HSN Vendor Carol Brodie’s ‘Fifty Shades or Grey’ Cuff Collection

Want a “Fifty Shades of Grey” necklace and bracelet? So do we. And HSN fine jewelry diva Carol Brodie has them.

Brodie, who does the Rarities line for HSN, sent out an email earlier this week. It said “Cuff me in diamonds” and “Tune in to see my 50 Shades of Rarities collection on HSN.”

Carol Brodie and Callie

Carol Brodie and Callie

First, there were 10K gold-and-diamond versions of a bracelet and necklace whose pave closures that resemble a tiny set of handcuffs. The price on those versions were so high, we let out a long sigh. The necklace alone was $2,700!

But Carol also did more affordable versions of the 17-inch necklace and 7 1/2-inch bracelet. They are both in sterling silver, but one is encrusted with white zircon and the other with black spinel. The necklace in sterling is $330, the bracelet about $300.


Truth be told, we were not big fans of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” It has been sitting on our nightstand for months. We got through about a third of it, and were bored silly. It read more to us like a male fantasy.

If you are a female and what to read something hot, look at the novels of Anais Nin. Now those will knock your socks off!

As for the hubbub about the casting of the movie, our sister and we thought that Christian Bale would be great, but he is old for the role.

We have long been fans of Charlie Hunnam of “Sons of Anarchy,” and he may have the right stuff to play Christian Grey. Don’t sell him short.

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One Response to “HSN Vendor Carol Brodie’s ‘Fifty Shades or Grey’ Cuff Collection”

  1. carolyn simpson Says:

    long ago and far away i remember hiding in the closet with a copy of my parents “ten north frederich”‘. i had never seen a pair of balls nor said the word “fuck”. my my how life changes us. my best friend is a retired dominatrix and she and i laugh at the fantasy of “fifty shades of grey’. it just aint like that! i could write a book…… i dont care who the cast in the movie. it wont be real

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