New HSN Host Suchita Vadlamani Rolls In From Atlanta

On the down-low, HSN is breaking in a new host, Suchita Vadlamani.

We learned about this early this morning when Jersey girl HSN host Lesley Machado mentioned that she was no longer the newbie at the home shopping network. The show after her’s, from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m., featured gorgeous Vadlamani.

New HSN host Suchita Vadlamani and husband

New HSN host Suchita Vadlamani and husband

We checked HSN’s website, and Vadlamani isn’t listed as a host yet. But here’s the scoop on her.

According to Facebook, Vadlamani was a host on “Good Day Atlanta.” She’s a Leo, born Aug. 4, the day after our niece Sydney. Like beautiful Sydney and our stunning Leo friend Tanya, Vadlamani has the incredible, lion-like mane of hair that people with that zodiac sign often have (yes, we believe in astrology, kind of).

Vadlamani was apparently married in July to a very handsome gentleman.

She hasn’t mentioned HSN on Facebook yet, but she did talk about moving from Atlanta.

“Hi!! Reaching out to my FB family in hopes of getting a really good, reliable recommendation on movers (gulp…so sad to even say that!) in Atlanta,” Vadlamani posted. “I will need them for about 3-5 hours some time in the next 10 days. Any solid suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much in advance.”

Vadlamani is of Indian descent, and her debut may be HSN’s effort to reflect the nation’s Southeast Asian population.


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12 Responses to “New HSN Host Suchita Vadlamani Rolls In From Atlanta”

  1. Queen Celeste Says:

    I saw her for a few minutes last night. She IS beautiful and seemed nicely low key, very welcome next to some of the hyper hosts. Interesting about the movers–I guess that means HSN doesn’t cover that expense. (I’m always curious about the small details!)

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    I didn’t get a chance to see her. Too late for me!

  3. carolyn simpson Says:

    her husband looks hot also

  4. Rodney Says:

    Anything new about her the past two weeks? No sign of her on the website still. Was she just being tested out?

  5. Rodney Says:

    i see she’s on the schedule for Sept. 28 from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. i presume she has to fly down to St. Pete to do it, right?

  6. homeshoppingista Says:

    I think she moved already

  7. Rodney Says:

    Thanks for your help. Here’s what I wrote about her this morning:

  8. Tracey Says:

    Wow! So surprised while flipping channels this morning to see her. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. But I googled and its her. I remember watching her on Good Day Atlanta and always got the vibe that she wasn’t really happy doing that. I hope this is a better fit for her.

  9. Suchita Vadlamani (’Good Day Atlanta’) now on HSN | Radio & TV Talk Says:

    […] A blogger who tracks home shopping hosts first noted her appearance on the air earlier this month and a fan commented on her Facebook page about it, too. […]

  10. Janice Rush Says:

    Yes,i am concerned. I’ve been watching and enjoying Suchita as the new HSN host. Then,October 31st 2013 seems to be her last day on hSN–anybody know?

  11. Brantley Says:

    Watched her everyday since her first day in Atlanta.I have ALWAYS said she was too good for “local news”,and should be on a better show like Entertainment Tonight.
    *Good luck to you Suchita,and stay beautiful.*WE LOVE YOU*

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