QVC Kitchen King David Venable Ready For His AC Close-Up

What’s next, Las Vegas?

My sister Karen was recently in Atlantic City and she saw a huge billboard featuring QVC host David Venable! She was going to snap a photo of it, and we wish she had whipped out her iPhone.

David Venable

David Venable

At it turns out, QVC’s kitchen maestro Venable will be doing a cooking demonstration at the hip, pricey Bogata Hotel and Casino on Sept. 14.

Here’s what The Borgata website says:

Join David Venable of QVC’s “In the Kitchen with David” for a culinary demonstration at The Music Box with Multimedia Host Mary DeAngelis. Learn QVC’s Resident Foodie’s favorite tips and techniques.

$35 per person

Later that day, Venable will be hawking his tome in AC, according to The Borgata.

David will be signing copies of his cookbook In the Kitchen with David: Comfort Foods That Take You Home at 28 West at 3:30pm on Saturday, September 14. Books will be available for purchase.


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2 Responses to “QVC Kitchen King David Venable Ready For His AC Close-Up”

  1. Ticciam Says:

    Is this book co-Paula Deen as his first one was, I hope not!

  2. bobabooey Says:

    It is so lame with Venable on these demos or whatever you want to call them…I think he really believes he is some kind of cooking authority… the real chefs out there think he is pathetic…unless of course they are hawking some crap item on his “show”

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