ShopHQ Awkward Moment: HSN And Michael Valitutti


There was a classic moment on ShopHQ early this morning.

One of the so-called “Three Amigos,” jewelry vendor Michael Valitutti, was on the air with host Lynne Schacher pitching his honker 50-carat smokey quartz ring. It was the Today’s Top Value.

A shopper called in rave about Valitutti’s jewelry, which she said she had purchased on HSN.

Whoops! We thought there was a time delay on home shopping nets, but the delay didn’t catch this little plug for ShopHQ rival HSN.

Years ago, Valitutti was on HSN. No more.


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4 Responses to “ShopHQ Awkward Moment: HSN And Michael Valitutti”

  1. Joanie B. Says:

    Someday, “going to the phones” will be discontinued by all the shopping channels, when a whopper of a faux pas occurs, due to an idiot caller. For me, that moment cannot come too soon.

  2. Kristen G. Says:

    I’ve also heard a caller not realize which network they’re watching at that moment who sing the praises of QVC when they’re talking to Colleen Lopez on HSN! You gotta laugh….

  3. Queen Celeste Says:

    I didn’t realize Valitutti (I’m suddenly reminded of HSN’s late, lamented “Tootie”) had been on HSN.

    I’m just watching Connie with Chuck Clemency. She looks great and appears to have had a makeover. New hair style and maybe a little work done?

  4. AprilD Says:

    Whenever a shopping channel takes a viewer phone call i switch to another channel. They are becomming totally unbearable. I also wish they would stop. Also, some like HSN and ShopHQ cut people off very rudely.

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