Our Check Is In The Mail To HSN Rock God Jay King

We’ve had something on our minds for several weeks now, mulling what to do.

With the advice of our two best friends, who are both talented and smart journalists, we have finally decided what course to take: We have a check in the mail to HSN vendor Jay King. In fact, it has already arrived.

In July, we wrote a blog critical of a Today’s Special from rock god King, one of our favorite HSN vendors. It pained us to write it, because we love both his jewelry and his passion for his work. And he’s a rock hound to the Nth degree, beyond even us.

Gift cuff, and our ugly hand

Gift cuff, and our ugly hand

We won’t rehash all the bloody details of the blog, which was about a five-stone cuff that came in four types of stones. The link to the blog is here, and in a nutshell we complained that the silver on the cuff was flimsy. Other HSN customers beefed that when they received their bracelets and opened the box, stones had come out of the cuff. Others said when they wore the cuff, stones fell out.


We had ordered King’s cuff in varascite, a green stone that matched a gorgeous Carico Lake turquoise and citrine pendant we bought when we were in Arizona in June.

We sent King’s cuff back to HSN, and a few weeks after posting that blog, we got a package from a woman who works for Jay that we’ve corresponded with in the past. We couldn’t remember that woman’s name at the time, but it is Stacie Chavez.

The box contained a note and a beautiful three-stone sterling bracelet with three pieces of Carico Lake turquoise, which is a stunning pistachio green.

We can’t find the note now (we think we tossed it when we cleared about three inches of papers off our desk).

The missive didn’t go into details, but it acknowledged there had been problems with the HSN TS cuff — for a variety of reasons — and that the issues that arose with the bracelet wouldn’t happen again. The bracelet that King’s folks sent us had Carico Lake turquoise from that apparently came from his personal collection.

It was a replacement for the TS cuff we had returned, a bracelet to match our pendant.

So what to do? We were touched and astounded that King and/or his company went to the trouble to make us this cuff with those beautiful Carico Lakes nuggets. It is our favorite kind of turquoise.

But as bloggers with a journalism background, we knew that accepting such a gift raises ethical issues, a potential conflict of interest — or the appearance of a conflict of interest, no matter how good the intention.

New York Post TV critic Linda Stasi, one of our favorite writers, faced the same dilemma in July after she panned Kris Jenner’s new daytime talk show. Shortly after the review was published, Kardashian sent Stasi a dozen fancy Magnolia cupcakes and a $325 sterling silver Tiffany pen.

The Carico Lake pendant we bought in Arizona

The Carico Lake pendant we bought in Arizona


A none-too-subtle Kardashian wrote Stasi a note. She told Stasi that she could use that pen to write a more positive review of her TV show the next time. Stasi called the sweets and the pen “a bribe.”

So a cynic would say that King — or his company — was trying to “bribe” us with that Carico Lake cuff, too. Would we think twice about writing a negative review of a piece of King jewelry if we kept that cuff?

Others would see King’s gesture as a genuine mea culpa, and a pretty grand one at that.

Still others would view the gift of the Carico Lake cuff as a combination of all of the above.

We didn’t know what to do until we asked our two BFFs who work/worked at major New York City newspapers for their two cents. They suggested a compromise.

It came down to this: We have sent King’s company a check for $90, the cost of the HSN TS cuff, to pay for the special one made for us. If King or his company don’t cash that check, we will send the Carico Lake cuff back to him.

We are being transparent about this, so all our readers know what we did and why.

A couple of days ago, Chavez emailed us to say she had received our note and check, and that she would be responding.

She never did, but we can tell you that the cuff will be back in the mail if our $90 check isn’t cashed soon. Head to the bank, Stacie!


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15 Responses to “Our Check Is In The Mail To HSN Rock God Jay King”

  1. Lora Says:

    Really impressed with your actions. Also pleased with Jay King company response,urge them to cash the check for your sake.

  2. Carol Hunsinger Says:

    As a jewelry vendor (that loves your blog) I have to tell you, I think Jay was doing the right thing standing behind his product and that it was not intended as a bribe, it was intended as an apology in good faith. He did the honorable thing, you are also trying to do the honorable thing. If you didn’t write a blog, you would see how important customer service is to Jay. As a competitor, I am impressed. He cares about his customers.

    • AprilD Says:

      As a former customer of Jay King I would disagree that he really cares about his customers. The jewelry he has been selling the past year and a half has been of poor quality. Nothing like the beautiful items he used to sell. I am guessing it is both an attempt to keep prices down and profits up. Both for HSN and himself. This “story” that he always tells that he could no longer buy the material for what it sells at HSN is BS. I know, as I purchase rough from other vendors. It has gotten to the point I can’t watch him on air anymore. I go online to scan what he has brought but it is not the same. I wish it was.

      • Lora Says:

        Could not agree with you more. I too am in the industry,and although I’ve often in the more distant past appreciated Jay’s creations over time they and he wore on me. Honesty is very important to me and overall that has been lacking for awhile in his line and some of the other HSN jewelry lines.Quality as well.

      • Carol Hunsinger Says:

        Look, I am not that familiar with Jays line or work, nor is it my intention to defend another line, however, in his defense, everything has gone up a lot, metal, materials, etc, a lot, and Jay and HSN are trying to stay at their key price points that they are known for. So something has to give….as vendors we are all caught between a rock and a hard place. Jewelry as a % of business is way down at all of the 3 major TV channels, QVC, HSN, and whatever they are now calling ShopNBC, because prices are up, so quality is down. Jay tried to do the right thing.

  3. carolyn simpson Says:

    hey!!!!!!pssssttt!! over here! if you dont want the bracelet send it to me!

  4. homeshoppingista Says:

    Funny Carolyn

  5. Ivy Says:

    Jay, please make more. It’s gorgeous!

  6. AprilD Says:

    That cuff he made you is worth way more than $90.

  7. Trina Dade Says:

    Linda: I would say that the “gift” of the bracelet was not a bribe if he had made that same effort with all the others who had written a bad review on HSN. It was very ethical of you to be honest with your readers. Thank you for that.

  8. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thanks. I don’t think it was a bribe, but I do think that it raises the appearance of a conflict of interest.

  9. carolyn simpson Says:

    linda, omg, the bracelet has taken on a life of its own.if the end of the world comes, all that will be left are roaches, twinkies, and that bracelet.. keep it, wear it, smile and be happy. btw i read your story about the pink slip. you are a really cool lady.

  10. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thanks Carolyn. I checked, and my $90 check has been cashed. So I will be keeping that gorgeous bracelet. I will be blogging about that later.

  11. HSN Rock God Jay King’s Cuff Is In Our Armoire | Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss Says:

    […] Just another WordPress.com weblog « Our Check Is In The Mail To HSN Rock God Jay King […]

  12. Skeptic Says:

    It’s hard not to notice that you have not written anything negative about Jay since you received this “conflict of interest” bracelet. So basically, in over 4 years. Yet plenty of people on HSN still have problems with his bracelets and other products.

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