‘The View’ Alum Star Jones Comes To QVC

Star Jones — lawyer and former host of “The View” — has debuted a line of clothing, called Status, on QVC.

The New York Daily News had an item on it Friday on its gossip page, saying that the collection was described as “sophisticated separates, classic colors and flattering silhouettes.”


The sizes will go from 6 to 26.



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3 Responses to “‘The View’ Alum Star Jones Comes To QVC”

  1. Trina Dade Says:

    QVC fired Paula Deen, but is sponsoring a clothing line for Star Jones! Star Jones presented herself in a book as a person of integrity and then lied about losing weight by diet and exercise when she actually had surgery to lose weight! She hawked her wedding ad nauseum on The View and got herself fired. Then she went on every talk show whining about her poor self-esteem. Again, she had written a book about how one should love themselves no matter what and touting how she accomplished this. Another lie. She has failed at everything she touches. She had a show on Court TV which was unbearable to watch and got canceled. And what does she know about style and clothing? Does QVC actually think this woman can make them some money? Who wants to emulate anything about Star Jones?

  2. Susan Says:

    Instead of bringing on celebrities QVC needs to bring in some unique quality products. All their celeb designers seems to flop like Heidi Klum, Jennifer Hudson, K-Dash etc etc…….

  3. AprilD Says:

    I don’t understand why all these “celebrities” feel they are qualified to design anything. They are experts at nothing except selling themselves. I never purchase anything from their lines. I can’t understand those that do. Now clothing sold by a “real” designer like Louis Dell O’Lio that’s something else.

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