piece in his line embodies an innovative yet practical style and includes cookware by All-Clad, kitchen appliances by T-Fal and more,” according to QVC.

“While Emeril’s star appeal is great for QVC, what attracted us most about offering this signature line is his genuine passion for cooking and his desire to create innovative, high-quality products,” QVC vice president of merchandising Ken O’Brien said in a canned statement. “The variety of pieces in his line is sure to appeal to self-proclaimed ‘foodies,’ as well as the occasional home cook.”

“No stranger to QVC,” the network said, Lagasse previously appeared on air in 2002 with a cookware set.

More than a decade later, he’s scheduled to return Oct. 16 during the “Emeril’s Kitchen” broadcast with additional shows scheduled for December, January, February and well into the spring.

“I’m thrilled to rejoin the QVC family and bring my kitchen collection into the homes of the QVC shopper,” Lagasse (or a PR person)) said. “QVC’s dedication to cooking and to the home chefs through food-related programming allows me to have a direct platform to the type of customer that I know will enjoy my cookware and products.”

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10 Responses to “Celeb Chef Emeril Lagasse Defects From HSN To QVC”

  1. dani807Dani Says:

    Emirs was on a long time ago. They made a big to do of it and it was when they moved to their new studio. He only lasted a little while before he went over to HSN.

  2. claire Says:

    Emeril is a creep. When New Orleans was hit by Katrina, he took off fired his employees and left them to fend for themselves. I guess Emeril and QVC will make a perfect match both share similar values

    • Jen Says:

      Not True! Emeril never abandoned his employees, nor did he fire them. Many left because they were displaced by the storm, but if you check facts, you will see how much Emeril and his family have given back to New Orleans and the Miss. Gulf Coast to get his restaurants going and get his employees back to work. Check your facts before you post!

  3. Wayne Says:

    It’s great that Lagasse is going to QVC but it would be even better for the home shopping channel if Paula Deen could return as well. I’m not a hardcore Deen fan but she got a hatchet job from QVC as well as Food Network & the so-called mainstream media. They have a famous rapper who probably uses the n word more than PD ever did her whole life.

    • Charlene Says:

      Wayne, when the report came out about the rapper being in a domestic violence incident. He was scheduled to be on QVC UK, it was canceled and if you go on QVC.com and type SMS Audio (which is the rappers line) the search comes up with no results. But before the domestic incident there where a few results. So it looks like they dropped him also.

      On QVC UK here is the PR about the them canceling his shows.

      QVC on dropping Paula Dean, they did what they felt was best for QVC. Just like did when they canceled Jane Fonda. If Paul Dean’s sells where good she would have been on air frequently like all the other vendors are. I cannot recall the last time that she was QVC. Some say it was around Thanksgiving.

      • Susan Says:

        and 50 cent was only dismissed after QVC customers complained about it mightily since it was the ultimate hypocripsy that QVC would boot Paula and keep someone with a history of domestic violence and a known drug dealer…..

  4. Linda Maloney Says:

    I agree with Wayne 100%!!!!!

  5. Terry Says:

    As for when Emeril was previously on QVC, they said on-air earlier tonight that his last appearance was back in 2002 (just as an FYI).

  6. adrienne Says:

    I guess he goes where the money is, as if he needs more

  7. Philip Madry Says:

    Thank you so mcuh!

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